Top 10 French-Inspired Posts of 2018
Saturday December 29, 2018

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Much of living simply luxuriously is inspired by my adoration of the French culture. As one reader on Instagram pointed out recently, it is the attention to cultivating contentment over pursuing happiness that initially unconsciously, and then consciously drew me to the Gallic land of culinary delights and appreciation for the everyday pleasures.

The above moment was captured on a Friday, a day after an applauded Louis Vuitton fashion show took place on the grounds (as #11 on the today’s list will talk about), and all I did was find a green chair next to the fountain in Le Jardin du Palais-Royal, close my eyes from time to time, feel the soft breeze on my face and give my jetlag permssion to drift away. It was blissful.

This year has been a year of France in many ways as I planned for my trip this summer for nearly two years, and for five months was in great anticipation, then spent a month all over the country of France, then came home to TSLL’s 3rd annual French week, followed by showcasing much of what I discovered in my new cooking show this fall. Needless, to say, France and my love for the French culture comes to the surface often throughout the year in posts: Francophile finds on the weekly This & That, style inspiration and sometimes podcast episodes (click here to see all of the French-inspired episodes). This year especially I had the opportunity to interview on the podcast four separate individuals living their life in France which delighted me to have the opportunity to share with listeners.

Below are the top 11 French-inspired posts from 2018. I couldn’t whittle it down to 10, but since two of the posts are playlists, I will unofficially count them as one in order to fit into the themed Top 10 posts of 2018 ;).

I know I speak quite a bit about my month-long excursion to France this year, but I cannot express accurately enough how life changing it was, in more ways than I can fully comprehend at the moment. Look for a detailed posts in January of my full itinerary of the trip. And for any TSLL readers who may be contemplating as well a trip of some duration to France, whether or not you stay, dine or see what tickled my fancy, it is my hope that you find inspiration to travel to any country that piques your curosity and explore as a tourist and most importantly, as a traveler. I highly recommend it. Now to the Top 11 List of 2018! Click on either the link or the image to read and view the entire post, and be sure to check out my Instagram, check out my IG Highlights for the 10-part France 2018 Stories.

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11. An Everyday Life in Paris: A Fashion Show in the Palais-Royale

10. A Villa in the Golden Triangle in Provence: Villa Dæsch

9. Claude Monet’s Giverny: My Time with the Famous Waterlilies and Those Copper Pots and Pans

8. A Review of Tish Jett’s New Book: Living Forever Chic

7. What My Old French Tea Kettle Taught Me

6. Back to Paris [a reflection on my first few days in France (specifically Paris) this summer]

5. Why Not . . . Use a French Butter Keeper?

4. TSLL’s French Cafe Jazz Playlist

3. Round-Up of TSLL’s 2018 French Week

2. The Reason for My Tour de France & Heading Home

1.Escape to France: TSLL’s New French-Inspired Playlist

Today’s post is the final wrap up of 2018 Top Posts, but be sure to stop by tomorrow when TSLL reader pics will be shared of TSLL’s new book Living The Simply Luxurious Life: Making Your Everydays Extraordinary and Becoming Your Best Self in their unique simply luxurious moment. If you would like to share you simply luxurious moment including TSLL’s 2nd book, email me at or tag me in an Instagram post (@thesimplyluxuriouslife) by noon on Sunday December 30th and your photo and message may appear in tomorrow’s post.

TSLL’s 2018 Week of Top Posts from the Year: | The Simply Luxurious Life

2 thoughts on “Top 10 French-Inspired Posts of 2018

  1. Thank you for putting all of this good information together. My husband and I plan to spend 2weeks is Paris this fall.

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