Welcome to TSLL’s 3rd Annual British Week (and the first giveaway)!
Sunday May 16, 2021

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Twinings . . . my everyday black English tea.

Walkers’ shortbread cookies, my weekly biscuit nibble with my afternoon tea.

Pottering in the garden with my pups curiously wandering amongst the plants, a Sussex trug usually slung over my forearm.

Settling in for an evening of watching an episode of Midsomer Murders or [insert your favorite British telly program here].

Add a grey, rainy day and yep, my definition of British-inspired living wherever I may find myself has been fulfilled and delighted in its opportunity to experience.

Currently, for the past 14+ months, I’ve been in Bend, Oregon, but much of my company during my days at home has been quite regularly the list of British pleasures listed above.

It seems hard to believe a year has passed since TSLL’s 2nd Annual British Week (catch up on all that was shared and given away here), but it has and giddily, I cannot wait to slip away to Britain with you all beginning today as the 3rd Annual British Week gets under way.

We have quite the week of celebrating in store, as some of the items and posts I will be sharing were planned for last year, but due to delivery times, delays, etc., they never made it in time for 2020’s British Week, which means this year’s annual event will be all the more full of British treats, British brands, and British favorites.

If you are new to TSLL’s annual themed weeks (the blog hosts two each year – British Week and French Week), you are in for a wonderful week of all things British and British-inspired. I do hope you enjoy.

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Without further delay, let’s dive in to the first post of the week which is the first giveaway and begin savoring all things British!

I don’t know about you, but I thoroughly love flipping through a favorite magazine at the end of a long day full of productivity when my feet just need a rest and my mind as well. I sink into my cozy armchair with Norman or Oscar (sometimes both if they want to) snuggled up beside me, sip a hot cuppa tea as I peruse the contents and never fail to find oodles of inspiration for my home, garden and everyday life. Two of my favorite magazines are British-made and printed: The English Home and Gardeners’ World, and as a way to welcome everyday pleasures into your monthly routine, I am gifting TWO lucky readers with a year’s subscription of their magazine of choice. (The English Home at a value of $29.95 for 6 issues OR Gardeners’ World at a value of $115 (US) for 12 issues).

Click here to enter (be sure to login first if you are a TOP Tier subscriber in order to see the post and then enter).


7 British Gardening Brands to Know (AND the 2nd Giveaway!)

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This & That: May 21, 2021 – British Week

Lemon & Orange Pound Cake: A Citrus Bite for Afternoon Tea

~Join TSLL next year in 2022 during the full third week in May for the 4th Annual British Week.

Catch Up on all TSLL’s British-Inspired posts here in the Archives.

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20 thoughts on “Welcome to TSLL’s 3rd Annual British Week (and the first giveaway)!

  1. Shannon, I chuckled to myself when I read the first thing on your list was Twinings. I too am a huge tea fan who enjoys Twinings as well as many other local teas. I do prefer leaves to bags, thus have acquired quite a bit of ‘tea paraphernalia’ as my husband calls it. Whenever I receive a text from my sister saying “Are you home?”, my response is always, ‘I’ll pop the kettle on!” Gabrielle x

    1. I love it Gabrielle! Tea is such a comfort simply in the ritual of preparation let alone the slowly sipping, savoring and slowing down. Thank you very much fir sharing. ?

  2. My evening cuppa has long since been part of winding down my day, and one that I start anticipating as soon as I arrive home from work each day!

  3. It’s so nice to finish up the tasks of the day and then have a cuppa (Twinings) to both reward and refresh oneself!
    So excited about British Week, hurrah!
    XO Rona

  4. Could not wait for British Week. It is #1 on my list to accomplish today. Thank you. Sharon

  5. Oh joy, British Week! Have my Darjeeling tea, and a bowl of Gertrude Jekyll roses right here, ready to check in on posts through the week…thank you! (A Twinings girl all my life, these last few years I’ve been loving Harney teas!)

  6. I love Twinings and frequently brew some for my afternoon break! I’m so excited, Shannon, to finally be reading British Week posts!! Thank you for all of the effort and planning you do, I can’t wait to see what other British indulgences you have planned.

    1. Thank you for joining the week of celebrations! ☺️ I can’t believe it took me so long to find this classic, affordable, everyday tea. But I sure am grateful to TSLL readers for bringing it to my attention. Wishing you many afternoon teas to savor.

  7. The descriptions of your English-inspired day brings a smile to my face, Shannon.
    Thank you and Cheerio!

  8. I am really enjoying your British Week, thank you for the wonderful ideas. I love the Kitchen Garden Pot 1238.

  9. British week is a bit of nostalgia for me . Tea and biscuits the perfect combination for when you need a break. Have not been able to visit UK since December 2019 so have been sent packs of tea regularly by my children and Twinings Assam is one of them .The tea bush is now grown in Cornwall on Tregothan farm and I received some for a Xmas present .Delightful. Everyday I stop for tea around 4pm. It comforts me and then I can carry on until the evening. I have been known to be a little grumpy if it’s not possible to have a tea break. Some people ‘dunk’ (dip) their biscuits in the tea! Have you tried a fruit cake .Goes well with tea. Looking forward to more. Thank you Shannon.

  10. Dear Shannon,
    I am delighted to be here, once again, for another British Week!:-)
    I am most certainly a tea lover, no coffee for me, thanks, and like to think myself a bit of a tea geek ;-). Tea time daily around 15h30 – 16h, when usually I will have black tea with milk. And biscuits, of course. I prefer loose tea, but when on a pinch, Twinnings, Lipton Yellow Label or PG Tips, are available in my tea shelf. My favourite tea supplier from Britain is Whittard of Chelsea, but I have a fondness for Twinings English Breakfast Tea, Lady Grey, and Prince of Wales.
    As for biscuits, what can I say? Shortbread is the ideal biscuit – too ideal, if you see what I mean… 😉

  11. I have tried tea before but have never developed a taste for it. I do love my coffee. Is there a specific tea anyone would recommend for a newbie tea drinker? Tips on brewing?

  12. I very much enjoy ordering Bellocq tea – they’re out of Brooklyn, NY and have gorgeous selection and packaging, too. I suggest trying a sampler pack of the herbals – I’m always happy with it and makes a great gift, too.


  13. Dear Shannon,
    My first British week! Thank you !
    I learned so much and will start to incorporate afternoon tea right away. I drink tea at night before bed but I love the idea of adding the 4 pm with a little sweet treat . Loved all the blogs!

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