The Top 6 British Inspired Posts of 2019
Monday December 30, 2019

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In 2019 TSLL began a new tradition – posting a week-long British Celebration. And the tradition will continue into 2020 with the second annual British Week being held in May (the third full week).

I have had so much fun sharing decor, lifestyle, travel and many more ideas inspired from the British way of life and living. This year I have the first Top Posts List sharing British-Inspired posts that were readers’ favorites. From Decor to Style and the conversation about what it means to be an Anglophile, playfully so that is, discover what readers enjoyed most during 2019 when it came to all things British.


THE English Cottage — Rosehill Cottage from Nancy Meyers’ film The Holiday


Currently Reading and Recommending — The Lost Girls of Paris


8 Ideas for a Wonderful Afternoon Tea


Traveling in Style for Autumn: London & the British Countryside, episode #263


Ready for Rain


You Might Be an Anglophile If . . . (30 Signs)

~View the Round-up of Posts, Episodes and Giveaways from TSLL’s 1st annual British Week, and look for the second annual to begin the third full week in May in 2020.

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