One Resolution at a Time: Building a Year of Quality, My KATU Afternoon Live Conversation
Wednesday January 3, 2018

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With the arrival of a new year, a new opportunity for success and progress as we build our simply luxurious lives. Simply luxurious lives that will be unique to each and every one of us.

I had the opportunity yesterday to sit down with Afternoon Live‘s host Tra’Renee on KATU-TV (Portland’s ABC affiliate) and talk about how to make the change we seek a reality, month by month.

View the entire segment here (or click on the image) in which I discuss the first six months of the year and what to focus on. And be sure to tune in at the beginning of February when we will chat about the second six months of the year. You can view all of the months and the detailed posts that align with each of the ideas here.

And if you are reading this post on the day it has gone live (Wednesday January 3rd), if you are interested in how to precisely discover your unique signature style, watch AM Northwest with Helen Raptis where I will the questions to ask and the tips to follow to know what to shop for to look your best according to your personality, your passions and the everyday life you take part in. View it live at 9 am (Pacific) at


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