69: 15 Habits for Timeless Style
Monday November 9, 2015

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Seeing effortless style in-person can be quite powerful, and part of the impactful punch is how the person carries themselves in the clothes they wear. In mere minutes it is evident if the clothes are wearing the person or visa versa. Having the opportunity to have worked and currently work with women who embody a strong, yet effortless sense of style, I am continually inspired to put forth the effort, time and attention to cultivate habits that render an air of calm and certainty.

And while I may not wear precisely the colors, ensembles or sizes these sartorially talented women select, I am reminded that there are habits that each of us can adhere to that make getting dressed each time a absolute treat.

1. Reuse Classic Staples

From the white button-up shirt, to a tailored navy blazer, adhere to your capsule wardrobe and mix and match with abandon. The investment is necessary for consistent peace of mind.

2. Invest in Classic Outerwear

The dream of owning a camel wool trench often epitomizes timeless style, but to want one and then own one is but a dream for most of us. However, with careful savings, once the purchase is made, a lifetime of style can be yours. Whatever your outwear of choice may be: a leather jacket, a Burberry trench, invest and remain confident that style, your style, has been captured.

3. Add A Third Piece 

The basics of putting together an outfit are a top and a bottom, but as WhoWhatWear suggests, adding a third piece every time such as a blazer, a statement accessory (hat, scarf, bold jewelry, etc.), a cardigan, a sweater over a button-up shirt or a vest.

4. Get It Tailored

Whether the inseam of your dark denim jeans needs to be shortened, your waist nipped a smidge or adding a few darts to your waist, buy a size that allows these precise changes to be made. After all, when clothing is tailored it appears as though it was made for your physique, and in a way, it kind of was.

5. Add a Belt

Don’t be afraid of your waist. As #15 will remind us, proportions are key to elongating and slimming, and with just the right belt, the eye can be deceived to establish a stunning silhouette.

6. Pressed and Primed

Buy the garment steamer, bring out your iron, take your clothes to the dry-cleaner and present a polished you each and every time.

7. Handbag Maintenance

Once you’ve purchased the best quality handbag you can afford, tend to it, protect it and keep it clutter-free. Refrain from setting it on the ground (after all, it is bad luck if you believe in such ideas), apply a leather conditioner to keep it supple and when not in use, stuff it with bubble wrap or towels to hold its shape.

8. Embrace Inspiration from Unexpected Sources

Street style and fashion blogs are abundant. Select a handful to check out each week or any morning you are looking for that creative way to pull together a new outfit from what already resides in your closet. And be sure to stop by TSLL each month for the regular Style Inspiration post (either an outfit post or commentary and shopping on a particular topic, explore the archives here).

9. Avoid Blatant Matching

Yes, black and navy can be worn together, and so too can black and brown. In fact, in #11 the idea of wearing one entire color is a must to add elegance to the everyday, but there is no need to match the purse and the shoes, so long as the undertones are similar and the textures complement each other.

10. Dress-Up Denim

Worn with heels or a polished loafer or knee-high boot, denim will always have its place in a timeless wardrobe. Add a blazer or a stunning silk blouse and denim is immediately taken to new heights.

11. Compile Tonal Colors

Perhaps the color of choice is grey, or maybe winter white. Having the confidence to wear one color in entirety conveys intention as well as simplicity. The key is to know what you have in your closet and play with a color that complements you. Wearing all red perhaps may not be the color you want to select as it becomes the focal point. Rather choose a color that allows you to shine, and upon closer inspection reveals exquisite taste.

12. Tend to Finishing Touches

A haircut that requires little more than a blow-out and one or two products, make-up that is minimal, yet refined and a subtle touch of your signature scent. Such finishing touches become a habit that you will often forget about but leave a lasting impression.

13. Reach for a Blazer

When in doubt, a tailored blazer is a dependable go-to. Choose charcoal, navy or black for fall and winter and taupe, grey and white for summer. Add a scarf, pair with denim or over a dress, no need for contemplation, you will be stylish for certain.

14. Save Up & Invest

While the blog allows me to be aware of sales, discount and promos year-round, what I have discovered is that while I have a capsule wardrobe of primarily investment brands, very few have been purchased at full retail price. Have a been able to acquire all of the items that I have desired? No, but by knowing what I need, checking in and shopping around year-round and being willing to wait to see if there will be an opportunity to save, amazing investment pieces have been acquired. And even better, since I’m not actually spending year-round, I am able to save up and make the purchases that I rarely regret.


15.  Master Proportions

One topic my editor was adamant that I explain in detail in my book was the idea of proportions as it pertains to one’s outfit. Readers as well have asked for explanation, and so I wanted to include it in today’s list. The key is to not divide yourself in half with the clothing you wear, as well as understanding your body. Look at yourself in the mirror. Where is the middle? If you are 5’10”, where is the three foot mark approximately? Never let your clothing (the bottom of your top, the waist-line in your pants or the hem of your skirt or shorts, hit that mark. Instead, strive for thirds.

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