The Six Simple Flavors That Will Elevate Your Everyday Meals: My Afternoon Live Segment
Friday June 28, 2019

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I always have a good time with KATU-TV’s Afternoon Live‘s host Tra’Renee Chambers when I have the opportunity to be invited onto the show, and yesterday’s segment was no exception.

For the first time, however, I had the task of having a cooking segment, which I was very excited to do, but also knew time management would be my biggest hurdle. After all, on my cooking show, I can talk longer than necessary and then edit it in the editing room. Not the case with live television.

I had seven minutes, and while I had to rush at the end to talk about the sixth way to add simple and delicious flavor to everyday meals, I was thrilled I was able to introduce all six in some capacity. Now mind you, I forgot to also say pepper when I was discussing salt, and the explanations for all six flavor ideas were not fully elaborated on, but the good news is you can view the full episode that was part of Season One here that is full length, in detail and shares four recipes. 

More importantly, I have a wonderful time with Trá who really is as much fun off camera as she is on camera. Many laughs were had during this segment, and I appreciated immensely her help and assistance throughout the entire segment.

Enjoy watching the entire segment on Afternoon Live which aired yesterday below, and view the full episode #4 of Season 1, The Simply Luxurious Kitchen to learn more about the six simple ways to add flavor to your everyday meals.

~Look for Season TWO of The Simply Luxurious Kitchen to premiere Saturday September 7th right here on the blog, YouTube, iTunes or wherever you download your video podcasts (vodcasts).


More images capturing the segment with Trá. Yep, a wonderful time. I could have kept on cooking well after the cameras stopped rolling. So much fun.

Thank you Trá Renee for a wonderful afternoon on the show, as well as to Cassie and crew and Mark and Kara.


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5 thoughts on “The Six Simple Flavors That Will Elevate Your Everyday Meals: My Afternoon Live Segment

  1. You always exude such a beautiful and contagious joie de vivre! Your cooking show is so fun to watch (your panko crusted salmon recipe is a weekly staple in my home and deemed a favorite by both my kids and husband) and this segment is no exception! I can’t wait to see your new episodes on your blog in the September!

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