The Top 5 Décor Posts of 2021
Tuesday December 28, 2021

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Taking the time to gradually, yet intentionally settle into a house, making it even more than a home, a sanctuary, as TSLL readers know has grabbed my focus for the past year. Well, actually two. And while the decorating and cozying in will be an ongoing, joy of a process, the bones of the house, the customizations are nearly done as the final room, the primary bathroom, has rounded the corner to completion.

While I didn’t expect to spend two years largely, and sometimes it seemed entirely engrossed in the process, I knew I had been given an opportunity I may never have again, so I seized it and am doing all that I can to learn and to invest wisely so that when all the bills have been paid, the decisions made, I can simply savor and go about everyday life, grateful for a nest to call home when I cross the threshold.

Looking ahead to 2022 I see many décor posts sharing sources, insights from those far wiser and more experienced than me, all guidances I received along the way and lessons I learned from the mistakes I made along the way as well.

As I type in the afternoon on the Sunday following Christmas, the tree and decorations have been tucked away until next year’s winter holidays, the house now freshly cleaned, floors mopped and tabletops picked up, I am snuggled up in my reading chair feeling the warmth of the sun as well as watching the blowing snow whishhh by while looking out my reading nook window. The many finches roost in the cherry trees seen outside the picture window occasionally swooping down to grab a bite from the bird café, and I am grateful for a little space to snuggle in, stay warm, listen to Norman snore in the partner chair next to the bookcase, and forget about time as one year nears its end and a new one is about to begin.

In writing décor posts on TSLL, while I know each of us has our own aesthetics we are drawn to, I hope to inspire you to bring the knowledge of yourself and those you love who share your home to your sanctuary. Thoughtfully, patiently, bravely bringing together what comforts, rejuvenates and makes you feel welcomed each time you arrive inside the four walls. The details matter, quality items that will last a lifetime are worth saving up for and waiting for, and before you know it, you too will be sitting in your favorite spot in your home, smiling for no other reason than you are grateful to find peace in your everydays.

In this year’s Top Décor post you will find two posts available for all readers to view, and three posts available exclusively to TOP Tier Members as they are detailed tours of my home Le Papillon. If you would like to explore becoming a Member, click here.

1.The Arts & Crafts Guest Bathroom Reveal

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One thought on “The Top 5 Décor Posts of 2021

  1. Friday evenings tend to be a catch-up time for me. Your posts provide so many good ideas for reading and watching as well as enjoying prior posts that speak to me. I am looking forward to the new format library, there is so much content here! That said, the chicken is roasting, the fire has been started, and my tea is brewing. We have had our first measurable snowfall
    here on the East Coast, it is pretty. Tonight, I read! Have a lovely weekend.

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