10 Things Anglophiles Can Do While Staying Home
Wednesday March 25, 2020

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Similar to the post I shared just a few hours ago – 10 Things Francophiles Can Do While Staying Home, much of what is shared below for Anglophiles are probably pleasures you enjoy, like myself, regardless of what is going on in the world, but perhaps may not as frequently which is all the more reason for us to indulge.

Today I have rounded up 10 things you may want to enjoy as we spend more time in our homes in the coming days and weeks. Admittedly, this list could be far longer, but this should get you started. Be sure to check out all of TSLL’s British-inspired posts in the Archives, and look for our second annual British Week to kick off Sunday May 20th. Let’s get to the list!

1.Drink tea!

Perhaps this is a little on the nose, but it cannot not be said, drinking tea is calming, soothing and asks us to be present to savor. Whether on our own or with others, tea is good medicine and a true simple luxury. I share a list of my favorite teas (some British and some French) in this post.

2. Watch Tea with Dames

Simply a lovely film sharing conversations with four British Dames all of well-known theatrical and cinematic fame and success. Have a look at the trailer below.

3. Watch your favorite British cosy mystery series

  • Agatha Raisin
  • Midsomer Murders
  • Poirot
  • Miss Marple
  • Rosemary & Thyme
  • Hamish McBeth
  • Father Brown
  • Campion
  • Inspector Morse
  • Inspector Lewis
  • Endeavor
  • Queens of Mystery
  • Death in Paradise

View a detailed post on British Cosy Mysteries and what makes one so (as well as a linked list).

Check out my review of the book which was a wonderful read two winters ago and was chosen as the Petit Plaisir of episode #241.

5. Watch The Great British Bake-Off

It is unofficially understood that one of the most soothing and stress-reducing series is . . . you guessed it, The Great British Bake-Off! I have watching so many episodes far from once as I will play it in the background to just offer some benign entertainment that never ceases to make me laugh or chuckle.

6. Pick up a Nigel Slater cookbook even if you do not want to cook

Nigel’s cookbooks are much like diaries of the days, what inspires him, how his life’s daily routine unfolds and where he goes and what prompts him to pick up which ingredients.

I highly recommend the following cookbook, but only because I’ve only read this one. No doubt his others are just as lovely to read and cook from.

7. Watch Monty Don in Gardener’s World even if you do not want to garden or have a garden.

A new season (#52) just kicked off on BritBox (watch via AmazonPrime), and you can also watch seasons #50 and #51 in full.

8. Read this post if you have not already

9. Enjoy a British History documentary

10. Catch up on British series and films inspired (largely or generally) by British history

So while just a taste of a few indoor activities you can enjoy to entertain your Anglophile predilections, hopefully you will find moments to savor and also find immense comfort. Cheers everyone. 🙂

~an image captured during the holiday season in Piccadilly~
~Prince Albert Hall all aglow~

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13 thoughts on “10 Things Anglophiles Can Do While Staying Home

  1. Thank you Shannon! A most engaging post on this day when so many of us have dauntingly terrifying matters to deal with. We in New Zealand, go in to lockdown tonight where we all stay at home for a month.
    Such a lovely reminder of things British, and drinking tea! And lovely links to past posts of yours too, to occupy, distract and calm us as we collectively face our unknown.
    Thank you for all you do – I return to my home each evening and always schedule some minutes to read your post.

  2. Thank you Shannon , yes , we are on lockdown .
    I have actually been at home for the past few weeks , as I came into the ‘over 70s ‘ group who were advised to self isolate .
    The Women’s Institute cane up with a much nicer term for self isolation though……and one I know you will appreciate !
    Cocooning ?
    We have been blessed with some lovely sunny days recently, and our clocks go forward this weekend for the start of Summertime .
    Stay safe and well everyone , and thankyou Shannon for all your posts and suggestions.
    With Best Wishes from the UK

  3. Good news for Comcast subscribers – we have discovered that loads of Midsomer Murders seasons have been added for free, on demand, via Film Rise. Husband and I have been watching an episode every evening after dinner. Just what the times call for, chez nous!

  4. ? Thank you x
    Shannon, I’m not sure if you are able to get it in the US , but another lovely UK series you might enjoy is The Repair Shop .
    People bring their treasured but damaged items to a team of expert conservators where they are restored again.The artisan conservators are a lovely team of people, each with their own specialty, and the stories behind the objects they are working on, and why they mean so much to their owners are deeply touching .
    Fingers crosse you will be able to find it ,
    There have been several series, the newest one has just started in the UK.

  5. Great suggestions. I had forgotten about Tea with the Dames, will have to watch as I love them all. Have you ever seen the movie Tea with Mussolini? It’s a wonderful film with Judi Dench, Joan Plowright, Maggie Smith and Cher. Set in Italy during WWII.

  6. Sharon,
    I always love your Francophile/Anglophile posts. My company has us at home for now and filling my time with clean and organizing in between work Webex’s. My Franco/Anglo routines are a cappuccino in the late morning and teatime with a McVitie’s biscuit in the afternoon. I’ve had to up the proportion of espresso to milk and decrease the goodies before I find my waist expanding ?. Even though I’m not a baker, I love the Great British Baking show for its meditative quality. I am however deep into my cookbooks and cooking lovely meals daily.
    As always, thanks for your posts!

    1. Thank you for sharing Amelia how your days are unfolding. I have a feeling there are many in your similar routine. Cookbooks are a wonderful read and such inspiration especially now that we have time. Be well and thank you for stopping by. 🙂

  7. Hi Shannon, hope you are doing well. Your daily posts are really lovely and provide a great deal of encouragement and positive energy during this very uncertain and unsettling time. I speak for my self and I believe many others. Thank you

    You mentioned Gardeners World a little while back. I found that I have many seasons available to me on Amazon Prime so I am delighted, excited and energized about getting out into my garden. I had hoped to make it ta o the Chelsea Flower Show this year but sadly like almost everything else this spring it has been cancelled.

    One question, in your photos I notice your tea is a lovely golden shade. I really like a lighter tea because I don’t use milk or sugar. What kind of tea do you like.

    Thank you for being there. Stay well. Bonnie

    1. Bonnie,

      Thank you very much for your comment, and isn’t Monty Don’s Gardener’s World a true respite and source of inspiration especially in these times? 🙂 I am enjoying one episode every evening and it calms my mind and brings me back down to “earth”. 🙂 The tea I drink that I think you are referring to is actually my black tea from Palais des Thes, Montagne Bleue. depending upon how much water I put in my teapot and how many scoops of loose tea I put in, it can look lighter or darker. I absolutely love it and have been enjoying this varietal for seven years without fail. I do have a lovely green tea from Mariage Freres that I highly recommend – Vert Provence. I hope this helps somewhat, and hopefully our additional attention in our yards and garden will make the summer all the more beautiful and make this spring easier to move on from. All my best. 🙂

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