TSLL’s French Cafe Jazz Playlist
Sunday October 7, 2018

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Currently, a weekend of simplicity is being enjoyed at chez simply luxurious. Yesterday, the rain drizzled steadily from morning to afternoon which prompted a spontaneous smile from ear to ear upon waking. After a leisurely breakfast, I attended a favorite yoga class, returned home for a bit of work tending to the upcoming book release, and then stepped into a nice hot bath followed by dinner of Chicken Marsala. Today looks to be quite similar, and I couldn’t be more elated as I will be planting the spring daffodil bulbs which arrived from Floret Flowers. Knowing that such beauty is just around the corner when we are stepping out of winter, makes the waiting all the more worthwhile.

After hearing a little French jazz on the radio as I was making a omelette yesterday morning, I was inspired to compile a new playlist for the blog. 

Earlier this year I shared three different playlists via SpotifyClassical Music, Escape to France and Everyday Jazz. In an effort to welcome more tranquility into my everydays from when I wake up, when I commute, when I am working away at the computer or taking a beckoning bubble bath at the end of a full day, I have found them to be dependable and offerings of many of the melodies I think of or seek out when I want to create a relaxing, yet welcoming space for creativity and enjoyment.

To hear the quintessential French cafe music is to hear an accordion, a lively, happy violin, a playful beat, or a steady piano melody paired with a snare drum to keep the rhythm moving along to inspire dreams of Paris and France as a whole.  I purposely compiled a list of songs without lyrics to create the space for vast dreaming and remembering of our own desires and memories as each is unique to the listener. 

Below find TSLL’s French Cafe Jazz (no lyrics) playlist, and enjoy luxuriating in your everydays a little bit more, all the while dreaming of France and your next trip to the country that forever inspires simply luxurious living. (Follow @thesimplyluxuriouslife on Spotify to enjoy all of the playlists that have been created this year.)

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20 thoughts on “TSLL’s French Cafe Jazz Playlist

  1. Thank you for taking the time to put this playlist together (and the others as well). I look forward to enjoying it in my painting studio today!

  2. Ahhh what a lovely way to spend my Sunday afternoon. Listening to your amazing playlist, enjoying a piece of apple pie from the local farm and catching up on my favorite bloggers’ postings. Life doesn’t get better than this haha! Thank you very much!

  3. Wow, what a beautiful day you had, and suddenly you thought, I must create and share a playlist to capture this loveliness… and now we reap the benefits. Merci beaucoups, Shannon! XOXO

  4. I love your playlists and this new one helped me recover from a very sad and disappointing week. But earlier in the week I learned that The incomparable Charles Aznavour had died. I immediately went to the piano bench and found my collection of his songs and played (very badly, I am afraid) the French songs I have loved since high school.
    I have decided to begin practicing to work up to an hour everyday. I would like to recommend a wonderful small indie film, Puzzle, with Kelly MacDonald and Iffram Khan. It is the story of two very different people who meet at a jigsaw puzzle competition,

    1. Beth, Thank you for sharing what brought you comfort this week and weekend. I will certainly look into the film. It sounds delightful. I do hope you are buoyed a bit and may you find hope and strength in the days ahead to forge on. We need your thoughtfulness in this world. 🙂

  5. Thank you Shannon for your lovely post! I am enjoying the French Jazz playlist at work as we speak. Perfect start to my day. Many thanks!

  6. Félicitations on the PERFECT French Café playlist, Shannon! It serves as my inspiration when I am writing for my blog and is also the ideal background music for our dinner parties at home. Mille Mercis!

  7. Hey Shannon,

    Love your playlists, thanks so much! Would also REALLY love it if you put your holiday playlists on Spotify!

    Best wishes!

  8. Thank you for the beautiful playlists. My family used to live in Cahors near Toulouse and this takes me back to summers spent with all the family together, young and old, babies and grandparents. Happy weekend:)

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