TSLL’s Boutique Sale! In Celebration of French Week
Sunday August 9, 2020

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Each year, TSLL’s Boutique has a sale during the annual French Week and British Week. This year, the discount is 20% off when you use the promo code BONNEJOURNEE. The discount applies to anything created by TSLL in TSLL Boutique. (Exceptions: Yearly & Monthly Ad-Free Subscription).

From signed copies of TSLL’s books, single and bundled packages of TSLL’s Inslee full-color illustrated notepads, capsule menus, as well as planner pages, be sure to place your order by NOON on Sunday August 16th.

TSLL’s Notepads

~Shop the entire collection of notepads shown above. All are available individuals and in an assortment of packages.

In TSLL’s 2nd Book I explored in-depth the benefits of a Capsule Menu for each season as well as how to create your own. Learn more here.

Capsule Planning Menus (available in English or French)

~Shop TSLL’s Capsule Planning Menu pages (print or pdf)

Printable Planner Pages in 3 Different Sizes & 13 Different Illustration Options

~The Teacup and Palmier is also an option as an illustration on daily planner pages.~

~Click here to peruse TSLL’s Planner Pages

Signed Copies of TSLL’s Books

~Audio & eBooks of each of TSLL’s books are available as well (however, not part of TSLL’s sale). Shop these additional versions here.

~Currently TSLL’s 3rd Book is in the works. Stay up-to-date on the latest news of its content and release dates by subscribing to TSLL’s free monthly newsletter which arrives in your inbox on the last Friday of every month.

~Shipping is not included

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