6 Quality, Yet Well Priced French Clothing Brands to Know
Tuesday August 15, 2023

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One of the handful of reasons I chose August to be the month when TSLL’s Annual French Week would occur is that it is the runway leading to fall, la rentrée, as the French call it, the return to the regular, everyday schedule of school and work, which includes a refresh of our capsule wardrobes.

I want to begin by thanking long-time reader of TSLL, Deborah L. for sharing with me information about many of the brands below that were new to me, and upon learning of them, I immediately knew they would inspire today’s post.

Each of the six French brands shared below designs timeless styles that are also modern with a signature touch. These are not budget brands, but neither are they luxury brands. I would call some of them mid-luxury and accessible luxury based on the prices and fabrics used.

For each brand I have hand-picked 5-6 items that are currently available from their latest collection, but be sure to click the brand name above the collage to shop the entire site for each.

Happy Shopping!

Rosaé Paris

~Le Maximillien crochet long dress

~Le Hippolyte ivory tweed jacket

~Le Marc short denim jumpsuit

~Le Bermudes high-waisted navy bikini briefs

~Les Belleville ballet flats

~Le Gaëtan navy and white sweater

~Le Gabriel short trench coat


~The capped sleeve v-neck tee (three colors)

~Tessao Brody (handbag)

~Ness stripe sweater

~Loveleen midi dress

~Hayden loafers

~Clayton loose pants (sand)

~Ballyo ruffled collared polo

Lou Lou

~Aranos Oversized Cashmere sweater (three colors)

~Lonna Satin Trench (three colors)

~Serafini v-neck cashmere sweater (three colors)

~Solo light flannel twill wide-leg trousers (three colors)

Zadig & Voltaire

~Time2Love Watch (oversized) (four colors & styles)

~Le Borderline Bag (two colors)

~Cecilia Caprese Sandals

~Remember Satin (blue) dress

~Jade wool-cashmere sweater, black and white stripe

~Viks blazer (noir)


~Denim Tea Dress

~Trudy Jumper, vintage blue, shoulder buttons (more colors)

~Abélia blouse (more colors)

~Striped Tom Boy Shirt, cotton-linen blend (more colors)

~James Ecru Jumper, shoulder buttons (more colors)

~Trudy Jumper, ecru and tan stripe, shoulder buttons

~Dan Trousers, indigo

Claudie Pierlot

~for shoppers in the states, the site does not have a direct online destination. you will need to shop at the brand’s distributors such as Selfridge’s here.

~Broderie Anglaise short dress

~Thick Knit Breton jumper

~Stripe knitted sleeveless jumper (three colors)

~Anoushka caramel suede bag (three colors)

~Mid-length wool-blend coat, camel (two colors)

~Ecru Cableknit jumper

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6 Quality Yet Well Priced French Clothing Brands To Know

15 thoughts on “6 Quality, Yet Well Priced French Clothing Brands to Know

    1. Yes, Sherala I couldn’t agree more! I already own a few pieces from Sèzane, but am especially excited about Rosaè Paris…the crochet long dress and ballet flats especially.☺️

  1. If there’s any area I’d like to be helpful in, it’s French shopping! Gotta run – I want to click on some links! 😎😎

  2. Can I mention APC? Great quality, clean design at a price point below luxury. Investment pieces which will stand the test of time. Kameela.

    1. Yes, you can, please! 🙂 I agree, APC is one of the best retail brands that I know, French or otherwise.

      1. Isabel so pleased to see you on here. Missed you. Looks like we share the same taste.APC is a well kept secret. Kameela😊

  3. Thank you, Shannon and Deborah. From this list, I knew only Sézane, and Zadig & Voltaire. Now I have a few more places to explore.

    APC, mentioned by Kameela, is one of my favourite brands, for investment pieces, bien sûr. I apprecite their quality and clean, tailored design. Très chic indeed. 🙂

  4. Some great brands here. Rosae Paris has been on my radar for a while but I haven’t purchased anything as yet. I like their knitted striped cardigans, so chic with jeans and ballet flats.
    Lou Lou Studio I have browsed on Net a Portér once or twice and their oversized shirts always look good quality.
    Thank you for reminding me to shop new brands to me!

  5. Does anyone have a good recommendation for cross body bags that secure well? By that I mean that pickpockets would have a hard time getting into them! I live in NYC and ride the subways. I am always leery of buying a bag that closes with one of those round magnetic button things. I went to the Polene shop in NYC…..the bags are gorgeous….but they all have that magnetic closure, which someone could pop open with ease. I would like something with a zipper or a substantial clasp that needs to be twisted into place. I plan on doing a lot of foreign travel too, so I am definitely on the hunt for a quality crossbody bag. Thanks!

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