Podcast Episodes to Suit Your Mood
Wednesday March 18, 2020

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Just this morning a TSLL reader and listener of the podcast, who works in the healthcare system, asked that I pulled together a list of podcast episodes from the archives to help us all navigate through this time of self-containment and uncertainty, as well as more time at home with available time to be outside when we go for our daily exercise or work in the yard. I said yes, absolutely, and immediately set about trying to compile the best episodes to listen to to uplift, inspire, offer calm as well as focus our thoughts in the right direction in order to see opportunity in this temporary moment we all find ourselves.

As many listeners of the The Simple Sophisticate podcast know, there are a handful of different ways to listen to the show depending upon what works best for where you might find yourself or how you best enjoy taking in audio content. Just in case you are new to the show, I have linked the various locations you can listen and/or download all of the six seasons.

Below you will find 27 episodes, all of which have been shared over the past six years, organized into the following categories: Remaining Calm During Uncertainty (6); Strengthening the Mind (6); Maintaining and Building Good Health (5); How to Elevate the Everyday at Home (10).

I do hope you enjoy the show and find the episodes helpful, calming and reassuring that all will be well soon. And as I spoke to a dear friend yesterday, she reminded that the key for us to breathe even more deeply on the other side of it, is to handle it all in a way we will feel good about upon reflection. Thank you for being the kind, compassion and thoughtful community that you are. No doubt you and your loved ones are providing what the world needs now and moving forward as best as you can. All my best. Bonne journée.

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Remaining Calm During Uncertainty

EPISODE #91: The Power of Solitude

Strengthen Your Mind

Maintain & Build Good Health

How to Elevate the Everyday at Home

The most recent episode which went live on Monday, was shared by many listeners as they expressed gratitude for it’s subject. Due to the response, I wanted to share it one more time just in case you missed it and would like hear a few ideas for navigating through having more time at home.

EPISODE #33: How to Live Alone Well

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To find all of the episodes of The Simple Sophisticate podcast, click here.

View the schedule for new episode of this season, Season #6 below.

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5 thoughts on “Podcast Episodes to Suit Your Mood

  1. Shannon, thank you so much, you are a star ??

    I am certain that this lovely post, and all the links, will help so many people .
    We are all facing very different times at the moment, aren’t we ?

    With very best wishes to you, your family, friends and colleague, and to everyone who is part of your ‘blog ‘ family , and thank you for continuing to post during this topsy turvy time .

    You are helping to keep up our spirits, probably more than you will ever know ❤️


  2. Shannon, Thanks so much for being a bridge over troubled waters for your many readers and listeners who are experiencing unrest during these troubled times. You are truly a valuable resource.

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