A Quiet Holiday Playlist for Jazz & Classical Music Lovers (no lyrics)
Saturday December 19, 2020

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When the snow arrives, a softness seems to usher its way into the days and nights. And while I enjoy the classical lyrical Christmas and holiday music which nudge unconsciously your toes to tap and your body to sway and your voice to sing along, having a go-to non-lyrical holiday playlist can be played for days and weeks in the background of everyday routines, gently setting the mood for a festive season, subtly reminding me to slow down and savor.

A couple of years ago, I pulled together the former type of playlist (which I still play and enjoy), and now today, I would like to share with you a new holiday playlist – one that is entirely lyric-free (except for two classics which I have a feeling will still soothe your soul and spirit) .

Full of nearly two hours of music, enjoy both jazz and classical songs from Vince Guaraldi’s “Christmas is Coming” from Charlie Brown Christmas to the “Santa Claus, Christmas Symphony”. I do hope you enjoy, and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Click to listen and add to your playlists on Spotify.

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15 thoughts on “A Quiet Holiday Playlist for Jazz & Classical Music Lovers (no lyrics)

  1. Thanks, Shannon! What a lovely playlist. I played it this morning as I puttered about the kitchen, making mulled wine and slow cooker chili for dinner tonight!

  2. Love! Listening to as I type and enjoy your posts. Thank you. My favorite Christmas music is traditional Christmas songs sung my artists from decades ago…Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Charlie Brown Christmas.
    I have a CD…(remember those?!) called In Bleak Midwinter, that is lovely and slightly melancholy…all instrumental…so very pretty. In fact…it is most likely in my CD player still…from LAST Christmas when I last used it…will have to revisit it.
    Have a cozy weekend.

  3. Lovely playlist. I have been listening to your 2018 playlist for the last month or so. My 21 yr old daughter and her boyfriend are also enjoying it when they are here and complimented me on my cool music. 🙂 Naturally, I gave you credit for it. They especially like Louis Armstrong’s song. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Lovely playlist thank you Shannon, it’s been my morning listen for the last couple of days. (Don’t you just love Nat King Cole?)

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