How to Find Your Signature Style: AM Northwest Appearance
Wednesday January 3, 2018

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Cultivating a signature style is simple, yet difficult at the same time. Why? Because it’s your signature. You are the only one that will have precisely what you will eventually discover. However, with five simple questions, you can easily narrow down exactly what you want your signature style to be AND what will enable you to look and feel your best.

Invited back on AM Northwest, I sat down with host Helen Raptis and discussed these five questions as well as other tips and tricks to curating your signature style wardrobe. Have a look at the segment here where we talk and share images  about my signature style, Helen’s signature style and share examples throughout our conversation. As well you will see the list of questions and tips shared on the website notes below the video segment.

I had a wonderful time, and appreciated Helen’s willingness to, as we talk about at the top of the segment, answer a few questions beforehand, to help me choose her style muse, as I share mine as well.

~View the entire segment which aired on KATU AM Northwest here.

~one of the four style images of my own signature style shown during the segment; seen above, a black silk shift dress worn in Paris for a Melody Gardot concert at L’Olympia~

~Shop the white blouse – Lewitt, and earrings by Nashelle~

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9 thoughts on “How to Find Your Signature Style: AM Northwest Appearance

  1. Hi Shannon,
    I really enjoyed this segment, thank you for sharing it! I was told I am warm and cool. I think definitely warmer and was told to wear lots of browns, creams and deep olive. I don’t feel that great wearing brown or deep olive that much. I love neutral colors and shy away from color. I need help with knowing what neutrals I should wear. Help! I really feel stuck. And I have always liked black but now that I’m over 50 it may be too aging now. Any advice you could give me would be very much appreciated!! Oh and I also have always loved Jennifer Aniston”s street style!
    Thank you!

    1. Wear what you love. If you love neutrals, technically, they are colors, so wear them often and well. Doing so classic and appears effortless but as we know reveals selective thoughtful styling. Thank you for sharing that you are both. There is another test and that is to put a white sheet of paper next to your skin (face is probably easiest). If your skin looks as though it has yellow undertones, it is indeed neutral and based on what you shared, perhaps lean more toward cool tones. I hope this help somewhat. If you have further questions, do let me know and thank you for checking out the segment.

      1. Thank you Shannon! Well I think I am more warm, so what neutrals would look good on me? And how can I put them together? Also was wondering about jewelry and hardware on handbags or boots. Do you match the hardware and jewelry such as all brushed gold or silver etc.? And do you think warmer tones can wear navy and grey?
        I hope this is not too many questions, but I value your opinion!
        Thanks again!

        1. Tamra, Since I don’t want to steer you wrong, I want to recommend a stylist you can reach out to that I have worked with and have known for years – Tiffani Rogers. Visit her website at and reach out to her via email for special assistance.

          1. Oh thank you so much Shannon, I really appreciate that. I will check it out!
            And Happy New Year to you and your special dogs too!:)

    1. Thank you for checking out the segment. The idea of being clear about my roles helped me to step into my life more clearly and authentically rather than dressing for someone else’s life and/or expectations.

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