Why Not . . . Frenchify Your Beauty Routine? (Add Micellar Water)
Wednesday November 22, 2017

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An immediate difference I have noticed with my skin upon arriving in England, and especially on the Devon coast, is the natural hydration of my skin. In fact, yesterday evening, I wandered out into the large pastures overlooking the Bristol Channel and took a loop around the edges as the “mizzle” (as described by the farm’s owner of the mist and drizzle that blows across the land) brushed up against my skin.

I share this moment of appreciation of nature because part of the balance of healthy skin is ensuring it is hydrated, and the other part is making sure it is cleansed well. There often is where the contradiction lies. We want our skin to be clean, so we clean it well, but as was the case with my skin in the past when I lived (and still do) in more arid, dry climates, my skin was left dry and therefore creating its own oils to hydrate which then led to more breakouts. (Listen/Read this podcast/post when I shared this discovery for the first time with more information about how to create glowing skin.) However, now there is a solution.

For the past three weeks I have been using micellar water to cleanse my skin at the beginning and end of my days. Since I only wear tinted moisturizer, I use it as well to remove my makeup. I have tried two different brands: one available for fewer than $15 (for 16 ounces) and one from an upscale beauty company, Caudalie (from which I use their moisturizer religiously) for $24 (for 6.7 oz).

My finding is simple: Micellar water is now a permanent part of my daily cleansing routine. 

What is micellar water you may be wondering?

Originally, it all began in Paris. Let’s take a look at why it came to be.

Evidentially the water in Paris and the region in which it is settled has harsh water which is not a welcome ingredient on delicate skin. The solution: micellar water. A no-rinse solution that soaks up the oil, but leaves the moisture. Micellar water is made up of micelles which are tiny balls of cleansing oil which are suspended in soft water.

Simply place micellar water on a cotton ball and apply to your skin. No rinsing needed, and your face is clean and your makeup removed. Most importantly, your face is not left feeling dry and taut. From that point, I then apply my regular facial oil, moisturizer and eye cream. No fuss with a washcloth or splashes of water, which means it is perfect for travel. There are also travel micellar wipes which I love as I don’t have to worry about the bottle opening and soaking my other travel beauty supplies.

Okay, to the products I have been using and recommend as well as other brands to check out:

I tried both Bioderma (16.7 oz) which was $15 and Caudalie (6.7 oz) for $24. And for travel I have been using Bioderma’s micellar solution wipes ($10). After comparison, the price difference is not worth paying for Caudalie as Bioderma makes my skin feel wonderfully clean and moisturized, even more so, based on my experience than Caudalie.

~the items I tested (above). After comparing both, I have continued to use Bioderma (the bottle for at home, and the wipes for travel)~


Below are a few other brands you may want to check out:

~Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (13.5 oz)

~Darphin Azahar Cleansing Micellar Water (7 oz)

~Lancome Eau Micellaire Douceur Express Cleansing Water (6.7 oz)

~NormaDerma Vichy Micellar Cleansing Water (6.7 oz)

~Eau Thermale Avéne Thermal Spring Water (10.58 oz)

~La Roche-Posay Micellar Cleansing Water and Makeup Remover for Sensitive Skin (13.52 oz)


Caring for our skin is a daily task, and if we can make sure we tend to it well as well as save time, money and unnecessary effort, well, I’d say that is simply luxurious skincare.



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Image: taken by TSLL of the north coast of Devon, England, on #TSLLEngland trip – see more images here.

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22 thoughts on “Why Not . . . Frenchify Your Beauty Routine? (Add Micellar Water)

  1. Shannon, for a little over a year the first thing I do each day is read your blog with my morning coffee. I just recently started listening to your weekly podcast and I’m hooked! It is such a lovely and positive way to start my day. Thank you! When I read today’s blog about micellar water my mouth fell open. Even though I’d never heard of it before, I had picked up a bottle a few days ago to replace my other eye make-up remover. Coincidence? Maybe. Or I could be starting to think like a French girl! Safe travels and have a wonderful time during your Thanksgiving break.

    1. Thank you for your daily interest in the blog. I, as I shared in this post, have fell in love with micellar water. It truly has saved me time, expense and improved my face care routine. Have a beautiful holiday week!

  2. Ah, Bioderma, my all time favourite and the mainstay of my morning cleansing routine since being discovered whilst on holiday in France some four years ago. Another pharmacutical discovery from France is Filorga, excellent quality beauty products containing hyaluronic acid. Enjoy your holidays in England. Love your blog.

  3. Hello. I can’t wait to try. You mentioned wearing a tinted moisturizer. Could you share the product? Would be great to have it all in one product.

  4. Hello Shannon Can I add a recommendation for Garnier miscellar water (with or without oil). Here in the UK it is reasonably priced and is excellent for removing makeup including waterproof mascara which I wear as I swim. Worth a try. Best wishes and WELCOME to the UK. So great to know you are within our shores. Sue. UK.

  5. Shannon – thank you so much for this post – I barley finished reading it and have already placed my order to try – I hate use make up remover and feel it never takes all my eye make up off – hope this is the solution:-)

  6. I love Bioderma! I started using it earlier this year and now I can’t figure out how I ever lived without it. I’m so glad it’s working so well for you! And thanks for sharing all your stories from Devon … I lived for a year in england many moons ago and I never tire of vicariously enjoying others’ travels.

  7. I never comment, but loved your book and visit your blog regularly. Micellar water is just the cleanser my skin needed! Thank you! It worked brilliantly with my Chanel HydraBeauty Masque that I wear as a moisturizer twice daily. Unfortunately Chanel has changed their formula and my beloved masque is discontinued. What can you suggest?

    1. I will look into what Chanel’s masque was, as I am not fully familiar with it beyond your description. If you are looking for a rich moisturizer to use daily, I LOVE Caudalie’s Premeire Cru. My skin drinks it up in the dry climate that I live in.

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