The Top 5 Recipes of 2021
Wednesday December 29, 2021

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The kitchen continues to be one of my favorite places in my home, and being able to welcome a few more items from my own garden into the recipes, it has been a treat to watch each seed sprout and grow into their full maturation or the blossom on the tree eventually turn into a round, plumb stone fruit to savor. From the cherries, the peaches, the shallots, the fresh herbs and summer berries, being able to step outside just a few feet and forage for food is quite special.

It can be hard to believe the garden can produce such a bounty when the snow covers the ground and the temperatures barely rise above freezing in the middle of the day, but knowing that indeed the garden will be able to grow again makes savoring even the days in winter far more sweet.

Below I have compiled the top five recipes as they were shared on the blog or the cooking show. All are simple, and each is full of layers of flavor that you can easily find in your own garden or nearby market.

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One thought on “The Top 5 Recipes of 2021

  1. I love this Shannon! What was your personal favorite and what is one on deck for you in 2022? Mine was the cooking in parchment technique and on deck I would love to see how you add herbs from your garden 🙂

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