AM Northwest Appearance: Signs You’re Moving in the Right Direction

Oct 10, 2017

Growth is sometimes not comfortable, but paradoxically, the temporary discomfort is exactly what we need to feel and then move through to attain what we seek. And the key is to understand it will be temporary so long as we strive through it.

On Monday I had the opportunity while in Portland, to sit down again with host of Portland’s longest running talk show, AM Northwest, Helen Raptis to share 7 Signs You Are Moving in the Right Direction.

Click here (or the image above) to view the six-minute segment in which I give examples from my own life of each sign, and be sure to check out this post which inspired the segment as you will find even more tips and reassurances that you are indeed making strides toward you intended destination.

~Seen in the video, wardrobe: Vanessa Seward jumpsuit, Citizen Eco Drive watch, necklace was picked up at small boutique years ago; view skincare and makeup products here; hair – color and cut by Tina H of Coterie, style is mine – I need to keep working on the finished look – always room to grow!)

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