Top 5 ‘Letters from the Editor’ from the Weekly Newsletter
Friday December 30, 2016

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Each of our lives is full in its own way. Each of our lives has, if we have been consciously paying attention to what we need, what we wish to achieve and what type of relationships we hope to cultivate, has been designing a life that works and works well. Sometimes we will have to make tweaks along the way as we grow and gradually evolve into a better version of ourselves, outgrowing old ways and habits that no longer serve us. And because our lives need our full attention, we can’t always stop by our favorite online desitinations to find inspiration each day; however, if you are TSLL reader, you’re most likely looking for inspiration, for ideas, for motivation or tools to live your best life. I know not everyone can stop by the blog each day when a new post goes live and that is why I believe TSLL weekly newsletter has become so popular with readers.

Beginning just months after the blog itself began, every Friday, readers have been able to receive in their inboxes a newsletter that contains all of the past week’s posts, exclusive early head’s up to news, promotions, releases and events pertaining to the blog, as well as an extra dose of inspiration that is only (until now, as a glimpse) available to newsletter subscribers.

Today I have compiled glimpses from five ‘Letter from the Editor’s that appeared in the weekly newsletter over this past year. From time to time I receive emails or comments from readers who only stop by the blog or follow my social media feeds asking why I don’t share more of my personal life, and while I will never reveal all, I tend to share more in the weekly newsletters.

If you would like to make sure you do not miss another post from the blog, would like to receive an email that keeps all the posts in one place each week so that it is easy to find, peruse and enjoy, and would like an extra dose of inspiration to wrap up your week and kick off the weekend, subscribe here and scroll to “Weekly Newsletter“. It’s that simple.

5. Friday August 5, 2016, issue #312



4. April 8, 2016, issue #295

3. June 3, 2016, issue #303

2. January 22, 2016, issue #284

1. July 22, 2016, issue #310 | The Simply Luxurious Life

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