The TOP Recipes of 2020
Thursday December 31, 2020

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2020 invited us to befriend our kitchens and grow our own vegetables, herbs and beautiful flowers, and if there is any gift to celebrate in such an unexpected year, my appetite, and perhaps yours as well, is grateful for the unexpected shift.

From a spring of exploration of using what was found in the èpicerie (pantry) as we thoughtfully chose when and how often we made a trip to the grocer’s market, to a summer and autumn full of abundance from the gardens we sowed (or at least improved upon as we gave it a hearty try :)) and finally a winter of celebration that we made it to December healthy, well and perhaps more grateful than we ever might have imagined.

My kitchen has always provided me comfort and a soothing of the stressors during a regular year, but this year especially, it became my refuge. Excitedly, the plans made in 2019 to customize my kitchen came to be during the summer of 2020, and I am still pinching myself to be able to cook with my La Cornue everyday.

The ease of cooking, despite the small size of my space has made the pleasure even greater when I step into my kitchen and not only enjoy the food prepared, but the time cooking and baking.

The Simply Luxurious Kitchen premiered its third season in September, and viewers and readers made quickly clear their favorites which are included in today’s list. As well, the first holiday episode was shared earlier in December, and I look forward to making this an annual tradition (it made the top list shared below as well well).

The primary goal of The Simply Luxurious Kitchen (TSLK) cooking show and any recipe I share here on TSLL blog is to make it delicious, often inspired by French cuisine and technique, but to also keep it simple, and along the way teach you how to navigate in your kitchen so that eventually a recipe is not needed, and all you have to do is step into your kitchen (knowing you have a well-stocked épicerie), choosing seasonal produce and create a wonderful meal.

Look for a new season of TSLK to premiere in September and every now and again up until the second Saturday in September a new recipe will be shared here on the blog. In fact, the top episode of 2020 was a simple recipe I enjoy for morning nibbles – healthy and scrumptious – shared just as we came out of lockdown and is wonderful to make in a large batch – freeze the extra batter and you will have this muffin whenever you want to a boost to your day. Perhaps a wonderful idea to start the new year. 🙂 Let’s take a look at the top eight recipes shared during this past year, and enjoy your day, enjoy your food and enjoy stepping into your kitchen. 🙂


Spaghetti all Carbonara — My Favorite Comfort Pasta Dish (October 3rd)


A Christmas Stollen, Chocolat Chaud & A Holiday Pear-Blackberry Tart (December 12th)


Korova Cookie — The Unassumingly Delicious Chocolate Sablé (August 5th)


Ginger and Almond Bars (August 1st)


Sorrel Chicken, Season 3 Premiere of The Simply Luxurious Kitchen (Septeber 19th)


Épicerie Brownies – All You Need is What You Have (March 19th)


A Brioche Hamburger Complete with Luxurious French Delights – Balsamic Relish and Garlic Herbed Butter (October 31st)


Morning Glory Muffins — A Healthy & Delicious Way to Start the Day (June 10th)

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