7 British Gardening Brands To Know (and the 2nd Giveaway!)
Monday May 17, 2021

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Quality over quantity, and lifetime purchases when at all possible. After all gardening gives us an opportunity to work with Mother Nature, and sustainability practices by each of us all add up. Thus why investing in quality items is worth the initial seemingly steep price, but in the long-run, its far less expensive, not only in money, but in stress on the Earth.

Over the past year, watching more and more episodes of Gardeners’ World and reading a handful of books and articles by current and past revered gardening experts, I am gradually including garden tools and supplies each making the hobby of gardening even more enjoyable than it already is.

Today I would like to share with you 7 British gardening brands to keep in your back pocket when you are a looking for a certain item. While most ship to the states, not all do, so if ever you have the chance to travel to Britain, be sure to visit and ship a favorite item or two home. AND two of the items are included in today’s giveaway (the 2nd this week). Select what you want after reading the instructions on how to enter and which items to choose from, and you may just be the lucky winner of a new gardening gift.

1.Haws Watering Cans (outdoor and indoor)

Haws’ two gallon outdoor watering can is seen above. Established in 1886 and the first watering can production company in the UK, their watering cans continue to outperform and stand the test of an entire lifetime of any gardener. Unfortunately, they do not ship directly to the United States, and while some businesses located state-side used to sell them, currently, the outdoor watering cans are nearly impossible to find. Their indoor watering cans can be located at a variety of shops in an array of colors and sizes and materials (metal as well as plastic). I happened to find my can at Terrain.com way back in August, and it just arrived about three or four weeks ago. Oh, but it was worth the wait. I do love it and find it incredibly helpful.

Haws’ outdoor watering cans come with a lifetime guarantee and offer the long-neck reach for watering deep borders, as well as the unique and much appreciated gentle soft spray heads made of brass. I turn my spray head face-down for watering established plants and turn the spray head up for sowing seeds so the water falls more gently.

The outdoor watering can is also available in a one-gallon option as well if two gallons sounds to be a bit heavy. Different colors are often available as well depending upon the distributor.

2. Royal Sussex Trugs

Given away as a giveaway to a lucky TSLL reader in last year’s British Week, it may take time for them to arrive (they are hand-made), they are worth the way without question. In fact, look closely at your favorite British mystery or English-country setting in any film or show, and likely, you will see a trug! I have two now – size 4 and size 6 – and from carrying tools and potted plants from the greenhouse to the garden for transplanting or placing cut flowers to vegetables harvested, to even weeding or dead-heading, these trugs are sturdy and meant to be used. Learn more about their history in this post.

3. Burgon and Ball

A leading garden tools and agricultural supply business in Britain, Burgon & Ball have a handful of unique and highly recommended gardening tools on my list to pick up when I finally have the opportunity to return to Britain (they don’t ship to the states). The long handled bulb planter is the item at the top of my list, as the quality is superb, and no leaning over is required.

4. Barlow Tyrie

Award-winning outdoor furniture, Barlow Tyrie was founded in 1920 and continues to sell quality teakwood furniture made to withstand the wet English climate. Due to cost increasing for Teak, Barlow Tyrie also makes furniture out of stainless steel and aluminum. For the classic London bench or chair (seen below) to Adirondack chairs to the wooden benches that encircle trees in parks and grand lawns, they ship internationally, and once you purchase, their items will be in your garden for a lifetime.

5. Hartley-Botanic Greenhouses

Award-winning in the designs and structure, Hartley-Botanic continues to be at the top of gardeners lists for their greenhouses, as well as for the small details which ensure a bountiful and beautiful garden – cold frames, potting tables, vents, drains and vine support – just to name a few of their many gardening items.

Available in the United States as well as the UK, tour their many greenhouse styles – Victorian, abutting as well as modern and custom designs – and find the perfect outdoor work space to care for the plants you wish to grow.

~seen above, the Victorian style greenhouse, measuring 11′ x 19’~

6. Bulldog Hand Garden Tools (US site)

Made in Wigan, England, since 1780, “Bulldog Tools have been manufacturing and supplying British made gardening, contractors & farming tools for centuries. All Bulldog digging tools are tested to surpass British Standard and can typically take a load in excess of 90kg (200lb). Tool heads are forged from their own high quality manganese steel and fitted with ‘A’ grade Ash handles.” And for gardeners who live in the states, good news! Bulldog Tools are stocked in California, and available for free shipping.

While many of their tools are currently sold out (the long-handled bulb planter – so popular!), many are still available and all will be restocked, so be sure to keep Bulldog Tools in mind for a quality purchase that will lands for years and decades to come.

GIVEAWAY: As they DO ship internationally, a lucky TSLL reader will win their very own Bulldog Tools if they choose (choose a tool equal or less than 60£ or $85).

7. Whichford Pottery

Terracotta pots, I cannot have enough for my herbs or annual plants I enjoy having near my kitchen and just out my screen door (seen in the top pic). Known for their Frostproof Flowerpots, Whichford Pottery is handmade and makes a variety of styles, sizes and designs. Made in Warwickshire, England, and established in 1976 “by Jim and Dominique Keeling, Whichford Pottery is a family business with a world renowned reputation for quality, design and service.”

And, as they DO ship internationally, a lucky TSLL reader will win their very own Whichford flowerpot. If the winner selects a Whichford pot, they will receive a pot from Whichford’s Garden Essentials Range with a value up to 60 pounds.

UPDATE: The Giveaway is now closed.


  • Shop the styles of the Garden Essentials Range here or Bulldog Tools (UK site or the US site)
  • Click on the style of pot you prefer and select the size of that style you prefer, keeping in mind the cost must not exceed 60£ OR if you prefer a Bulldog tool, select one in stock and either listed for no more than 60£ or $85.
  • Leave a comment on this post with the style and size OR the name of the tool and you are set!
  • Enter by Saturday May 22nd at noon (Pacific time)
  • Stop by Sunday May 23rd to see who the lucky winner is.
  • Good luck!

~Shop the navy and white outdoor Sunbrella chair and ottoman here.


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122 thoughts on “7 British Gardening Brands To Know (and the 2nd Giveaway!)

  1. Ah, gardens. Just today after a visit to my favorite nursery I came home to plant my flowers and was reminded how a family member with dementia insisted that my tools were indeed hers and she took them, almost all of my hand tools! I never found them and ended up using a bargain hand trowel with a pink silicone handle that slipped that I found on a shelf with some terra cotta pots. I thought to myself, I need a new trowel! I would love the Bull Dog trowel, If I don’t win, that’s OK, I will order it. The little curve below the wooden handle limits wrist strain, it is much like my lost one. Thanks Shannon!

  2. Hi Shannon. Love the Whichford Pottery. The Armscote Bee Pot, code 1646, would make a lovely addition to my new backyard! Thanks again for the exciting posts this week, can’t wait to read them everyday. Adel

  3. All of these items are beautiful Shannon! If I were to choose, I would love the Hosta Pot. It would look wonderful on my front porch!

    Thank you for sharing these resources!


  4. Thank you for rounding up these fantastic British brands- if I am fortunate enough to win I would love the Armscote Bee Pot Code 1646 it would look fantastic on the bakers rack I use for my indoor plants!

  5. Beautiful quality resources, one and all! Thank you so much for this list and giveaway…this is a nudge to dream up what’s next in the garden. I’m drawn to essential pot #1208!

  6. I think the Orange Pot is a classic and I would love to see it on my deck!!

  7. What a great post and giveaway! If I win I would love to welcome the Hosta pot (23cm high, Code 771) into my home. It is beautifully crafted and looks so special and exquisite. Good luck everyone and thank you Shannon for this giveaway.

  8. Thanks! The Auricula pot has a really beautiful shape. It will be given to hubby to fill. 🙂

  9. The buxus 644 size pot would be a great addition to my new patio
    As a Brit I love your admiration for the best of British.

  10. What a wonderful giveaway Shannon!
    My hand tools have become rusty & the wooden handles have deteriorated so a Bulldog Hand Trowel 6″ – Hardwood Handle, or a Bulldog Hand Fork 6″ – Hardwood Handle, would be a great replacement!

  11. Thank you Shannon for all the great suggestions for gardening. I would love to have the Armscote Bee Pot (1646). I love all things bees and this would look lovely on my porch.

  12. I just ordered my first Whichford pottery flower pot this spring. I would love to add the 11 inch kitchen garden pot. I am inspired to order another pot and keep adding to my collection. Thank you for the opportunity to win one of these wonderful frost resistant pots.

  13. I love the Hosta Pot, 10″, #773, to add to my terracotta pot collection! Thank you for this opportunity, Shannon.

  14. I would love the Pedigree Digging Spade as I still have much grass to be removed and garden space to create!
    Thank you Shannon!

  15. I am attempting to maintain my lawn for the first time without landscapers and it’s looking great but I’ve been trying to figure out edging without a scary string trimmer. These lawn trimmers, Bulldog Edging Shear 32″ – Rubber Grip Handle – B613W would be excellent and I would use them on my garden beds, too.

    Thanks for giving us British Week and for your kindness and generosity.

  16. Good morning!
    Thank you for introducing us to these British garden collections. I would adore the charming Armscote Bee Pot #1646 please. The bee symbol is a special favorite of my daughter and mine.

  17. I would be chuffed to win the Buxus pot, 10.5”, #644. It would look marvelous on my terrace. Cheers to TSLL’s British Week!

  18. What a terrific list of gardening products that will no doubt make gardening ever so more enjoyable! I am starting a landscape from scratch and plan to plant bulbs, so I would be very happy to win a Bulldog bulb planter. I love spring tulips and daffodils and my garden won’t be complete without them!

  19. Oh my! The Hosta Pot (Code 771) is breathtaking and would be so welcome in my growing garden. Last year, I began purchasing the Italian terra-cotta pots from Lowe’s, and I must say, quality terra-cotta pots are a far cry from the cheap Walmart pots which cracked or broke totally the first summer of use! What an investment piece the Whichford pot would be in my garden! Thank you, Shannon!

  20. Your selections are beautiful! You always link to the best ideas. I love the Pastry Flowerpot 🌸 – it is so elegant! Thank you for these wonderful giveaways!

  21. Thank you for the introduction to Whichford Pottery. I love the Hosta Pot. I have been trying for a long time to get a Haws outdoor watering can. I cannot find a source to ship to the US–but I continue my search.

    Also, I highly recommend Sneebor gardening tools. I have the old Dutch-style trowel and the perennial planting spade. I feel these are tools that can be passed down to the next generation. Rumor has it that Monty Don is a fan 😉

    I look forward to the British Week every year. Thank you Shannon

  22. Too many great Bulldog tools to choose from – I want/need several. 🙂

    The Compound Lopping Shears would be my first choice. Listed for $55.00.

    Enjoying British Week.

    Thanks Shannon!

  23. All the pottery is beautiful, but I love the elegant lines of the Plain Flowerpot #1208. Thank you, Shannon, for the chance to own a piece of Whichford!

  24. I am really enjoying your British Week, thank you for the wonderful ideas. I love the Kitchen Garden Pot 1238.

  25. Hi Shannon I am so excited for spring to arrive. It is always a bit slow in coming in Colorado. I would love the Hosta Pot Such a wonderful shape!!

  26. I’m so excited! Love your British and French weeks. I just adore the Hosta Pot (771). Thank you for this list and for the chance to win a beautiful piece of pottery.

  27. Hi Shannon! I think the Pastry Flowerpot from Whichford Pottery is absolutely charming – the small size would be lovely for herbs, I think I could maybe grow herbs with my black thumb! Thank you so much for another fabulous giveaway!

  28. Thank you for these wonderful recommendations! It was hard to choose, but I really adore the pink pruning set from Bulldog Tools. I have no doubt they would get a lot of use in my garden!

  29. Looking at all the different pots has been a fun diversion on this rainy morning! I am currently looking for a new pot for my olive tree and have decided on the Kitchen Garden Pot, the 28cm x 32cm size.

  30. Ohh so hard to choose! Thank you so much for introducing these brands!! I would choose Kitchen Pot # 1238. Its just perfect!

  31. Hello Shannon! I fell in love with the Shakespeare Range from Whichford Pottery! I would love to win A Midsummer Night’s Dream pot (6″x11″ — pot code 283). Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  32. What a fun post! Truly this is the best week of the year. I love the Hosta Pot from Whichford Pottery (771). My goal this year is to stop buying plastic pots and start building my terracotta pot collection.

  33. Hi Shannon!

    I would love a Kitchen Garden Pot in size 11″ x 12.5″ (pot code 1238). It would be just perfect for my petit potager that I have started on my patio. So far I am growing chervil, rosemary, mint, tarragon, chives, and basil. Another pot just means more herbs for my summer meals!

    Thank you!

  34. I love a garden. Each year I spend $$$$$ for $$ worth of tomatoes but its worth it. I love the smell of the dirt and the feel of the sun. I also love a good, strong put like the hosta pot for 52.50 pounds. I bought some of those pots made of horsehair and whatever else and one good frost and the bottoms fell out. Oh well more gardening repair for me to do!!!!

  35. Oh, those pots are gorgeous! I adore the Halfpot style (1217) or the Seedpan – my in-laws have a similar one right outside their front door, in the sun, and they seed and re-seed lettuce in it all summer, so there’s always fresh lettuce for a salad immediately available!

    We have extensive garden beds, and terracotta on the porch is risky in combination with small children playing, but I have a sunny space on the edge of a kitchen counter which seems like it would welcome a mix of succulents, and a shallow pot would be perfect for the more shallow rooting system!

    I’m going to have to investigate their rhubarb forcer, mind. I could do with fresh rhubarb earlier in the year!

  36. Love the terra cotta pots. I would be happy to add the Kitchen Garden Pot (Pot Code 1238) to my ever-growing collection. Thank you for the opportunity!

  37. Dear Shannon

    I would love a hosta pot. Thank you and enjoy the beautiful Spring weather


  38. All of these items are so lovely and useful!! I’m going to choose the pink pruners because mine are on their way out, and because it’s a lot easier to find brightly colored tools on the lawn when you’ve put them down and forgotten where! 🙂

    Thank you for introducing us to these marvelous companies!!

  39. Although the 28″ bulb planter is sold out on the US site, it is available on the UK site, and on sale!! This would be my choice if I’m the chosen winner. I am dreaming of planting tulips for next year! Love all the recommendations; thank you for doing the leg work of finding such good choices!

  40. I am adding to my list of must haves for my ever evolving French inspired home!! My choice from day 2 giveaway would be the lovely Armscote BeePot! What a wonderful way to honor pollinators with that pot housing a beautiful red geranium ❤️

  41. Love the Armscote Bee Pot. Like anything with a bee on it.Enjoying the whole British Week. Thanks

  42. Shannon,

    Such an abundance of wonderful garden tools and pots. I would love either the Hand Trowel or the Hand Fork as these would be the tools that get the most use. However, the work would be tempered by the beauty of the craftsmanship of the tools.

  43. Love the Pedigree bypass shears! I tried leaving many perennials standing last fall to provide shelter for critters, and now they need to be cut down to make room for new growth. Love the product roundup, and am dreaming about the conservatories!

  44. It’s so difficult to choose! Thank you for the opportunity, Shannon.
    I will say I keep going back to the shallow basket pot, code 140D.
    Fingers crossed!

  45. Those pots are so pretty! I am putting effort into my “garden” (which consists of containers this year as I am contemplating a move…) this year and the RHS Wisley garderner’s pot is perfect (rhs1838). I am going to take a look at the tools as well and see if should upgrade mine, as I just pick up what is there at the local hardware store. It is so fun to see what finds you recommend to us!

  46. Ohhh, my garden could surely use the edger from Bulldog Hand Garden Tools!!!

  47. I’m so happy to learn of these vendors. I have a feeling British Week is going to cost me a lot of money. I’ve already ordered The Gardener’s Year book. If I were to win this giveaway, I’d love the 9” Hosta Pot from Whichford Pottery. I’ve just purchased a hosta called “Wiggles and Squiggles” that would look fab in it.

  48. Wonderful rundown of fabulous garden items. I’m putting the watering can on my personal wish list and since bees are my thing I’d love the Armscote bee planter-code 1646. Thank you!

  49. Thank you Shannon for this post, it has such beautiful items for the garden. My winning choice would be Whichford Pottery Armscote Bee Pot #1646

  50. lovely giveaway! i would be delighted to have the bulldog ratchet pruning shears.

  51. I just broke the handle on my cultivator tending to my daffodils 2 weeks ago. The darn plastic handle pulled right off when I hit the root of a shrub nearby. I would love to win this so I could replace it!
    Bulldog Premier Hand Cultivator – 3 Prong – Hardwood Handle – 1039N

  52. Wonderful selection in your post Shannon! I would love the Bulldog Mini Pruning Set in green. Thanks!

  53. Moving soon and will have my own garden. I’d choose the bulldog Long Digging Spade to start planting.

  54. These resources couldn’t come at a better time as I am creating my garden! I would love the armscote bee pot!

  55. So hard to choose, I would love the Armscote Bee Pot #1646. The bee symbol would be a nice addition to my petunia’s.

  56. Goodness! So many wonderful pots to choose from. I am just getting started in flower gardening and I think the Auricula Pot (741) is beautiful. Thank you for the opportunity!

  57. Shannon, you will forever be a teacher! I learned so much. I like the Hosta Pot Code #771. It would look darling on my patio. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  58. What fabulous collections from these companies! I would love the Bulldog Green Mini-Pruning Set as my current pruners have seen much better days. Thanks!

  59. I’m so excited for British week! I throughly enjoyed it last year. I have upgraded yesterday so I will have access to all however I didn’t get any email notification. I checked my junk mail & it’s not there. Any suggestions?

  60. I too love the Bulldog Green Mini-Pruning Set as my current pruners have seen better days as well.

  61. Another lovely giveaway!
    I was fortunate enough to receive some beautiful hard wood handled Burgon & Ball tools for my birthday and they are so beautiful to look at as well as use.
    Also, a Hartley Botanic Victorian Planthouse is my DREAM purchase. When I retire to to the country I shall be purchasing one!

    I would choose a Whichford Pottery Seedpan in size 15cm x 37cm – I’ve wanted one for some time to top my outdoor dining table !
    Loving British week so far x

  62. I would love the Plain Flowerpot (#1208), size 11 1/2”. I love the inscription around the top edge!

  63. Hi Shannon, I am intrigued by today’s post of lovely and useful products. The Hosta Pot #771 would be a lovely addition to my garden.

  64. Shannon I love the hosta pot. As an avid container gardener, this would be great.

  65. Be still my heart–William Morris in the garden! I would choose the RHS Jekyll Flowerpot, and pretend the Gertrude herself (my grandmother’s name as well) was right in the garden with me. The 28 cm is perfect.

  66. The absolute simplicity of the buxus flower pot catches my eye. The simple elegance can stand alone or in a multi pot arrangement on a porch. How simply luxurious

  67. This is exciting. Thank you for introducing me to so many new garden tools and pots. I like the Garden Essentials named Buxus number 649. Looks like a really good place to start.

  68. Hello Shannon,

    The Bulldog mini pruning set in red or green would be put to much use for the roses in my flower garden. Thank you Shannon!

  69. Love this! I am hoping to add a trug to my basket collection and now I think I *need* a Hawes watering can as well! I’d love to be entered into the giveaway and would be so pleased with the 11” kitchen garden pot.

  70. Hello Shannon,

    The Whichford Pots are lovely. Each one is a simple design with just a subtle decorative touch making them prefect in any garden. The size and shape of the buxom pot #644 would make a wonderful addition in my garden. Thank you

  71. Hoping to add the Armscote Bee Pot #1646 to my small but growing garden, thanks !

  72. I really like the RHS Jekyll flowerpot (RHS 1704), 11 x 11 1/2”. My nephew and his family bought their first house last fall and have created a beautiful garden in their backyard. I would gift it to them and would love to see it in their yard.

  73. So many beautiful pots! I can imagine the Buxus Pot #644 on my front steps. Thank you for the wonderful give-always!

  74. What lovely items! I would so enjoy adding a hand trowel or ratchet shear to my gardening tools, many thanks!

  75. Hello again, Shannon. Thanks for this post. I’d love the Buxus pot #644 for our porch!
    Best, Kristen

  76. What fabulous items! I can’t wait to explore these items more fully. For the giveaway, my choice is the hosta pot (771). How gorgeous!!!

  77. Shannon, thank you so much! I feel like a child whose birthday celebration goes on and on! My birthday is this coming Monday, so I feel lucky as I choose favorites among your splendid selection !! Hope springs eternal 🙂 Wanda

    1420D 16.00cm – 6 1/2″ 36.00cm – 14″
    £54.50 (basket weave planter)

  78. Thank you so much Shannon for these great recommendations. As we are just designing our side patio garden either the Bulldog Hand Trowel or Fork would be much appreciated and used. Cheers!

  79. Shannon, love all the garden centered posts. The Whichford potter hosta pot (code 771) would be my dream.

  80. Lovely post Shannon! Whichford pottery is on my list to visit after seeing it features in Countryfile. If I were so lucky to win it would have to be the Armscote bee 1646. Love bees!

  81. I would love to win the Pastry Flower Pot in the 28cm size. Thank you for the chance!

  82. Oh my goodness, all of these gardening tools and implements are just beautiful! I have been wanting to spruce up my garden space, and the Whichford Pottery (Kitchen Garden Pot 1238-28 cent) would be just the ticket!
    Thank you for sharing these gorgeous things!

  83. Hi Shannon, Thanks for the wonderful post! I just adore #161 Pastry Flower pot.
    Best wishes,

  84. Hi Shannon, thank you for the gardening post. I would love the Pastry Flower pot, #161. Kathlee

  85. Hi Shannon – thank you so much for hosting these give-a-ways so fun! I love the hosta pot – so pretty!

  86. Hi Shannon,
    These are all so lovely – I would choose the The Armscote Bee Pot, code 1646, would would fit our patio perfectly.
    Many thanks for these amazing giveaways.
    Anne xx

  87. Shannon,

    The Bulldog Daisy Grubber looks like it would save the day.

    Thank you for your gardening posts. The watering can is a dream of mine.


  88. I love that you promote buying items to last a lifetime. It’s been my thing since I was 9 years old (now 58!!). I’m still using the flatware that I collected (starting at age 9)…

    I would like the Armscote Bee Pot Code 1646 if I should be lucky enough to be selected. Thank you!

  89. Hi Shannon,
    As always, enjoying British week!
    Slowly upgrading my gardening basics. The Premier Garden Trowel would be a lovely addition to my potting bench.

  90. I love these pots. Thank you for introducing me to this company! The buxus 644 would be wonderful in my backyard.

  91. Shannon, thank you so much for highlighting these brands. The Whichford Kitchen pot would be a wonderful addition to my kitchen garden.

    Have a great week!


  92. The Bulldog Pink Pruning Set would be perfect for trimming a bouquet from my mini patio rose garden 🌹 Thank you, Shannon!

  93. I am actually working on my front yard right now and making terraces to look like those in Europe with rock walls. Would love to have the pedigree power ratchet shear to prune the shrubs. Thank you for this opportunity.

  94. Bulldog Premier Hand Trowel please. Mine has duck tape in the handle. Haha. Thank you!

  95. What a great giveaway Shannon! I’d love a new hoe. The bulldog 54” Dutch hoe with a 6” headwidth would be my pick.

  96. Thank you Shannon. Your choice is spot on. A real treat for us gardeners. Difficult to choose but if I were lucky I would choose the long handled bulb planter 28″. Much appreciated. Kameela xx

  97. This post was so helpful in learning of gardening companies out there that I wasn’t aware of. So grateful for this information. Was delighted to see Bulldog Hand Garden Tools listed as I saw the perfect tool I’ve been looking for. The Mini Bypass Shear is what I need since my husband lost the shears I had. (Ugh, can’t even imagine how he managed to do that!) Merci beaucoup for this generous giveaway.

  98. Hi Shannon, the kitchen garden is where I’ve been spending a lot of my time this spring so of course I had to for the Kitchen Garden Pot (1238). If I were the lucky winner I would have to fill it with basil that I could then bring inside as the weather starts to turn.

  99. Oh my goodness…what a wonderful give-away! I can’t tell you how much I enjoy everything that you do and that you share your life with us. You give me inspiration every day and it moves me forward with such happiness and cheer as we navigate these precarious days. So I thank you for all that you do and share with us.
    Now onto your generous and thoughtful give-away…the pots are lovely, and if I am so lucky to add this to my garden I would love the Shallow Basket Pot. Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful website.
    Cheers to you Shannon, and again keep this up, I would be lost without your blog!!!!

  100. What a great giveaway. I would like the Kitchen Garden Pot 1238. This pot would be a great addition to my herb garden.

  101. I am enjoying British week tremendously and would love the Hedge Shears/Wavy Blade to cut stems in my garden. Thank you for all the great gardening information!

  102. I would love to win the Bulldog Stainless Digging Spade with Treads. This past winter we had epic snow, ice and freezing temperatures and as a result I still have many flower beds that need work. This would help me immensely.

  103. I was looking at your photo of the Bulldog collection and noted right away the round mesh “tool”. This is exactly what I need as I always struggle with getting soil fine enough. It has an interesting name “garden riddle”! Wonder where that name came from (will have to look up its origins). Anyway, I see there are two sizes of mesh (1/4″ and 3/8″ inch). I think I would prefer the 1/4″ but the 3/8″ would also work to remove dirt clumps, stones, etc. when preparing garden soil for planting seeds and tender starts. So this is a great find and thanks for alerting us all to this company!

  104. Hi Shannon,
    So many beautiful garden pots. I would love to win the Pastry Flowerpot, pot code 0041.
    Thank you for sharing all the lovely British Gardening brands!

  105. What lovely pots. I love the decorative trim and drainage hole in the kitchen pot. I live in a condo so I would use it in my kitchen if I would be lucky enough to win. Perhaps the smallest and second smallest as a set?
    Thank you!

  106. What lovely garden items. I would love to win the Pink Pruning Set from Bulldog. Thank you Shannon. Irene

  107. Everything here is beautiful. I live where I can’t have a garden but do have plenty of plants in pots. I especially love the Armscote Bee Pot.
    Thank you – this is a wonderful week

  108. Thank you for introducing me to these brands. I have a hedge that is crying out to be trimmed and the Bulldog Hedge Shears /Wavy Blade
    will be perfect for the job.

  109. I would adore the ‘Bulldog Hand Fork – PGHF’ to help with the weeding of my veggie patch! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  110. How timely! I now have a garden in my just purchased new home and have made a list of garden tools I will need. The Bulldog Ratchet Pruning Shear ($32) would be very useful.

  111. I would like the bulb planter (uk) as that would help with the spring planting. It looks really durable.

  112. Such a difficult choice!
    I would absolutely love the 9″ Hosta pot for my new lavender plant. It would be a real showcase piece in my backyard garden.

  113. Hi Shannon, What a beautiful find! The Pastry Flowerpot (# 0161 18.00cm – 7″ 23.00cm – 9″) is gorgeous and would look lovely on my balcony filled with some British Gamble daffodils! Thank you!

  114. The bulb planter would be great! Bulldog Bulb Planter 28″ – Ash T Handle – 5000002810

    Thank you, Shannon!

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