3 Ways to Make 2017 Your Year: Afternoon Live Appearance
Friday December 30, 2016

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One more day remains in 2016. Before we know it, we’ll be waking up to a new year and a new opportunity to refresh, press restart and cultivate even more of the life we wish to live each day.

As 2016 wraps up, KATU-TV in Portland invited me to share tips on how to make 2017 your best year ever. View the video to hear our discussion, and check out the list below.

1. Take one important risk

2. Break one bad habit

3. Set 3 Big Goals, No More


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21 thoughts on “3 Ways to Make 2017 Your Year: Afternoon Live Appearance

  1. Shannon! ?
    Bravo et falicitations!???
    Je t’adore sur Télé
    Merci beaucoup ? ton conseil et splendid .
    Je te souhaite une année 2017 merveilleuse ?????

  2. Thank you, Shannon. I was struggleing to write down what is going to be important for next year. Your three ‘categories’ provided the structure I was looking for.

    Have an exciting, healthy, and inspiring 2017.

  3. Shannon I liked how you made your point and managed to be present, during a nerve wracking interview. When Tra said she like applause, you heard her and figured out her intrinsic motivation. I appreciated you sharing your real life TV in bed example and wondered what your big risk is!? Now I’m going to start writing mine!! Gracias from Tamarindo Costa Rica where my luxurious outfit is a bikini, it is so hot!

  4. Seriously I am not putting off facing a big risk in 2017, I first am focusing on overcoming a seriously bad habit of mine, procrastination in my personal life. As I successfully do that, so many other bad habits will go away. Who knows maybe the opportunity to take on a risk will seem doable mid-year. BTW, I think your advice for 2017 is smart and achievable. Thx.!

  5. Wonderful job Shannon and great advice! I can’t tell you how much I always look forward to your blog and posts (especially the French themed posts). Thank you Happy New Year!

  6. Very best wishes for 2017 Shannon I hope it brings you continued happiness and success. Really enjoyed your TV interview. You would be fantastic as a host for this type of show! Sue UK

  7. Wonderful interview, Shannon! Sage advice! Happy New Year!! Thank you again for your inspirational blog & podcasts!

  8. Shannon, you are a breath of fresh air! Your cheerful, positive and thoughtful presentation was on point, and a perfect start to this brand new year. Beautifully done!! A very Happy New Year to you, may it be filled with everything that makes your heart sing!

  9. Hi Shannon, Thanks so much for your great advice on how to start the new year. The idea of ensuring your goals are intrinsic makes such good sense. I hope you have a wonderful 2017!

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