A British-fan Favorite Leading Man in a Series to Watch – Leonardo
Monday May 17, 2021

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A new addition has arrived on TSLL, and while small and not technically “new”, the adding of the category Petit Plaisirs to the Archives will offer readers of the blog and listeners of the podcast easy access to each week’s Petit Plaisir.

Did you know Petit Plaisir posts began being shared on TSLL in January 2014 before the podcast aired? Yep. When The Simple Sophisticate podcast premiered in September 2014, Petit Plaisir finds moved to the podcast and began punctuating the end of each episode: an idea to make the everyday all the more enjoyable. From a recommended and loved book, a film, a show, a recipe, anything that satiates your sophisticated taste, Petit Plaisirs elevate our lives, help us savor the present moment and need not be of great expense and sometimes are absolutely priceless. As long-time listeners of the podcast know, each new episode includes a new Petit Plaisir, and this week, during British Week, a tangential relationship to the British-themed content, but I could not wait to share with you this new series.


  • Starring Irish actor Aidan Turner from leading Poldark fame
  • 8 episodes in Season 1 (released in the UK in March 2021)
  • Available currently only on Amazon Prime UK (coming soon to the US)
  • Each episode will examine one of da Vinci’s artworks for hidden clues about a tortured artist struggling for perfection.

Today’s Petit Plaisir was shared in episode #306 of the podcast titled 25 British Petit Plaisirs (and a new category for all of TSLL’s Simple Pleasures).

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5 thoughts on “A British-fan Favorite Leading Man in a Series to Watch – Leonardo

  1. This. Looks. Brilliant. We love LDV in this household. Daniel Arasse’s book, Leonardo Da Vinci: the Rhythm of the World is really good btw. Thank you.

  2. That looks fabulous .Liz says he is smouldering in Poldark and I agree but in the original series Robin Ellis was even more so! Some of the most handsome actors are irish.

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