Top 5 Lifestyle & Motivational Posts, 2021
Monday December 27, 2021

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Everyday life offers many discoveries and ahas as we move through the waking hours. From the pleasant scents wafting from the kitchen, a beautiful sunrise as we begin our day to the time taken to sit and simply be amazed at being alive.

Much pondering has taken place this past year. Partly due to the culmination of TSLL’s 3rd book coming together, being edited, rewritten, and topics and stories from my life journey being more deeply mined and sorted out so that they might offer some insight or aha to TSLL readers on their own life journey of cultivating true contentment. As I have shared in previous posts here and on IG, I cannot wait to bring this book that is part memoir and part daily meditations to you in early spring of this coming year. Look for news on when it will be released in late January/early February.

With that said, the Monday Motivational post is shared whenever there is not a new podcast episode airing. With new episodes going live each 1st and 3rd Monday of every month, readers can look for a new Motivational post on the 2nd, 4th and if there is a 5th Monday of each month.

I have always enjoyed writing these posts as they don’t require as much production compared to a podcast episode, and so I let my mind wander a bit more and let life and my days and what I discover plop into my thoughts or cross my path more serendipitously. I hope you have enjoyed these posts, and for every one who shares a glimpse into their own life journey regarding how the post spoke to them in the comments section, thank you, and to all readers, thank you for stopping by. Now to the top 5 Lifestyle and Motivational posts.

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