How To Live A French-Inspired Life: podcast episode bundle #2
Monday July 12, 2021

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A daily practice of savoring the everyday. Reveling in the seasonal produce and regional availability, slowing down, making time to engage with others, to debate, to contemplate, to celebrate being alive.

Idyllic? Yes. Unrealistic? Actually, not at all.

If my handful of trips to France – both the city of Paris and the countrysides in Normandy, Provence, Brittany and the Loire Valley – have taught me anything, it is that such a way of life, is absolutely a reality possible for us all. Certainly, living in a culture which nurtures and treasures such values is easier than going against the grain, and feeling as though we are an outlier, but if TSLL and its community of international readers is any indication, you are most certainly not alone in seeking a life inspired by the fundamental pillars of the French culture.

TSLL began from my love of France and desire to explore and understand and savor it even more. As the past eleven years have unfolded, I have begun sharing my love for the British culture as well; however, if you look at the qualities, aspects and ways of life I am drawn to in both, they actually have much in common: reveling in the everyday, working with the seasons, creating rituals for each of us individually as well as collectively to elevate every day of the year.

Last week, I began sharing bundles of podcast episodes organized around one theme mined from the more than 300+ episodes of The Simple Sophisticate podcast (look for a brand new episode during TSLL’s 6th Annual French Week beginning August 8th – episode to air August 9th). The positive response revealed that even long-time listeners discover an episode they may have not heard. So the bundling continues!

This week, as Bastille Day will be celebrated on Wednesday (Le Quatorze Juillet!), I thought to not choose a French themed bundle would be just plain silly or better to say in French, c’est fou!

But first, did you know that ALL of the French-Inspired podcast episodes are organized in one place here on TSLL? Yep! Explore all 58 episodes here (to find on the homepage – click on “French-Inspired” in the Menu Bar; a dropdown menu will appear, click on Podcast Episodes). However, that is still 58 episodes to peruse through to find what you want to listen to, so . . .

Podcast Bundle #2: Living A French-Inspired Life wherever you call home

Be sure to explore all of the French-Inspired episodes from style to travel to beauty to interviews with favorite guests, many of them returning, each of them making and savoring their lives in France and sharing with us all a glimpse into their expat world.

Episode #144: 20 Ways to Incorporate Your Love for the French Culture into Your Everyday

Click here to read and listen to the tangible, specific ways to infuse your everyday with French-inspired approaches to living well.

Episode #127: 20 Ways to Live Like a Parisienne

Inspired by interior designer  Sarah Lavoine’s new book, Chez Moi, discover specific, applicable décor ideas to channel your love of Paris into your sanctuary. Click here to explore the full Show Notes and listen to the episode.

Episode #209: Adding French Touches to Your Life and Space at Home

Inspired by Danielle Postel-Vinay’s book Home Sweet Maison: The French Art of Making a Home, click here for the Full Show Notes and listen to the episode.

Episode #253: 36 Ways to Welcome Joie de Vivre into Your Everyday Life

One of my all-time favorite books: Joie de Vivre by French chef Robert Arbor. Worth rereading and full of recipes to try. Click here to read the Full Show Notes and listen to the episode.

Episode #23: The French Way — How to Create a Luxurious Everyday Life

The TOP downloaded French episode of the podcast, and continues to be listened to each day since its release date in 2015. Click here for the Full Show Notes and listen to the episode.

Click here for the third Podcast Bundle, and explore Podcast Bundle #1 here.

AND . . .

Explore all episodes of

The Simple Sophisticate podcast here. | The Simply Luxurious Life

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