The TOP 5 Lifestyle Posts of 2020
Tuesday December 29, 2020

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How we spend our days without question is how we live our lives. Annie Dillard could not have been more accurate which is why when I peruse back through the posts of 2020, nearly each post is tied to a lifestyle theme in one way or another – what we cook, how we dress, how we connect with others, understand ourselves, how we engage with the world, care for Mother Earth and take in new knowledge. Each address a way of living which feeds our entire lives.

The Simply Luxurious Life blog has become a destination to dare to be ourselves in a world which may feel as if it is happier to see us conform. Unconsciously we might go along but when we stand fully awake, conscious in the moment, we begin to live, truly live, and that is the foundation for living a life of true contentment.

This year has tested all of us in uniquely individual ways, and I hope you are well, hanging in there, seeing a glimmer of a gift at the end of this year to take with you to make next year and beyond more fulfilling than you might have imagined was possible. Dare to be brave, and the world will be more welcoming than you may ever have imagined. Most certainly, you will have a community here to connect with along your journey and once you have arrived to join you in celebration. 🙂

With all of that said, today I would like to share with you the TOP Five Lifestyle posts, categorized as such from this past year. Based on comments and page views each of these posts were viewed the most and provoked the most conversation in the comment section so be sure to check them out as well after reading the post itself. Let’s take a look at the list and be sure to sign up for the free monthly newsletter which is sent out at the end of each month ensuring you never miss a post.


11 Things You Have Control Over Right Now (April 20th)


Why Not . . . Reset? 5 Areas of Life to Explore for Improvement as Stay-at-Home Orders Begin to Be Lifted (May 13th)


10 Things To Do at Home During a Lockdown Winter Holiday (Dec. 23rd)


18 of My Favorite Afternoon/Evening Rituals (October 28th)


34 Ideas for Adding Cosy to Your Everyday (November 4th)

TOP Lifestyle Posts from Previous Years | The Simply Luxurious Life

4 thoughts on “The TOP 5 Lifestyle Posts of 2020

  1. Shannon,

    I’m reading (and re-reading) TSLL blog posts today, New Year’s Eve, and reflecting on 2020. Despite the challenges of this year, I look back at much to be grateful for – joy cuts through with a clear, starry blade. From hikes in the woods to delicious homemade meals, the lessons of this year shaped us.

    TSLL remains one of my favorite destinations (blog, podcasts, books) to shape everydays that feed my soul. Thank you for all you’ve done to get me and many members of the this community through the challenges of 2020. I always look forward to your new content and to a 2021 that returns the blessings of family gatherings, travel and hugs to all of us.

    Happy New Year to you and the whole TSLL community. Raise a glass to both the valleys and peaks of 2020, and to a better 2021 for us, our nation, and our spinning earth!

    1. Kristen,

      Thank you for all that you have shared and for your gorgeous prose. I am grateful for interest and your choosing to share time visiting and exploring TSLL. Thank you for your kindness and wishing you and yours a bright new year. ?????????

  2. I have lived alone for 6 years now, it was a struggle at first. But now I am beginning to truly love it. I am looking for books to read and inspire me to really live it, not just be okay with it. Suggestions?

    1. Lisa,

      I would recommend checking out these posts/episodes. I have included book recs in them that I highly recommend. Also, perusing my Book Shop list – try the earlier pages as I have books in there that may catch your eye.

      I hope this helps and thank you for stopping by. 🙂

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