34 Ideas for Adding Cosy to Your Everyday
Wednesday November 4, 2020

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“Life can be just as wild and precious in the quiet as it is in the noise.” —Dolly Alderton via Laura Weir’s book Cosy: The British Art of Comfort

The pancetta sizzles on the stove, spattering and spitzing. Melody Gardot‘s sultry voice softly drenches the room with jazz melodies. Norman dozes on the rug in front of the stove, and I tap, tap away at the island on my laptop while my dinner preparations near the time it will be savored with a crisp glass of sparkling wine.

No matter the season, no matter the world’s circumstance outside our door, we can cosy-in, snuggle down and drift away simply by tending to simple details in our home, in our life, and in our routines.

Today I would like to share with you 34 ideas for welcoming more “cosy” into your everyday life.

1. Playing a game of backgammon or chess or [insert your favorite non-tech classic game]

~Pennsylvania Cherry Backgammon Board~
~Crislod Championship Backgammon Board, blue~

2. Welcome upholstered furniture into your sanctuary

3. Choose table and floor lamps with a warm wattage

4. Add a dimmer to all overhead lamps, chandeliers and pendants

5. Homemade chocolat chaud with a small dollop of freshly made whipped cream

6. A nibble of something warm with a touch of cinnamon, slightly sweet and a bit gooey leading to deliciousness maximized

~a mini Apple Tarte Tatin (above) or a traditional Apple Tart Tatin (below)~

7. Crossing the threshold from being outside in the cold, the damp, the wet into a warm beckoning home

8. Candles with subtle scents

9. Small bouquets of roses

10. Fabrics with prints – for pillows or furniture

11. Layers of interior decor offering both function and beauty

~For more ideas and inspiration, read 10 SImple, Significant Decor Ideas to Add Luxurious Touches to Your Home, episode #260

12. A Cuppa

13. Framed photos, art or prints that tell a story of your life, subtly so, whimsically so, ideally so

14. Scents from the soon-to-be-enjoyed meal or dessert or nibble wafting from the kitchen

~Explore Season 3 of The Simply Luxurious Kitchen cooking show: theme – French Comfort Food

15. A reading nook

16. Books, small stacks in lovely unexpected, but perfect places as well as a single book right where you will snuggle up to read

17. Returning home from the library or bookstore with your latest finds

18. Oversized sweaters

19. Mix of hard and soft furniture materials to create a harmony of strength and comfort aesthetically

20. A space of one’s own for quiet moments

21. A cosy for the teapot

22. Blankets and throws to cover your toes

23. Favorite tunes with melodies offering an ideally slow cadence

~Listen to TSLL’s playlists for your music preference: Classical Music, French Jazz Cafe (non-lyrical), Escape to France.

24. Scarves – wool, cashmere, offering immediate warm and softness

25. Rain or snow, slowly falling steadily for hours

26. Down pillows for the sofa, sitting chairs or bed

27. Eiderdown comforters

~Check out this post – 8 Unique Small Décor Ideas that Make a Signature Difference in Your Sanctuary

28. Cosy British mysteries to view or read

~Discover the Art of the British Cosy Mystery: 16 Biritsh Cosy Mysteries to Enjoy (+many more from reader recommendations in the comments)

29. Lamp shades made of fabric

30. Placing the cell phone away enabling you to be fully present

31. A hot bubble bath enjoyed by candlelight, and if possible, a slightly open window to offer a slight chill of a breeze.

~Tour this lovely home in the Luberon, Provence for cosy decor ideas from the Dutch decorators and owners.

32. Snuggling with a pup or two, a cat or two, or a lovely human

33. The companionship of cookbooks to peruse, prompt meal ideas and whet one’s appetite.

34. Strolling amongst the leaves, the blossoms or the early or late falling sun, knowing home, your home, a cosy sanctuary is where you departed from and where you will be returning to to bookend a lovely way to spend a few hours.

Wishing you many cosy moments of comfort, peace and pleasure.

For more cosy decor, life and living ideas, check out the posts below, and read Cosy : The British Art of Comfort by Laura Weir

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24 thoughts on “34 Ideas for Adding Cosy to Your Everyday

  1. I read Laura Weir’s book while on a trip to Edinburgh around this time last year and it was the perfect read for that trip. Thanks for sharing your cozy list.

  2. Lovely post, Shannon. Our new puppy just arrived last weekend (a Cavalier!), so my typically calm sanctuary is experiencing a little more energy! This post inspired me with a few new ideas for moments of calm and cosiness.

  3. Thank you Shannon what a wonderful post so many I can relate to.

    I am on the hunt for a cozy oversized sweater this week…:-).

    Also, I just received my copy of Made for Living which you recommended, it is such a beautiful book, thank you for all your recommendations they are usually bang on!

    Have a wonderful day.

  4. I am very excited for a wonderful weekend of cozy! I am finally getting to see (from a distance) my daughter in her senior year of college…I got her some wonderful goodies and the softest pjs because she is prepping for the LSATS..then it is supposed to drop from 75 to 40 for high temps on sunday, with a possibility of RAIN..yes, glorious water from the sky!! We are in AZ (in the mountains) and we just haven’t gotten any real rain this entire year. My plans for Sunday are a puzzle, cozy new pjs (got some for me too!) hot chocolate (your recipe) and baking some bread with my new Einkorn flour (I a wheat sensitive and terribly excited at the prospect of being able to eat real bread without pain!) Have a cozy week and weekend!!

    1. Michelle, Your care package sounds absolutely wonderful! Your daughter will do fantastic on her LSAT, and knowing she is so supported indeed will bolster her confidence. 🙂 Wishing you a lovely cosy weekend. I so enjoyed reading your comment. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by.

    2. My son is gluten sensitive and we have been eating Einkorn for many years now. We absolutely LOVE it!!! It is truly the best flour whether you are gluten sensitive or not. It takes a little extra skill to work with like cutting fat by 20% when baking, adding an extra egg to cakes, and not needing to knead bread, but once you get used to it there is no turning back! It is fabulous! I hope it works our for you!!!

  5. Shannon, this was the perfect post for this week. I have left it open on my laptop and keep rereading. Thank you for these ideas.

  6. Another lockdown here in France so cosy takes on a new meaning. I love this time of year. I love swapping the summer textiles for woollen ones. Adjusting the decor a little to reflect the season. We’ve finished the harvest and will be taking this time to winding down and enjoy being indoors with lots of delicious treats and activities to enjoy. As we’re unable to get to the UK I’ll be preparing cards and presents to post for my family. Wishing you bon weekend as you await the outcome of the election ?

    1. Thank you Kameela. So happy to hear harvest went well, and the abundance of fruit and veg are inside and ready to be enjoyed and canned, prepared or whatever is to be done. Thank you for stopping by. ?

  7. Living in Southern California now, I miss the colder weather that brings the change in seasons. Lists like this always help keep me in the proper mood as we move into the holiday season, so thank you! Am off now to buy a book or three and light a good pumpkin scented candle to relax and enjoy. ?

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