A Long Overdue Anglophile Post: 10 News Items & Inspirational Ideas for Anglophiles
Wednesday September 11, 2019

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To all of TSLL Anglophile readers, you have been more than patient in waiting for an Anglophile post. And with that in mind, a post to celebrate all things British as we have reached the mid-week lull and perhaps need a bit of a nudge, a pick-me-up, a re-energization of sorts to catch our breath and relax for a moment.

After all, Britain is going through its own frustrating political debacle at the moment, and well, that means deep breaths and rest are ever more necessary as we steel ourselves to weather the uncertainty and find our resolute determination to persevere through to the other side successfully. So many of us on this side of the pond can empathize and are striving forward with the help of regular rejuvenating rests as well.

So let’s focus on some much needed British-ness in all different forms and fashions.

1.A lovely outing was had by the Duchess of Cambridge and Mary Barry at the opening of the Duchess’ Back to Nature garden in Wisley. (be sure to click through to the video)

2. Princess Diana was Tory Burch’s muse for the recent debut of her Spring 2020 collection. Actually, it was the Honorable Diana Frances Spencer that was her muse as it was her style prior to her marriage that appeared on the runway. (view Tory Burch’s entire collection here)

3. Perhaps for your next trip to Britain you will want to book a walking tour of the countryside! I know that is dancing about in my mind. Check out Brigantes for a look at all of the routes and options. Contributing writer for House & Garden UK Pamela Goodman shares her recent experience escaping to the country and walking 53 miles in Yorkshire.

4. Plop me on this beckoning sofa with its shelves of books as featured in Homes & Gardens. (tour the entire home here)

5. This new novel, which was released in July in the UK and just this month in the states has book reviewers talking and saying very positive things. A comedic look at old age and insights into whether it’s ever too late.

Live a Little: A Novel by Howard Jacobson

6. What a treat to see the Duchess of Sussex back in the states cheering on Serena Williams this past Saturday. (shop her denim dress and similar designs here)

7. The Great British Bake-Off judge Prue Leith shares a bit of advice when it comes to all of the “extra” flourishes in the kitchen. All I can say is, phew! Thank you Prue! 🙂

8. Speaking of the GBBO – Did you hear that the new season of The GBBO is now on Netflix? Yep! In fact, it was this week’s Petit Plaisir on the podcast.

9. Agatha Christie fans, look for Sarah Phelps’ next adaptation of Christie’s mysteries, this time – Pale Horse – to debut at the end of this year on BBC and on Amazon Prime shortly thereafter.

10. Premiering in the UK this Friday is the much anticipated Downton Abbey film, and the BBC has a review (read knowing there are spoilers). Look for the film to premiere in the states on September 20th.

I don’t know about you, but I needed a dose of British cosy and inspiration. For some reason my mind always wanders to Britain during the fall, or when I know fall is just around the corner, and this weekend, I look forward to diving into the two magazines shared at the top of this post to discover even more ideas and inspiration for welcoming touches of Britain into my daily life and routine.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and look for more British finds in TSLL’s weekly This & That post which is shared each Friday. Wishing you a lovely Wednesday.

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3 thoughts on “A Long Overdue Anglophile Post: 10 News Items & Inspirational Ideas for Anglophiles

  1. PSA for Downton fans in the States: Check you local listings for a special preview showing of the Downton Abbey movie on September 12.

  2. Awesome, love it all. The Duchess of Cambridge and Mary Berry piece explains everything of why I love the British sensibility, people and culture. Let’s all plan a walking tour for next fall!!

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