The TOP 5 Podcast Episodes of 2020
Monday December 28, 2020

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Halfway through the seventh season/year, The Simple Sophisticate podcast is nearing 300 episodes, and as we step into 2021, look for more episodes to offers inspiration, ideas and insight into how to live simply luxuriously.

Moving into the new year, look for two new episodes each month – the first and third Mondays – and while I will be taking April off from the podcast as I have done for the past two years as my students are nearing their AP Exam testing date, when TSLL’s 3rd Annual British Week arrives in May, a new episode of the podcast will as well.

With the help of listener positive reviews and rankings, the show continues to rank well in international Self-Improvement and Educational categories. As high as #8 in Self-Improvement in the states and even higher at times in Ireland, Canada and Finland. With nearly 900 reviews internationally, it is because of you, the listeners who make the show more visible to new listeners and I cannot thank you enough.

The podcast is free to enjoy wherever you listen to your favorite shows – YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, iHeartRadio and many more. Peruse all of the episodes and their show notes here on the blog.

And remember, even if there is not a new episode on a Monday, there is ALWAYS a new Monday Motivational post to begin your week right here on TSLL blog, so be sure to stop by for your dose of inspiration to start your week when there is not a new episode of the show. Now, let’s take a look at the top episodes of 2020. Click on the link or the image to be redirected to the full Show Notes for the episode.


12 Key Factors to Life-Long Physical and Mental Good Health, episode #273


14 Ways to Create a Happy Home, episode #278


34 Ways to Attain Emotional Freedom and Cultivate More Joy of Living, episode #275


The Importance of Daily and Weekly Rituals & Routines You Love (12 Ideas to Incorporate Now), episode #280


8 Ways Tiny Habits Will Welcome the Grand Changes You Seek, episode #272

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2 thoughts on “The TOP 5 Podcast Episodes of 2020

  1. Shannon,

    I just saw your picture of Sharon Santoni’s December Box – want to know how I
    recognized it? Your teapot!
    Love your posts and have both books. Took a while to commit to top tier now and so glad I did.
    Also, thanks for heads up about Brent & Becky’s.

    Have a good holiday season!

    Phyliss Brassey

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