A Traveler or a Tourist? The Difference
Tuesday July 10, 2018

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The best travelers are ones who have experienced moments as a tourist, and upon reflection, realize they wish to go deeper, to perhaps snuggle underneath the surface and feel more ‘at home’ in the new land or land away from home they find themselves.

As I awoke this morning in the Loire Valley, with the view of grounds with wall to wall jardins, grazing grounds and innumerable deciduous and pine trees older than many generations of the humans who have called this location on earth home, what I desired was not to go see another chateau, cathedral or historic grounds with masses of people. It was not because I mind crowds. I don’t. It was not because I didn’t want to learn more about the history of the land. I do. It was because I rathered to be right where I was as I knew I wouldn’t be able to experience waking up in a chateau, roaming the grounds of a chateau which has been in the family since the 15th century, and writing in a salon which peered upon a stone fireplace with the family crest and French windows that opened to the jardins ever again most likely.

So what is the difference between a tourist and a traveler?

Simply a tourist sees, a traveler experiences. or perhaps a better word is participates. And I have been both and will continue to be both. One is not better than the other. They are merely different. Sometimes we want to see where the battles happened, walk upon the hallowed ground of history, but we cannot experience what we are learning about in this instance – the time and event have passed. Being a tourist is all that one can do in such a case.

But if the culture of a country, a part of the world, is something that intrigues us, traveling and immersing ourselves into it as much as possible shifts from the idea of being a tourist and into the definition of a traveler. Even if we are only a traveler for the duration of a week – heck a day – when we travel, we engage, we participate. We may not speak the language well or at all, but we courageously step away from what is comfortable and volunteer to understand a bit more than we did prior to choosing to travel.

Today, I stayed put on the grounds of the Chateau I am calling ‘home’ for a few days – Chateau de la Barre, and it was spectacular. Spectacularly slow, gentle, nourishing and restful. (and as this post goes live, the day is not done as a lovely Grand Siecle Dinner will take place tonight with the guests and hosts.)

With a wander through the garden with the resident pup Margot, enjoying breakfast in the breakfast room decorated in blues and yellows to awaken the senses for the day, and taking a short nap under the magnolia tree in the chaise lounge with Margot coming to join me, the gifts of traveling to this magnificent part of the world have been enriched. Yes, it will have only been for a few days and nights, but the generous offering of the family to open their chateau to share with the world is something I may not again be able to take advantage of in the future as it is a pretty investment for travel accommodations (more to come during TSLL’s annual French Week on reserving a stay at one of the many Chateau Bed & Breakfasts – beginning August 12th).

Today has been more experiential and offered more moments to savor and remember than I could have imagined (see below as while I was working in the salon, the count served me a couple of delightful simple pleasures to enjoy as I worked, as well as gave me a tutorial on Cuban cigars, invited me to smell them, see them and learn about them in great detail. As well I experienced the everyday “going-ons” of the property and was the “lady of the house” momentarily as the Count coined it as he stepped out of the chateau! Don’t worry, he was nearby and staff was within the building.)

Enjoy my day below in pictures, and thank you for indulging me as the weekly regular schedule of posts has been shifted for my travel inspirations in France. Bonne journée!

~Chateau de la Barre~

~(left) the Count of the Chateau offered a serving of wine and cherries from Provence while I worked in the salon. I accepted gladly, although I will be saving the wine for dinner or at least until after I am done working. (right) the chevron hardwood floors in the salon.~

~espresso for afternoon work period~

~Margot and Me~

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All images captured by TSLL with iPhone 8 on the Chateau de la Barre grounds

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17 thoughts on “A Traveler or a Tourist? The Difference

  1. The chevron hardwood floor is called “parquet au point de Hongrie”. Very poetic isn’t it ? Wonderful pictures of the Château and garden. Enjoy your stay by the Count !

  2. Your photos are beautiful.Dreams are made of this. ? A once in a lifetime experience which will stay with you forever more. Can’t wait for the post of la grande soiree. What will you be wearing???

  3. What a wonderful experience Shannon !

    It looks absolutely beautiful, and I am sure that you will be having a marvellous evening , and a delicious and memorable dinner party.

    Enjoy every minute ?

    I am having such a lovely ‘ virtual trip ‘ with you, thank you so much for sharing .


  4. Beautiful! I look forward to your posts, because they have introduced me to a world I now look forward to seeing someday. I hope you enjoy your Grand Siecle dinner! I looked on their website, and it sounds like a wonderful experience, one to keep in your heart and treasure for a lifetime.

  5. Thank you for generously sharing your travel experiences. Your descriptions are so intimate, and I appreciate how you invite us along to peek into your everyday travel experiences…I love the photos and essays of your incredibly beautiful reading and working spaces…and to have a adorable canine companion and an actual COUNT! to share them with. France has always been a passion of mine. I’ve not yet visited, but I will, and your beautiful posts make me want to go sooner rather than later. Enjoy the experiences yet to come!

    1. Jeannine there are many lovely experiences awaiting you and you will absolutely have a wonderful time. Thank you for stopping by to see what the trip is revealing to me thus far. 🙂

  6. I have been checking in everyday to see your pictures, etc. This has been so fun for me and I think you are generous for sharing your trip with everyone!!! Thank you so much. What beautiful pictures! Love that teapot you bought over there! And love seeing the dog. I bet you miss Norman and Oscar!

    1. Tamra, Thank you for stopping by! Yes, Norman and Oscar are missed terribly (although I know they are in extremely good hands). The companionship of the animals has warmed my heart immensely.

  7. Imagine my surprise and utter delight when I learned the name of the magnificent Chateau where you are staying! One can always dream of long-lost relatives with astonishing homes…..who knows…perhaps a stray branch from the family tree…

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