Outfits of the Month: All Labels British
Wednesday May 19, 2021

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As British Week is taking place, this month’s Outfit shares three outfits plus one grouping of a handful of items too beautiful not share, but not necessarily in an outfit. Above is a glimpse of a few of the items, but below are the full outfits pulled together for three different occasions for the upcoming summer months. Oh, and a few books too. 😉

City Summer Chic

~The Sensuous Garden by Monty Don~

~L.K. Bennett Aurora Natural Straw Hat, with navy blue ribbon

~Reiss Kay Coral Linen Midi dress w/tie detail~

~L.K. Bennett Nicolette Tan leather sandals

~Reiss Aubrey Natural Raffia Clutch Bag (large)~

Garden or Beach Ready

~The Pottery Gardener: Flowers and Hens at the Emma Bridgewater Factory by Arthur Parkinson

~L.K. Bennett Sofa Tan Leather Espadrilles, wedge (black also available)~

~Stella McCartney Linda Floral-Print Long Coverup Dress (all sizes still available)~

~L.K. Bennett’s Saffron Straw Floppy Sun Hat, with navy blue ribbon~

Casual Summer Weekend

~Reiss Dana White Linen Blend Midi dress~

~Reiss leather trainers in white~

~L.K. Bennett Gemima Stretchy Straw Wide Belt (navy on navy or black on natural color options)~

~The Personal Librarian: A Novel by Marie Benedict (the author of Lady Clementine) and Victoria Christopher Murray (set to release on June 29, 2021)

~Everlane Linen Picnic Jumpsuit (more colors available), not British, but a great summer item to have on-hand~

~ L.K. Bennett’s Neave Beige Suede Strappy Sandals~

Miscellaneous Details and Statement Items

~Stella McCartney’s Animal-Mix-Print Long Dress~

~Burberry Giant Check Wool/Silk Gauze Scarf~

~Burberry Fernleigh Quilted Jacket~

~Reiss Heidi black/white Scarf Print Midi dress~

~Reiss Ellena Biscuit Pouch Shoulder Bag (black also available)~

~Reiss Alberta Blue Pleat Detailed Midi dress~

~Reiss Orla Yellow Halterneck Midi dress~


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23 thoughts on “Outfits of the Month: All Labels British

  1. I am glad to see what you have featured in this post. This is the time of year when I finish planning the Fall wardrobe and the Fernleigh diamond quilted jacket is on the list. Not this one per se, I build my own clothes. The clue to this style is the princess seaming that provides a shape without compromising fit. The traditional straight hem is a hallmark. The embellishments make it a Burberry and there are a few I plan to copy. My budget allows certain splurges but not this one!

    1. Thank you for stopping by Celaine. Ian my this out lovely? I like how it marries the leather toe strap (more formal) with the cotton laces (more informal). A lovely combination for dressing up and down. 🙂

  2. Love the white linen midi dress and the handbag. I like espadrilles but can’t comfortably wear very high heels. They’re lovely, though.

  3. Love these outfits ! And love that you have discovered and included Reiss so much. It’s one of my favourite high end high street stores. If you are vigilant too you can get items at a much marked down price. I have a beautiful wool belted coat from there that I was able to keep my eye on and purchase for nearly half the original sale price!
    Beautiful items – the LK Bennett wedges are divine!

  4. Love it all Shannon. The colours are light and summery. Perfect for a garden party. How timely I am looking for two things for a summer jacket like this lovely Burberry jacket .Alas not in my price bracket but it has inspired me to hunt an alternative. LK Bennett’s straw hat is on my list. British week is very lovely so far. xx

  5. I love the Reiss Heidi black and white midi dress! So unique, and the back is especially lovely! Sad it is available above a size 12.

    1. Maureen are you UK based? If so, try John Lewis, they sell Reiss as a concession and I tend to find all my Reiss items on there 🙂

  6. I love L.K. Bennett’s shoes. She inspired me to embrace the wedge. I was anti-wedge but after seeing her wedges I gave it a go and now I love them. Great pair. Thanks for waking up my inner Anglophile.

  7. Thank you. Everything you have shown is lovely. Also, two brands are an introduction to me. I will will continue to look at the web sites and keep abreast of the latest in Britain.

  8. The Fernleigh jacket is my favorite, although it would be for the fall. I am on the wait list for my size. I love the hats! My current favorite hats include a chin strap for breezy days, but I realize that the chin strap takes away a certain bit of glamor.

    1. Cannon, So excited for you to add the Fernleigh jacket to your wardrobe. A staple and stylish piece which will be enjoyed for years. Chin strap or no chin strap, you know what works for you. 🙂

  9. Thank you for reminding me of Reiss! For those that haven’t tried this brand, it’s a great value.

  10. I love these outfits, but I’m wondering if it would be possible to occasionally show retailers or brands that carry outfits over a size 10/12?

    I specifically adore the Reiss Dana dress, it is absolutely gorgeous. If I found one that could be tailored to me, I would absolutely wear it once a week, minimum, for YEARS. Gorgeous.

  11. Shannon,

    Thank you for your wardrobe inspiration! I thought I had the wardrobe figured out, and then my retirement gift to myself was to stop coloring my hair. Clearly rethinking color, but still (like you and your readers) considering quality in the new pieces. Already looking at the website for Reiss . . .lovely!

  12. Love the dresses and hats, Shannon. I have The Personal Librarian on reserve at the library. Looking forward to reading it this summer!

  13. Shannon, I love The Outfits of the Week/Month, they are vey inspirational and au courant always.
    ‘Personal Librarian’ looks fab, on the wish list. On the lookout now for espadrilles that have a strap vs ties and are about 1.5″ height. (The Reiss Dana White dress is incroyable et parfait!)

    1. Sherri, I know I am looking to add a bit of a freshening up to my summer wardrobe after having not done so last year, and a few of these dresses would be a lovely addition. Thank you for stopping by. 🙂

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