263: Timeless Seasonal Style — Autumn in Britain
Monday October 7, 2019

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“Autumn seemed to arrive suddenly that year. The morning of the first September was crisp and golden as an apple.” —J.K. Rowling in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

~The Simple Sophisticate, episode #263
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Style and comfort. Knowing how to achieve this combination while we travel enables each of us to relax and fully enjoy our excursions wherever our wanderlust might take us.

As would not surprise TSLL readers, many of you, including myself, love to journey to Europe, in particular France and Britain, and while I have primarily traveled to France in the summer, and London during the summer months as well, it was during the fall of 2017 that I had the good fortune to travel back to Britain. Expectedly, the suitcase’s contents were far different than for the warmest months of the year.

So when a TSLL reader recently reached out and asked for style ideas for her upcoming trip to London this October, I came up with the idea to share a seasonal style episode/post for Anglophiles.

In the coming months and seasons look for the remaining three seasons for both Anglophiles and Francophiles as having a resource to help simplify the packing process so that we travelers can focus on creating an itinerary that surpasses our dreams.

Admittedly, and unsurprisingly, I enjoy selecting the perfect outfit for whatever the occasion might be, but equally as desiresome is to not have to worry about my clothes while I am traveling. Just trusting that what I have packed is exactly what I need frees my mind to absorb the many new sightss, sounds, tastes and interactions which enrich the trip all the more.

So with that introduction, I’d like to share with you Style Essentials for Traveling to Britain in Autumn, the city and the country.


GOAL: Layers of style that provide warmth when necessary from the rain and chill, but walkability as you make your way about the city on foot, the tube, bus or taxi.

1.Ankle boots (flat or with a slight heel) to wear with jeans or pants (my Eileen Fisher suede pair seen on the chevron floors of Burberry – here is a similar pair)

2. A short trench, works well with jeans (more casual outfits) and over midi dresses if the quality is top-notch (use promo code RLFAMILY to save 30% site-wide through October 15, 2019). For a full trench, or how to find the perfect trench for you, read my post after visiting the Burberry flagship store in London – The Perfect Trench is Personal.

3. Light-weight high-quality sweater (for layering)

4. Button-up collar shirt

5. Scarves – light-weight, yet autumnal hues (these scarves offer many color options and are well-priced)

6. Pants or dark denim jeans

7. Midi dress, wear with #8

~The Royal Albert Hall~

8. Knee-high boots with a slight heel (pack your toiletries and beauty styling utensils inside your boots to save space in your suitcase)

9. A sturdy pocket umbrella (James Smith & Sons are one of the longest running British umbrella businesses and used by the Royal household). You can order online (5-6 color options), or visit their shop in London for even more colors and patterns.

10. Short or long sleeve blouses (silk or light-weight material for layering)

11. Worn in, yet stylish walking shoes for those days when you will be visiting many places and be on your feet most of the day.

~the Dale Chihuly scultipure see in the entrance in the Victoria and Albert Museum~


GOAL: Layers for warmth when the rain fall in misty waves never-ending and days and evening strolling about the many towns and shops you come across as well as hikes about the hills and along the coastline.

~the rolling hills in Northern Devon~

1.Wellies, choose a size and shaft height you feel most comfortable wearing

2. A light-to-medium weight coat that is rain-resistant. I brought my Patagonia coat, and it was perfect.

3. A stocking cap. Primarily it misted often, but when it rained heavily, I stayed inside. If you will be outside when it rains heavily, bring a raincoat with a hood, such as these from Columbia available in many different colors and figure flattering.

~a quiet country road in northern Devon~

4. Jeans, comfortable for walking, but also capable of transitioning for a nice, casual outing. These J Brand jeans are a classic style – straight-leg – in a timeless color (darker blue is available).

5. Button-up collar shirts, I gravitate toward Shirtini’s for their variety and classic cuts and colors

6. Gloves, water repellant, yet warm also

7. Flat or low-heel ankle boots

8. Light-weight sweater or long-sleeve tee

The lists shared above were based on my own travel experiences in the city and the countryside during my trip in November 2017. If you will be traveling in early autumn, bring a few lighter and shorter layers (sleeves, even shorts perhaps), but no matter when you travel during this season, if you pack items that layer well, you should be prepared for any occasion.

Of course, your go-to handbag for day and one for evening is a good idea to pack as well, and I have even purchased a blow-dryer, rather than worry about adapters as blow-dryers often have more wattage than my adapter can handle. This was a choice I made, and it just made it simpler as the blow-dryer was not all that expensive and I just stow it away in my closet for my next trip to Britain.

May you have the opportunity to visit Britain soon, and when you do, feel free to stop back by and share what worked for you!

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Petit Plaisir:

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12 thoughts on “263: Timeless Seasonal Style — Autumn in Britain

  1. WOW!!!! I love Shoptagr!!! Thank you for telling me about Shoptagr.
    Shoptagr has saved me heaps of time and money: they’re a true lifesaver for online shopping!

  2. Such serendipitous luck to wake up to this podcast. As a long-time listener, I enjoy kicking off my Mondays with a new episode of the SL. Today’s really hit the mark as I am going to Britain in 20 days! Thank you for your on-point advice for what to bring.

  3. Autumn is my favorite time to be in the U.K. They have serious Autumn, long and perfect. I wore sneakers to drive, but I wore slip on walking shoes for touring and ballet flat to dinner. I am going to pick up a pair of water- proof gloves. Thank you for the tip.

  4. Great podcast. While I am not a boots person, your list items are similar to mine. I would add that I always pack scarves…or buy them in London and Paris. They add sophistication to any outfit and when outside they add a light layer of warmth at the neckline. The do not add weight to luggage and, unlike other purchase, they don’t break.

  5. I live the Uk and I really enjoyed listening to this podcast. The Autumn season is lovely here… apple crumbles, the trees changing colours and the first cozy fires!
    Layering is important. It can get warm or cold at random times of the day…

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