167: My Good Life in France: Author Janine Marsh
Monday August 7, 2017

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~The Simple Sophisticate, episode #167
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Author and now full-time resident French blogger Janine Marsh joined me on The Simple Sophisticate podcast today, and I must say, it was a most enjoyable conversation. I could have easily talked another hour or so just asking more questions about her life in France. But the good news is I can hop over to her blog The Good Life France at any time which is a wealth of a resource for all things France.

My Good Life in France: In Pursuit of the Rural Dream is Marsh’s first book which is a detailed memoir of her journey from being a full-time Londoner, to buying a rundown barn in the northern countryside of France to refurbish and visit on weekends and holidays, to eventually becoming her and her husband’s full-time residence. The writing offers vivid imagery and insightful life revelations. All of this and more is discussed in today’s interview.

Below are a few images of the small town she now calls home along with a handful of the many animals who make their residence on her property: chickens, ducks, a cockerel named Gregory Peck who has an adventurous welcome story to their home which Janine shares in her book, as well as one of her many dogs, Bruno.

I think you’ll enjoy and get swept up in dreams of France. Thanks for stopping by and tuning in.

Show Notes (details shared in the conversation):

  • How to say “I am lost” in French: Je suis perdu.
  • The travel app Janine uses for her extensive and frequent travel throughout France: Google Maps

Janine Marsh’s book My Good Life In France: In Pursuit of the Rural Dream

~Note: Readers in the US, the publishers have pushed back the release date to August 25, 2017, which was originally set for August 7th. 

~Janine with her black Labrador Bruno~

~The refurbished farm house~

~Janine with Gregory Peck, the cockerel~

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Download the Episode

Download the Episode

TSLL 2017 French Week continues through August 12th. Amusez-vous bien! 

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9 thoughts on “167: My Good Life in France: Author Janine Marsh

  1. Hi Janine

    It’s Victoria remember when I told you I was purchasing your book “My Good Life In France”
    Well it’s arrived and it took me three days to read the entire book.
    I loved your book it was interesting, funny, down to earth, with the rose tinted glasses OFF.
    The Chiropractor told me to rest so I had superb company reading and chuckling over every page.
    I am looking forward to choosing some more of your best sellers to add them to my library.

    Best Wishes and congratulations you certainly have a talent for writing keep up the great job.

    Warmest regards

    When I finally get to France (I live in Australia) I will stop by and say hello.


  2. I have read the first book ,currently reading the second one and have already purchased the third book, I’d like to treat my 100 year old mother in law ( she’s an avid reader but her eyesight is not as good ) to a Large Print version of “my good life in France” ,how do I go about to find one/? thank you for your consideration.

    Michele Lamb

    1. Michele, I would check with your local library as well as search the book online, specifically the publisher directly as they will be able to tell you if such a version is available and where. 🙂

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