The Top 10 Posts/Episodes of All-Time on TSLL (10 years of Blogging)

Dec 31, 2019

On December 26, just a few days ago, TSLL celebrated its 10th anniversary.

It seems impossible to have imagined all that has transpired in these 10 years, but what is even more mind-boggling is that more than 3,500 posts have been published, shared, commented upon and reveal not only my own journey, but TSLL readers’ journeys and the world’s regarding current events, news, art, and culture.

In the final Top Post of 2019 here on TSLL as we wrap up the annual week+ off I take each year before gearing up for a new year, I wanted to share a post that will only come around every decade: the top 10 Posts/Episodes of All-Time as shared here on The Simply Luxurious Life. There is no doubt that the French culture is a popular theme whenever a post or episode focuses on a French-inspired topic, but there are other prevalent favorites as well, as you will see below. I do hope you enjoy and here is to another wonderful 10 years of growth, curiosity, discovery and contentment. Bonne journée!


11 Simple Ways to Create a Simply Luxurious Life


11 Things You Must Do To Create the Life of Your Dreams


7 Components of Building a Signature Style, episode #15


The Gifts of Being a Highly Sensitive Person, episode #44


The Classic White Shirt


How to Become the Woman You’ve Always Wanted to Be


How to Live Alone Well, episode #32


10 Differences Between Women and Girls, episode #24


The French Way: How to Create a Luxurious Everyday Life, episode #23


The Francophile’s Style Guide: The 14 Essentials, episode #32

11 thoughts on “The Top 10 Posts/Episodes of All-Time on TSLL (10 years of Blogging)

  1. Hi Shannon, ( Just a headsup to advise you that in the first post, -11 simple ways to create a simply luxurious life- some links in number 10 and 11 are no longer working today.)
    Great summary post for me, a relative newcomer to your website and emails. I was also loving the Anglophile posts of yesterday – I find I am an Anglophile here in NZ, with many of us from the UK 1-5 generations ago, there is a definite affinity here especially amongst the older generation for things British. Thank you for everything.

  2. Top 10 of all time….I love it!!

    A fantastic achievement Shannon, and congratulations on 10 wonderful years of TSLL!
    There’s always something in every post or podcast that speaks me and I thank you very much for that!

    Andrea xx

  3. Your post is my favorite even though I am 76 and an old married lady. I think I
    live vicariously through your words but also, you’ve become a friend. A tall slender, interesting intelligent, courageous and wonderful friend. Wishing you
    peace and many blessings in 2020. claudia

  4. Shannon – congratulations on ten years. I enjoy so many posts, the books, instagram, the cooking classes. I have been meaning to thank you for quite some time. Last year recovering from breast cancer I looked so forward to your posts and newsletters. I learn a lot but I laugh a lot too! Love the dog pictures and posts as well, I have a King Charles who will be 13 next month. All the best for the new year and your new home!

    1. Irene, so happy to hear from you and ecstatic that you are cancer free!! My mother is a breast cancer survivor and your strength is commendable. Thank you for sharing about your Cavalier spaniel. I am so happy to hear 13 happy years will be celebrated. May there be many more. Wishing you a happy new year and thank you very much for your readership. ???

  5. Congratulations on 10 wonderful, inspiring years! I first discovered TSLL a few years ago while I was an expat living in London. I was browsing ideas for an upcoming weekend in Paris and Podcast #23 popped up – it had me instantly hooked. Since then, your passion and enthusiasm has become a lovely retreat, I was so excited to discover someone with similar interests, ideals, and love for French (and British) culture! I apologize for not stopping sooner to gush, but I hope your 2020 is full of joy and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next!

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