Top French-Inspired Posts of 2016
Thursday December 29, 2016

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Twenty sixteen introduced the first TSLL French Week which took place in mid-August of this past year with great success. For an entire week, two posts went live each day that were inspired by or focused on something related to the French culture. Due to the positive response from readers, the annual event will be continuing into 2017, so be sure to look for it to return this coming summer.

With the foundation of living a life of quality over quantity, inspired by my time and studies in France, the blog continues to always return to its roots. C’est bon! Pourquoi?  Because so long as we remember to return to what matters, living well will continue to be our experience. As long as we remember to let go of what is mere dressing for appearance’s sake and instead living and welcoming into our lives ideas, items and experiences that add value, we will be doing ourselves a most wondrous favor.

Compiled for you here today are the TOP 5 French-Inspired posts in 2016. For more French-Inspired books, posts and recommendations for travel to France, especially Paris, be sure to click on the “French-Inspired” category in the menu bar, as well visit “City Guides” and click on Paris to see a street-by-street map and my detailed description of places to go and see in the City of Light.

5. Why Not . . . Be Fascinated by the French Culture?

4. 10 Fantastique French-Inspired Blogs

3. What I’ve Learned in French Class So Far (a four part series)

2. 20 Ways to Live Like a Parisienne

1. 2016 TSLL French Week Round-Up

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One thought on “Top French-Inspired Posts of 2016

  1. I just booked a month in Paris for Fashion Week, so this blog post was perfect timing to get me in the “Parisienne mood”.

    One of the biggest lessons my French friends have taught me is to focus on the 3 things that we do daily: dress, eat and our home. Ironically, those are the 3 areas that a lot of us put on the back burner because we’re too busy. However, bringing those back to the forefront of my life has supported the other parts of my life immensely!

    Thank you Shannon! I hope 2017 brings you even more joy, love and style :).

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