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If you were a fan of The Oprah Winfrey show when it aired each weekday at 4pm (on the west coast), you may remember that for a short duration in 2007/2008, she aired a weekly news round-up show that aired each Friday. I absolutely loved this series. Topics of interest, politics, studies – both serious […] Listen now or continue reading below.
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If you were a fan of The Oprah Winfrey show when it aired each weekday at 4pm (on the west coast), you may remember that for a short duration in 2007/2008, she aired a weekly news round-up show that aired each Friday. I absolutely loved this series. Topics of interest, politics, studies – both serious and somewhat fluff were discussed, but the objective was to inform, not preach which I adored.

As a subscriber to many newspapers and magazines from The New York Times to The Wall Street Journal, as well as Vogue, Atlantic Monthly and Bon Appétit (just to name a few) as well as being a follower of countless blogs and websites, my interests are wide and varied, but always I am wanting to gather all available information so that I can make the best decision for my life based on my priorities and values.

And being that I am someone who enjoys being informed, I thought my readers may be as curious as I am, but perhaps without as much time to aggregate all of the information. After all, we are bombarded with endless news cycles and information all vying for our time and eyeballs, so where should be direct our attention?

Let me introduce to you the second weekly episode of The Simple Sophisticate, Au Courant Weekly. Always being one to desire simplifying, but making sure to not toss the necessary, the weekly Au Courant episode will air each Saturday morning bright and early (available for download at 1 am Pacific time) on iTunes and be available on TSLL as a weekly post with all of the show note links to each of the stories and topics discussed.

In 15 minutes or less you will be informed of the top stories from the week in the world and national news, politics, arts, science, style and something I am absolutely giddy to share with you from Géraldine Lepère, the French language expert and founder of the website Comme une Française (as a French)  – a brief one minute French language lesson curated especially for TSLL listeners.


Géraldine is an absolute burst of enthusiasm and embodies genuine French flair. While I am a Francophile, I am quite aware my French needs a bit of a polish (okay, a lot!), and that is why I have asked Géraldine to share one French word a week, teach the proper pronunciation and a bit of the background to keep you fellow Francophiles prepped and ready to go visit the land of fromage and Breton stripes. So stay tuned at the end of each Au Courant Weekly for her one-minute French Word of the Week!

~P.S. If you haven’t visited her website, and you’re eager to brush up on your French, I highly recommend stopping by. With a mission to help expat women integrate into France, her approach is playful and sagacious (just watch the video below). With her blog, which offers free short lessons as well as full programs you can enroll in online, she will boost your self-confidence when it comes to not only how to speak French successfully, but how to effectively navigate the French culture that we all love and are eager to understand more fully.

And be sure, I couldn’t produce an episode of the podcast without a dose of inspiration, so there will be a Thought to Ponder at the end of each Au Courant Weekly.

You may be wondering, why the name “au courant”?

The term “au courant” originated in France in the 18th century, meaning literally to be “in the [regular] course” and more properly to be aware of what is going on; to be well-informed or even to be fashionable. Part of living well is being in the know, whether it is being knowledgable of news from around the world or informed of going-ons right in your own community, because it’s not what you think, it’s that you think. All of the information shared on the Au Courant Weekly will enable you to go forth into the weekend ready for an engaging conversation or simply mindful of the most recent current events, from which you can formulate your own opinions. So join me each Saturday morning, and in 15 minutes or less you will be au courant.

Have a look below at the top news stories that might have been covered if the Au Courant Weekly would have went live last Saturday.


~The Gifts of Being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) (episode #44)

~How to Be the CEO of Your Own Life (episode #40)

~3 Ways to Design a Life That Works Best for You (Episode #35)

~The Francophile’s Style Guide (14 Essentials) (episode #32)

~The Modern Woman’s Lifestyle Grocery List (episode #28)


Images: (1) Illustration commissioned exclusively for TSLL by Inslee, please do not use without expressed written permission (2)


8 thoughts on “The Podcast Expands! Au Courant Weekly

  1. So excited about this! I’m one who has avoided the news for a while now because I don’t like the sensationalism of it. The only news I’ve been watching is CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood. I love his calm, intelligent delivery of the news and they include the arts as well. So… I’m extremely happy that you’re doing this! I will definitely be a regular reader. Love that you’re adding the French lesson as well!

    1. Renee, I too love CBS Sunday morning for exactly the reasons you mentioned. The moment of nature at the end if wonderful and the simple overview of the week ahead is helpful just to stay in the know. Thank you for your comment.

  2. I am so excited about this, Shannon! Thanks for introducing us to Geraldine and her work as well. I’m taking my first trip to France next April and am seeking any opportunity to learn more about the language and culture!

  3. Je suis tellement impatient de commencer au courant ce dimanche et arriver le lundi . Casser une jambe – ou devrait-il être une oreille?

  4. This is wonderful! I have been an avid reader of yours for several years now and your blog gets more and more brilliant every year. I feel that I have not been able to keep up with current events after having my daughter a year and a half ago. I used to watch Charlie Rose regularly and was so happy when he introduced his “The Week ” series. I am just as excited about this! The French lesson is delicious icing on the cake.

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