27 Petit Plaisirs for You to Enjoy
Monday March 16, 2020

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Simple pleasures, also known on The Simple Sophisticate podcast as Petit Plaisirs, are simple, inexpensive, yet intentional ways to elevate the everyday.

In 2014 when I began the podcast, I wanted to include a weekly post series I had begun earlier that year, the Weekly Petit Plaisir. After much thought and consideration on how the format of my show would go, it seemed a perfect fit to punctuate the end of each episode with a Petit Plaisir (it took me a year and a half to learn how to properly pronounce the term, and my lesson came from asking my French professor at the local community college – thank you Fleur!)

The podcast is now in its sixth season, and with now 280 episodes, listeners have enjoyed quite a few Petit Plaisirs, described as ideas to make the everyday all the more enjoyable.

Today, I would like to share with you 27 Petit Plaisirs shared during the first two and a half years of the show that were listener favorites. As the weeks continue, I look forward to sharing a total of 100 Petit Plaisirs that will help to elevate your everyday during our current uncertain times.

Discover films to enjoy (many of them French), recipes to make and savor, simple ideas to spruce up the decor, and books to read. Each of the Petit Plaisirs shared in every episode over the years is something I myself have personally enjoy/ed and recommend. I do hope you too will enjoy them as well.

Simply click on the link to be taken to the Show Notes for that episode. Scroll down to the end of the Show Notes as the Petit Plaisir is always at the end of the show. You can listen to each of the episodes to hear more of my commentary on why I shared and chose to include it.

Be well and bonne journée!

Shoot Me, documentary, from episode #13, 8 Ways to Create Glowing Skin

~View all of The Simple Sophisticate podcast episodes, each wrapping up with a new Petit Plaisir.


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