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Wednesday August 12, 2020

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Strolling the daily markets in France for not only food but artisan finds, as well as the quintessential everyday items for the home and ways of life such as tea towels and market baskets is a memory at the moment, but thankfully, I have a long-time supporter of TSLL to help us bring these special finds home this summer.

Olive & Branch for the Home is an online market place full of items specially found and hand-picked by the small business owner Pam Plançon. Having had the opportunity to spend time regularly in France, Pam’s taste is impeccable, and her love of the French culture ever-present in her selections.

In fact, one of my French market baskets (seen right) is from Pam’s shop, and it is indeed the traditional basket you would see being used and available for purchase at the markets throughout the country.

Today, Olive & Branch is offering an exclusive discount of 15% site-wide to TSLL readers, all readers. Simply enter the promo code TSLL at check out. I have shopped a few items you will find in the shop below, but be sure to check out the entire Olive & Branch site here.

Ad-Free Subscribers, I have a special giveaway that will be gifted to a lucky subscriber from Olive & Branch. And if you have traveled to France and the Provençal countryside, I have a feeling you will appreciate the uniqueness of this gift all the more.

One lucky subscriber (so long as you become a subscriber by Saturday August 15th at noon, you are eligible to enter this giveaway) will receive one of Olive & Branch’s grande Provençal Heidi Caillard La Pintade Guinea Hens (valued at $182.00).

A little history about the hens: 

  • In 1974, potter Heidi Caillard developed a deep fondness for the little creatures (guinea hens) and began to create them in clay.
  • Today the Caillard guinea hens are quite famous.
  • A quote is placed on the bottom of every hen: “Having been fascinated for more than 30 years by the originality and the elegance of the Guinea hens that run free in my garden, it finally came to me that by immortalizing them in a harmonious and timeless object, I could convey my love of the Guineas to others.”
  • Heidi and her family have been producing these works of art in her village in Provence of Lussan, France since 1974.
  • Since 1994, her son Adrien has continued her legacy and still produces this one of a kind craft in Lussan. 
  • Each Guinea Hen is handmade and hand-painted offering variations in color which is part of their charm.
  • Each Guinea Hen is unlike another, making them a true treasure.
  • See the entire process of how the hens are made here.

How to Enter to Win:

  • Make sure you are signed in/logged in to your ad-free account on TSLL
  • Leave a comment on this post (I will be able to check and confirm you are a subscriber)
  • Enter by Saturday August 15th at 8pm Pacific Time
  • Stop by Sunday August 16th for the final post of TSLL’s French Week to see if you are the lucky winner
  • Bonne chance!

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37 thoughts on “Shop Olive & Branch for French Decor Finds with an Exclusive TSLL Discount for Everyone + A Giveaway for Ad-Free Subscribers

  1. Hi Shannon! These hens are so beautiful, and their history touches me. My brother, Adrian, and sister-in-law, Heidi, love birds. They have 3 chickens as pets, as well as two other birds. My sister-in-law’s birthday is the end of August, and I’d love to give her a hen for her birthday. I love your content and look forward to my first French week. Au revior. – Adel

  2. Shannon, this week is off to a great start. the guinea hens are so charming, But the white linen dress you showed ~Luxe-Provence Anäis Linen Wrap Dress–took my breath away. Anticipation makes me so happy, looking forward to this week!

  3. How do you find these beautiful things? So charming. When I was a child, my mother often read me a book called The Little Red Hen. The hen always said “I’ll just do it myself!” Little did I know that I would grow up to be just as independent as the hen, insisting that I would get the job done best by myself. Thanks for your wonderful site. I love what you do. Now, off to shop the website!

  4. What a beautiful treasure in these guinea hens! And I love decor with a story attached… Thank you for finding and sharing these treasures with us. I’ve been saving this week’s podcast for my run this morning, so off I go… Bonne Journee!

  5. Loving French Week! Got inspired by some of the fashion you shared yesterday, and I especially appreciated the photographs from the Provence markets. It does make one’s mouth water for the fresh produce over there . . . but until then, I’ll keep enjoying the blog.

  6. I love the story of the guinea hens. Thank you for sharing- love learning something knew. Off to check out their web site.

  7. Oh, I have always loved the little guinea hens, so beautifully and lovingly created. Thank you Shannon for all the wonderful posts and many thanks to Olive & Branch for the discount. (I LOVE the Lavender Fields painting, I think that must go on my Christmas List?)

  8. Hi Shannon! Loving French Week – so may great articles. Thanks for all the time and effort you put in to this – greatly appreciated

  9. Hi Shannon, I have a question about the soft paywall. You mentioned that only three articles will be available to be viewed for free before you will be required to subscribe to view more. Do you mean 3 articles per month or 3 articles per year? Merci!

    1. Deborah, Great question – three articles each month would be viewable for free (except a few that are in particular categories – My Home, Giveaways, etc.). 🙂

  10. Good morning Shannon! I look forward to French Week all summer. Thank you for bringing the world to us in such a special way. You also have inspired me to start gardening. I love the idea of the potager. It never occurred to me that I could incorporate herbs and flowers. Thank you again.

  11. What wonderful hens! I love the inspiration The Simply Luxurious Life Blog brings to my life.

  12. I loved finding your podcast about a year ago and now I’m happy to be a new subscriber and support you and all the wonderful things you share.

    I have incorporated so much more self-care since I started listening to you and it’s made a difference in my life and how fulfilled I feel in my days.

    I especially love your skin care posts — I’m enjoying trying the different products you recommend. Feels so good to take care of myself! Thank you for being a great role model.

  13. Good morning,
    I am relishing the posts this week and just listened to the podcast as well. It was really fantastic. Thank you for making it so easy to immerse myself this week in all things French. It is truly a gift!

  14. Bonjour, Shannon,

    A French guinea hen is the perfect greeting for my entry! Thank you for making this offer.
    The annual TSLL French Week is a much-anticipated part of my summer and I really appreciate you making it so. I noted that the books you recommended for developing a potager are many of the same on my bookshelf. Always loved the concept of flowers amongst the vegetables and herbs. Plants are such friends to each other.

  15. Hi Shannon

    Love French week as a fellow Francophile and what you include. Look forward to French week each year and all your thoughts and recommendations for books, movies, etc .

  16. Hi Shannon,
    Love the guinea hens – especially that each one is hand painted and a bit different from the others. Thank you for introducing us to so many worthwhile and one of a kind French products!

  17. Shannon,
    Thank you so much for all the inspiration. I am inspired as well to start planning my potager for next year!

    I am also enjoying immensely Lindsey Tramuta’s book, what a surprise! I can not stop reading, thank you!

  18. I ordered and thoroughly enjoy my French market basket that I ordered and received at your advice. I purchased the style with the four handles (two on each side) and really find myself switching back and forth as I shop at the farmers market. And I love the shape and design of the hens! Aren’t they “deliciously” cute!

    1. Having the double handles is such a nice detail as you shared because for an empty basket I surly place the strap on my shoulder and when it’s full or I am walking around the market, I use the handles. Thank you very much for sharing your experience Diana. 🙂

  19. What a unique decor item to have or gift!! I too love to bring items into my house that have a story! I love anything that reminds me of a French market or countryside.

  20. I love the tribute to the guinea hen. As a child I remember visiting the hens and collecting eggs in the morning during our annual summer trip to my grandparents’ house outside of Ashland. Would love to give the guinea hen a home if lucky enough to win. Thank you for the interesting stories and all that you share with us. French Week is a lot of fun.

  21. I so look forward to french week! And thank you so much for the code for Olive and Branch! I have had a french market tote on my list for years!

    1. So glad to hear you are enjoying this week of celebration. Yes, Pam’s baskets are what you would see if you were at a market in France. I love the double handled one I have. Scoop one up and you won’t be disappointed. Thank you for your comment. ?

  22. A Guinea Hen would be a beautiful addition to enjoy. Such a unique and special giveaway. Merci.

  23. Shannon,
    I was so excited when you announced French Week! I loved British week but am a true Francophile at heart. I just finished ordering a market basket from Olive & Branch. I was kicking myself for not bringing one home from our trip to France and have seen them in the US but a tad expensive. With the TSLL discount I was also able to get the Marseille olive oil soap. Can’t wait for delivery! Thank you!

  24. Wow, I learned something new 🙂 Unique and interesting decor to have indeed. Happy French Week!

  25. Like many, I have looked forward to French Week for quite a while now. Thank you for continuing to make my days brighter and brighter! I can honestly say this is the best $6.99 I spend a month. 🙂

  26. I am so enjoying French week… thank you, Shannon! I’ve always adored these ceramic hens, but never knew the story behind them. I always learn so much from your posts. These ceramic hens remind me of the guinea hens my in-laws had on their farm to keep the tick population down. Can’t wait until Sunday! ?

  27. Hello Shannon! I’ve really been enjoying French Week so far! I look forward to this week every year!

  28. Loving all the posts on my first ever French week! I have been a Francophile for as long as I can remember but was only able to visit my first time last year. It was confirmed that I was indeed a lover of France and I cried big tears when I boarded the plane to leave. I promptly returned 6 months later and left on the day they closed France for Covid. I am dreaming of the day I can return! Love the story of the Hens and the basket with handles is so Europe! Love it!

  29. I have been in Lussan and visited the craft shop where the Pintade Guinea Hens are made.
    And this is the ONLY location where they are made.
    I would like everyone to know that the folks there are so friendly and welcoming.
    For the lucky winner…enjoy!

  30. Loving French week…missing France this summer and this week has helped me imagine I am there. Thank you and love the hens

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