Why Not . . . Dress Well for the Screen and Our Current Times? 13 Pieces
Wednesday September 23, 2020

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“While so much remains precarious, our style is something small we have control over. ‘It’s an empowering way to put ourselves in a better mind set.'” —Fiorella Valdesolo for The Wall Street Journal, September 5, 2020

I slipped on my favorite pointed to camel flats, cinched by shirt dress’s belt and donned simple, yet not-as-of-late frequently worn small hoop earrings. The world, my world, my mindset, did indeed change, if only for the duration of the time wearing the outfit, and for the better.

So many of us are staying at home and working when we would have previously been away from our homes, commuting, dressing for the office, the errands we have to do afterwards and events we look forward to attending. Presently, these daily routines have all but ceased, but we we do have to be visible, whether on screen or the limited time in-person, dressing well makes a significant positive difference. But what to wear?

The skinny jeans, I will admit, have been worn far less, as I am not moving or standing as much, that is when they are most comfortable – they are not incredibly comfortable if you are sitting constantly. SO, I am wearing more dresses, I am reconsidering what style of pants and jeans I do want to wear that offer a complementary silhouette, but still feel comfortable.

A handful of readers have written in to request today’s post, so I want to share with you a list of items to consider, as well as shop each one. As well, please do share what you have found makes you feel good and look your best.

Personally, I love getting dressed. There is a mental lift when I wear an outfit that looks aesthetically pleasing to my eye. Pandemic or no pandemic, I am still shopping and dressing well when I have the opportunity. And besides, our style is a medium of communicating. Hopefully today’s post will inspire you as well to examine the value your sartorial choices make on your daily energy and mood, and perhaps inspire you to find a signature style that truly resonates with what you want to communicate to the world. Now more than ever, since our mouths are covered, our clothes speak loudly, so why not let them speak effectively and accurately about what we value.

1.Shirt dresses

2. Jumpsuits

3. Loafers & Flats

~Rothy’s Pointed Toe Flats (I wear the Ecru – middle bottom, and love them), washable!

4. Statement earrings

Colette Hoops, Goop Shop

Susa Earring, Rachel Comey

5. Statement necklaces

Botero Necklace in forest, Lizzie Fortunato

6. Statement broaches

7. Lovely blouses and button-ups

Sézane Eva blouse (black also available)

8. Skincare worth its investment

9. Pants with stretch, but not too much

~Kimberly Cotton-Blend Flare Pants, DVF (more colors)~

10. High-waisted pants and denim

~Blue Beverly high-rise flared jeans, Veronica Beard~

11. Tailored casual blazers

12. Knit pieces

St. John knit skirts from The RealReal, many more colors and sizes

Cream Billie cable-knit cashmere turtleneck sweater, Iris & Ink (camel also available)

13. Heels, just shorter – think kitten

Audrey Beige Suede pumps, L.K. Bennett (more colors)

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8 thoughts on “Why Not . . . Dress Well for the Screen and Our Current Times? 13 Pieces

  1. I agree that getting dressed each day changes how your feel, and for me, it also impacts productivity and separates the workday and the evening (I workout late afternoons, so change out of my “work clothes.”). My go-to look is a pair of comfortable jeans, a silk Ravella blouse partially tucked in the front, and Birdies slippers in cafe au lait (so they go with everything!) I’m still working on the pants thing. I’ve buying more since I found them more comfortable as well.

    1. Karonica, Thank you very much for sharing specifically what you do and how you transition as well as what items work well for your routine. You have certainly found a routine that works to bring more calm into the closure of the day, each day. Thank you for stopping by. 🙂

  2. Particularly now, it is essential to dress your best self the day or occasion. When I hear of a friend in PJ’s or clothes that would not be conducive for living her best life, my heart is sympathetic. While I understand how some have chosen this very “casual” approach to the day during our quarantine, I also know it is self-defeating. Whatever one’s lifestyle there are suitable and comfortable clothes to enhance the appearance and the psyche. Our culture has slipped quite a bit in recent years in the way we define casual. I hope that trend is reversible.

  3. I’m so glad you shared this post. I felt silly the other day when I grabbed a few new Fall blouses from the Bloomingdales website – but getting dressed up and putting makeup on for my video calls is a mood booster on some days. That said, I still have days on occasion when I just want to lounge and be comfortable, so it’s nice to have that option. I find that in these times, we really have to listen well to what we need at any given moment and try our best to fulfill that.

    1. Laurie, well said! And so happy to know this post and the WSJ article validated your experience. I too enjoy the flexibility based on the needs of the day – whether functional or mood related. ☺️

    1. I love them. Very comfortable, but my toe is right up in there, so ordering a 1/2 size larger would not hurt at all. However, I can honestly share, these shoes feel like a cosy glove. I have never had such comfortable flats. No rub, no discomfort.

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