24 Ideas for Celebrating Le Quatorze Juillet (Bastille Day!)
Wednesday July 14, 2021

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Bonne Fete Nationale!

To those of us celebrating outside of France, we may be celebrating France’s national holiday with an exclamation of Happy Bastille Day, but within the borders of France, as I have been reminded more than a few times, it is Bonne Fete Nationale or Le Quatorze Juillet! Whatever you prefer to utter, it is a day of celebrations for Francophiles, and while TSLL entire premise when it comes to living simply luxuriously draws much inspiration from the French way of life, today I have lined up 24 ideas for you to celebrate July 14th in your own way.

The above vineyards in Provence take me back to my trip in 2018, and oh, how I long to return. Soon, I reassure myself, soon. But whether we have the opportunity to stand on the terra firma of France at the moment or pay homage from afar, we can absolutely partake in the annual celebration.

I am looking forward to even more deeply celebrating today’s events in the simple activities that fill my day: a sipping of French thé in the morning, watching the 17th stage of Le Tour de France, making herbed gougeres for apéro time in the evening and bringing them with me to gather with a dear friend who grew up in Belgium at her home here in Bend to dine in celebration of today being Le Quatorze Juillet. Parfait!

Now to the list with many links for further exploration on many of the items shared.

0.As you read today’s list, listen to French composer Claude DeBussy and slip away to Impressionist era France as you listen to Suite Bergamasque (and watch the video as Lang Lang floats down the Seine through the heart of Paris. (listen to nine more essential DeBussy pieces here)

1.Plan and then shop for a favorite French meal (check out TSLL’s many French-inspired recipes here)

2. Don’t forget the cheese and salad course (before dessert and after the main entrée)

3. Play a game (or two) of pétanque

(this game was being played in Paris just outside of the window of Hôtel Particulier Montmartre near Sacre Couer)

4. Gather with fellow Francophiles for a French meal beginning with apéro time

5. Pack a picnic and go somewhere amongst Mother Nature (don’t forget to pack the wine and bistro wine glasses – sturdy, but lovely)

from La Rochère – the classic bistrot glass

6. Visit a local farmers’ market, and be sure to bring your market tote

7. Begin the day with a fresh baguette picked up at your local bakery

8. Une croissant s’il vous plait!, pair with cafe au lait or hot cup of thé

~explore how to make your own croissants here in episode #6, Season 2 of The Simply Luxurious Kitchen cooking show.

9. Select a bottle of wine from your favorite French region or the next region of France you hope to visit as inspiration to bring your next trip to fruition

10. Seek out French thé and sip a hot cup in the morning to begin the day – pair with your croissant perhaps? 🙂

11. Cook a classic soufflé au fromage avec fresh herbs

12. Organize a cheese and wine gathering

13. Watch a French cozy mystery series

14. Look around your home and discover how you can add a touch of France to your sanctuary, or yet another touch 🙂

15. Shop and purchase French lingerie to update your lingerie capsule wardrobe

~Chantelle is one of the French brands I highly recommend for high quality everyday lingerie (and they are currently in the middle of their annual summer sale)

16. Make a Clafoutis Aux Cerises with the cherries just now ready to harvest!

17. Conclude the evening by watching a favorite French film

18. Listen to TSLL’s Escape to France playlist – over an hour of French music to enjoy

19. Prefer lyric-free music? Listen to TSLL’s French Jazz Cafe playlist

20. Make a simple French crêpe for dessert – Lemon and Brown Butter Sweet Crêpe

21. Speaking of crêpes, make a Buckwheat crêpe (or galette) with prosciutto, gruyére and egg

22. Read a French book to explore further the French culture

23. Add a French cookbook to your kitchen library – add one each year to further inspire your culinary journey into French cooking

24. Fall asleep enveloped in French linen sheets

***EXTRA**** Mark your calendars for the 2nd full week in August as each year TSLL celebrates all things French during the Annual TSLL French Week here on the blog. (explore a list of last year’s posts, giveaways and celebrations here)

Of course there is much French-Inspired content to peruse and explore on TSLL, so be sure to find all of the French-themed posts here, French-themed podcast episodes here, and TSLL’s Best Selling book in the category of France Travel The Road to Le Papillon: Daily Meditations on True Contentment, as well as TSLL’s 1st book (with an entire chapter dedicated to French-Inspired Living and France Travel and 2nd book. Thank you for stopping by and tuning in and santé and bonne journée.

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8 thoughts on “24 Ideas for Celebrating Le Quatorze Juillet (Bastille Day!)

  1. Shannon,
    Happy Bastille Day!
    My husband and I loved your 24 ways to celebrate. It will be a busy day!
    We plan to watch the 17th stage of the Tour (just as we have been watching for the last couple weeks); watch one of the 5 movies you recommend (we have seen 7); make a peach clafoutis from Susan Loomis’ French Farmhouse Cookbook; make pork chops in the manner I learned on Susan Loomis’ live cooking classes at Dancing Tomatoes (highly recommend these classes live twice a month) while drinking one of our favorite French wines, Cotes du Rhône E. Guigal. I am intrigued by the lemon and brown butter crepe, but will leave that for another day.
    Yes, we love France and we understand why you just couldn’t resist giving 24 ideas instead of the usual 10 or so. I’m sure you and I could go on and on well past 24. Thank you Shannon!

    1. Rebecca,

      What a wonderful day you have shared! Yes, 24 is a shortlist, non? 🙂 Traveling with the cyclists these past 17 days has been wonderful to see the country of France. I will miss it come next week, but oh my goodness what they can do with their fitness – wow! Thank you for sharing your experience with Susan’s new online classes. I think this is a wonderful idea for her to share her expertise with us all! Enjoy the day and Bonne journée!

  2. A fabulous list in or outside France . The sun has returned today for the fireworks this evening .Belle journee et soiree Shannon xx

  3. This is the perfect article to get us geared up for French Week in August. So many wonderful ideas, I wish I could fit them all into one day. ~Michelle xx

  4. Hello Shannon. I was excited to receive an email from Patricia Wells announcing four new classes in September and October!

    1. Kathlee,

      Yes!! I just received it as well!! Such good news! Are you going to be attending? I cannot recommend more highly. A lifetime memory I will never forget. Either location is gorgeous.

  5. These ideas are great, Shannon.
    I think I shall have to mark the occasion next year.
    And that piece of music – simply stunning. I have heard it before but didn’t know the title. Lovely,
    Thank you and I hope you had a wonderful Bastille Day!

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