A Simple French Fall Dessert: Pear Clafoutis
Friday October 26, 2018

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Simple, delicious and seasonal. Somehow, this always leads me to some detail of the recipe that is inspired from the French culinary world, and the recipe showcased in the final episode of Season 1 is no different.

Having heard the term clafoutis many years before, it certainly was something that caught my ear, but for quite some time I had never attempted to make one. As someone who wasn’t a fan of cherries (I have since changed my mind as I have enjoyed more and more freshly picked cherries), the only context I would see a clafoutis was with cherries. For whatever reason, it never crossed my mind to substitute any fruit I preferred and make the same dessert. 

And then I came across Daniel Rose’s recipe as shared a few years ago with Ina Garten. Daniel Love is the acclaimed American-born, Paris-based chef who attracted the attention of the Michelin guide soon after opening his restaurant Spring in 2006. The restaurant remained open for 10 years until they shut it down, and now he has opened the restaurant named Le Coucou also located in Paris. Needless to say, when I saw that this curious dessert of a dish could be made without cherries and with the subtle sweet flavor of pears, I paid close attention.

I have adjusted the recipe slightly after having made it more than a few times to suit my tastes, but the beauty is, as you will see and hear in the video, there are many flavor changes you too can make to suit your preferences. Ultimately, it is a simple dessert that offers an abundance of flavor and is perfect for a dinner party as it puffs up slightly like a souffle without the fuss, and has the sweet and bit of sugar without the heaviness ideal for concluding a delicious evening. Now to the episode!


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The Episodes of Season 1

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12 thoughts on “A Simple French Fall Dessert: Pear Clafoutis

  1. Good morning Shannon Thank you so much for this season of recipes, can’t believe it’s been eight weeks they’ve been so enjoyable. I’ll definitely be trying the Clafoutis today. Have a lovely weekend.
    Best wishes from the UK, Sue
    PS looking forward to reading your new book.

  2. Hard to believe season one is complete! I enjoyed each episode and look forward to September and season II.

    Thank you, Shannon

  3. Hi Shannon! I love the “human-ness” of your cooking classes. The first slice is always a challenge! (I was a Home Economics teacher, so I know).
    In our former suburb of Paris, there is a deli called “Le Petit Vouvray.” Everything is “fait maison.” Te owner makes a lovely pear tart, with just the right amount of dark chocolate bits throughout. A beautiful combination of a custardy base, flaky home made pastry, fresh pear, and dark chocolate. Delicious! I’m very much looking forward to next season’s sessions. It is nice to be on the viewing side of cooking lessons!

    1. What experiences and memories you must have! I so loved my home economics classes in high school. And our teacher was fantastic. Home Ec teachers are their own breed truly – students and knives! Such trust. 🙂 Thank you for sharing Le Petit Vouvray’s clafoutis – my mouth is already watering based on your description. 🙂 And thank you as well for the feedback. I too am looking forward to next season.

  4. I can’t believe the season is over already! I’m looking forward what comes to fruition in what I hope will be a second season?!

    Counting down the days to getting book 2!

    1. Kim, Yes, a second season is coming in September 2019! Being a teacher throughout the school year, I feel fortunate to have my summers to explore and tape with all of the natural light in my kitchen. And yes, the second books are shipping out soon! So excited to send them to readers! I do hope you enjoy. 🙂

  5. I will be making this recipe soon Shannon – I bought the most beautiful copper tatin pan from E Dehilleron when I was in Paris many years ago and you have inspired me to dig it out and use it for this – thank you for a lovely first season of cooking from your kitchen – I look forward to next year!

  6. Hi Shannon, I just had a ‘mini-binge’ … of your last 3 episodes. Such fun, and everything looks sooo good. I’m sorry the season is done, but really enjoyed them. If I may make a comparison, your lessons remind me a lot of Laura Calder’s French Food at Home shows; whenever I would watch her I was always inspired to try new things because she made it all look so easy. Same with you; I have already mastered those French omelets and will be giving the salmon/lentil and apple tart meal a try soon. Thanks again; looking forward to Season 2! Catherine

    1. Thank you for your time to binge!! 🙂 I am so happy you enjoyed this season. I too cannot wait for Season 2 to begin. I also love Laura Calder’s Kitchen series. I am humbled by any positive comparison to her show. Thank you very much. 🙂

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