London Perfect: A Traveler’s Sanctuary
Thursday November 23, 2017

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When traveling across time zones, the reminder of how important quality sleep is becomes readily apparent. As I plan my travel itinerary, I have placed as a high priority upon deplaning a cozy vacation rental and an ease of arrival to that sanctuary. And of course, most importantly, a luxurious beckoning bed to combat as much of the jet lag as I possibly can.

For my recent trip to England, I had the opportunity to work with London Perfect Vacation Rentals. Knowing about their business in Paris (Paris Perfect), I was confident I would be in good hands, and indeed I was correct. (They also have vacation rentals in Provence, Italy and Bali.)

From the pick-up at the airport with a luxury car service they have partnered with for nearly twenty years, I exited the arrivals door to immediately find my driver holding a sign with my name on it. From that moment, my luggage was out of my hands enabling me to relax in the back of the leather-interior detailed BMW sedan.

Upon arrival in London, near Kensington High Street, I was greeted by a London Perfect staff member Will who was utterly delightful. Walking me through the flat, he answered all of my questions, showed me how to work the locks and entry into the apartment building and made sure I knew what the wi-fi password was (important details for us bloggers, non?).

The flat in which I stayed was a one bedroom, ground level apartment located on a quiet alley lined with luxury shops of men’s clothing, women’s hats and shoes as well as the neighborhood church with is approximately 20 steps away St. Mary Abbots. The walkway provided a quiet night’s sleep as no cars zoomed past, and with a primely located Undergound station (Kensington-High Street) just across the street once you make your way through the alley, the ease of getting around London to explore was ideal.

As you will see in the images below, the accommodation is filled with natural light in the living spaces as well as every other room throughout the flat (the bathroom as well as the kitchen which looks out over the alley way). Having been recently completely remodeled, The Gordon is a new accommodation that was just added to London Perfect’s selection.

No detail was left unattended. With brilliant English tea, shortbread biscuits, champagne and milk in the refrigerator, I cozied right in after taking a few hours to poke about the area (see a few images below) until my eyes could not be kept open any longer, sipped on a hot cup of tea and snuggled into my luxuriously plush queen bed. Oh, yet another detail that made the flat feel like a sanctuary: Whole Foods is also on Kensington High Street, so I popped inside on my walk home (two blocks from the flat), picked up a simple, yet comforting dinner, and with the well-stocked kitchen, had a lovely dinner before watching an episode of Miss Marple while I finished the following morning’s post for the blog.

Upon waking from truly the best night’s sleep I’ve had after a transcontinental flight, I discovered another wonderful fact about the location of the Gordon flat, just around the corner from the brick lined alley way through lovely garden sitting areas for the public was The Ivy Kensington Brasserie. Opening at 8 am for breakfast and serving dinner until 11pm, for the Francophile in me, I was thrilled to be in proximity of everything I might need (to cook or to dine out) right outside my door.

~the entrance of The Ivy Kensington Brasserie decorated for the holidays~

Without a doubt, my trip was off to a great start and it was in large part due to the accommodations offered by London Perfect. In full disclosure, my room was complimentary for writing a review of my stay, but as I planned my trip, I sought them out as a luxury vacation rental I would wish to stay in and had hoped to be as pleased as I am. In fact, the accommodations and especially the service, surpassed my expectations, and if you too choose to travel to London, you will be in good hands.

Be sure to check out their special offers as well as last minute reservation discounts to enjoy the city of London in ideally located flats throughout the city. Explore the entire list of rentals here available at London Perfect and take a look at The Gordon through my experience below.

~the footstools above were throughout the home, reupholstered to fit each room (one in the bedroom was used at the dressing table). A lovely detail that enables more comfort and more seating if necessary for guests.~

~copper utensils and other details, a tea kettle, nespresso machine, French press, teapot, English tea and coffee~

~the streets of London along~

~walking along Hyde Park on my way to the Victoria & Albert Museum~

~Royal Albert Hall (above & below)~

~Victoria & Albert Museum at sunset (above & below)~

~The Chihuly sculpture seen at the entrance of the Victoria & Albert Museum (below)~

~enjoying a bit of tea and nibble of biscuits at the end of the first day in London (all treats provided by London Perfect)~

~Explore more images inside The Gordon flat here and reserve it for your next trip to London.

~View all of London Perfect vacation rentals here.

Details to ensure seamless travel from the airport:

~For the car service, London Perfect makes all of the arrangements for you. You are only responsible for payment of the service in cash (which was about 60 pounds).

~If your luggage is delayed in its arrival as mine was (two hours), they will patiently wait for you, but make sure you contact either London Perfect or the driving service directly immediately to avoid additional payment.

~All images taken by TSLL | The Simply Luxurious Life

10 thoughts on “London Perfect: A Traveler’s Sanctuary

  1. Thank you for your recommendation for London Perfect. I stayed in a Paris Perfect flat last year and it was ideal.
    Bond Voyage-

  2. Great to hear this , my husband and I are using Paris Perfect for the first time starting this Sunday. I was confident before, but now, after getting your stamp of approval. even more so!
    Have a lovely time in London.

  3. Amazing photos! Looks like a fabulous rental. What a way to spend some well well deserved vacation time. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Shannon,
    Thank you so much for the blog today with photos and a nice write up on the Gordon. My husband and I are due for a trip to London and I will keep this blog in my e-mail so as to be able to seek out reservations. The place is really chic and the location is perfect. Have a really great time while over there and I look forward to your next podcast…maybe something of your London vaca!!!!!!

    1. Have a wonderful time on your upcoming trip to London. This particular flat was ideal – location, size, comforts – and it is just an example of what you will find with their other rentals as well. Thank you for stopping by and tuning in. 🙂

  5. Hi Shannon,
    Thank you so much for sharing your trip to England! I have always wanted to go. Beautiful pictures and it sounds like an experience you’ll never forget.

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