A Simply Luxurious Holiday Playlist
Tuesday November 27, 2018

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Yep, I have started to play my favorite holiday music, and my goodness have I been giving my vocal chords a workout. I mean, singing along with Idina Menzel, and then low with Louis and ewwing and “baby”ing with Mariah, my ears are ready for a break (and I am sure Norman’s and Oscar’s are as well). 

But what my ears do want more of are traditional, jazzy, fun, yet tranquil all mixed-together holiday tunes to be the backdrop of this 2018 holiday season. 

In the past five years I have shared holiday playlists, but never via Spotify, and not this exact playlist. Since over this past year I have curated five different playlists on this music sharing platform, I wanted to add the holiday playlist as well. From John Legend’s “Winter Wonderland”, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong singing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” and wrapping up with my favorite version of “Auld Lang Syne”, you will find 23 songs and 90 minutes of music. I will most likely be adding to it over the weeks, but these are the songs that are a festive mixture of upbeat to leisure, lyrical to instrumental, and while mostly jazz, there are a few more modern renditions of favorite songs as well. 

Click here to follow all of TSLL’s playlists on Spotify, and click here to follow the latest addition – A Simply Luxurious Holiday Playlist. View the entire list below, and listen as well. 

Wishing you a wonderful start to this 2018 Holiday Season, and be sure to stop by on Sunday December 2 when TSLL’s Holiday Gift Guide will be shared here on the blog. 

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9 thoughts on “A Simply Luxurious Holiday Playlist

  1. Beautiful! So looking forward to playing it! And, I completely agree – the Auld Lang Syne from Sex and the City is the BEST version!! Thank you for sharing, Shannon!

  2. All smiles here with my homeschool teen boys and I. It’s cold outside with snow softly falling but every mood has lifted and there are some subtle foot tapping and sashaying that tells me happiness is in the air. Thank you!

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