Back to Paris
Friday June 22, 2018

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It doesn’t take long to be reminded of the magic of Paris. From the first time I ever stepped foot on its terra firma in 2000 to the last time in 2013, and again this past Thursday, I was reminded what draws me to the City of Light – the buttery croissants, the locals who have a sensuality and simultaneous nonchalantness about them as they go about their days, and the seemingly endless daylight in the summer season.

However, it was this time that I finally had an arrival in which the welcome was gentle and immediately put me at ease as the jet lag after flying across nine time zones (13-14 hours of flying) plays tricks with your mind. The first step is to acknowledge these tricks will occur no matter what you do, but knowing there are ways to reduce their intensity, and what they are improves the overall quality of the visit. And this time, it was the arrival time (noon in Paris), a swift drop-off at my accommodations, and a just as swift drawing of a warm bath, followed by a 2-3 hour nap.

Upon awaking from my nap I went to Sacre-Couer and wandering about in the parks and climbed the many steps with the oodles of tourists and celebratory locals and the like viewing France as the country played in the World Cup. Then to rest for the night, ten hours passed and my mind, while not 100%, didn’t feel as it has in the past, but instead alert, rested and eager to explore.

So many pictures were captured, as many have seen on Instagram, and many more future details posts will come, but as I leave the city today to head to my next destination, I wanted to leave you with a taste of Paris to savor, for many of you remember and others to view as your excitement is heightened all the more for your upcoming visit.

Cafe Life

~a cafe in Montmartre, around the 9th arrondisement~


~Le Nemours Cafe, near Palais-Royale~


~Sacré-Couer Basillica, Montmartre (King Louis the Blessed on the left, Joan of Arc on the right, statues)~


~parfait moment of warmth~


~Sebastien Gauraud Patissserie on rue de Martyrs~


~of moment of culinary dreaming at E.Delhillerin~


~the gardens with the Palais-Royale~


~a moment to sit and watch Paris wake up and go to work (yes, the croissant was better than I remembered. It’s been far too long, but absolutely worth the wait. Peter Mayle’s latest and final book will be released June 26th – look for a review to be posted soon on the blog.~

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15 thoughts on “Back to Paris

  1. Bonjour Shannon.

    I have been listening to your podcasts for nearly two years now and enjoying the inspo.

    Dreams of Paris were realized for me also this year and I was in the city on Workd Cup day. Your photos looked very familiar!

    I am now in Reims after enjoying Lille and the champagne region.
    Thank you your beautiful perspective on life. Looking forward to more goodies in the future.

    Every blessing

    Donna Peffer
    East Toowoomba

  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful journey in France with us! ☀️?
    Beautiful photos and clips, merci chère Shannon

  3. Bonjour Shannon,
    I’ve been following you for some time and really look forward to your “This and That” post – it’s a perfect start to my Friday morning.

    I’m in Paris until Monday morning with my 15 year old granddaughter. It’s been wonderful to see Paris through her eyes.

    If your schedule allows you might want to treat yourself to a cooking class with the lovely Bénédicte – The Parisian Kitchen.

    On my first solo trip to Paris in 2016, I discovered the pleasure of dining in Parisian homes, scheduled through Eat With and BonAppetour. I’ve met and stayed connected with lovely and very interesting French women.

    If you have any free time today or tomorrow, Greta and I would love to meet you for coffee, a drink, or goûter.


  4. I love wandering around Montmartre. I wandered into a park where a bunch of retirees were playing boules. I watched them a while; not a word spoken. Eventually I got up to leave. The boule players stopped and all tipped their caps to me! So sweet.
    As for traveling alone, I did it for many years and found Paris to be one of the easier destinations as a single female. Lots of things to do. I loved dancing (tango) and would often be trekking “home” after the Metro had closed and pre-Uber taxis were impossible to find. I’d be offered rides, but I’d just say thanks, but I’m home now, and I never got hassled nor felt threatened. A little while ago I wrote about solo travel tips.

  5. Bonjour!~
    Ohhh goodness! Fate has led me to your blog 😉 To counter my feelings of stress lately I’ve been falling down french rabbit holes of books and IG pics, and just happened upon your podcast yesterday because I’d gotten Home Sweet Maison at the library and saw you mentioned it on your show! How fantastic that you’re in Paris! I took years and years of French in school and have always been enamored of the people, the lifestyle, the food! So happy to have found you here and will add you to my blog reader and podcast list!

  6. The serendipity of life allowed me to discover your book which quickly became a favorite, followed by your Instagram and finally your blog, where it all started! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your recent photos of France and am looking forward to perusing the blog archives.

  7. Shannon, I am absolutely loving following along on this trip on IG, and can not wait to see where you travel to next. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

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