TSLL’s Spring Shopping Guide, 2021
Wednesday March 31, 2021

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Emerging into a new season after having for so long been limited by what activities have been offered to change our attire and express ourselves sartorially is a descriptor many clothing brands have posted on their homepage to welcome online shoppers into their stores. After all, each in our own way, we are ready for something new, something fresh, more freedom, more stability, more peace of mind, more confidence in how we look as we go about our everyday routines.

Necessity is the mother of invention as they say, and we certainly learned how to adapt in front of screens to look professional – want to grab the students’ attention? Wear bold, large earrings. Want to look radiant and glowing? Buy a light ring. You get the idea. However, being a person in 3D asks for us to share the full head-to-toe look and feel good in what we have chosen to wear so that we can go about our days tending to the tasks that make up our everydays.

We understandably gravitated toward feeling comfortable as we nested into our homes over this past year, yet perhaps you, like me, are ready to dress up, ready to finally solidify a personal uniform and invest well. After all, I prefer simplicity and fewer decisions, but I love to look my best at all times.

If the past year has taught us anything, it has given us the opportunity to know what makes us feel good and what does not, what we need and what we don’t, and that does not exclude our clothing choices.

TSLL’s annual Spring Shopping Guide is full of beautiful options – many offering comfort as well as chic style, and all are timeless pieces to wear for years. One of the many benefits gained with a capsule wardrobe is knowing you have the clothing you need no matter what the situation. Having a decently selected fall and winter capsule, without being able to physically go shopping last August or September, and not as motivated to clothes shop in general for the time being, my outfit choices didn’t suffer much as I had feared as my go-tos were well-made, timeless and had been with me for years, still looking great. The benefit of investing in a capsule wardrobe.

When we shop well, we ease stress we don’t even know will be thrown at us in months and years to come. Of course, when we invest, we have to buy fewer items, but that is not a bad idea either as it simplifies the decision-making process and enables us to focus on living our lives, not dithering over which outfit to wear.

However, dedicating regular time each year to assess what is missing from our capsule, what is needed and what is replacing is not dithering, it is a necessity. Let’s take a look at this Spring’s Shopping Guide.

What you will find in this season’s Shopping Guide below:

  • A list of sales and links to the site, along with the promo codes if necessary.
  • A list of the new trends with runway pics from the Fall 2020 collections worth investing in (in other words, they will last for many years to come and transition well with previous seasons).
  • 65+ Shoppable, hand-picked items
  • Simply hover over and click the shoppable items and the brand and price will pop up, clicking will take you to the direct shopping site to explore the item further.
  • Posts from the TSLL Archives to provide more Style Inspiration.

Current Sales of Note: 

Remember, each Spring and Fall, TSLL’s releases its annual Shopping Guide on April 1st and September 1st. As well, every Friday, the weekly This & That post includes sales of note, hand-picked clothing items I think you might be interested in, and many other current culture news, premieres and releases, so be sure to stop by throughout the year. Now, to TSLL’s Shopping Guide and the trends worth investing in.

Femininity & Movement


Ultra Elegant

Navy Stripes


Primary Colors

Polka Dots

Chic Comfort

Pendant Necklaces

My Favorites

Shop For Spring

~Polo Ralph Lauren Striped Linen Short-Sleeve Shirt

~Polo Ralph Lauren Striped Boatneck Shirt (red stripes also available)

~Mark & Graham Suede & Leather Tote

~Ralph Lauren Linen Eyelet Belted Dress

~Polo Ralph Lauren Cotton Madras Halter Dress

~J.Crew striped midi shirt dress

~Ralph Lauren Cotton Chambray Shirtdress

~Polo Ralph Lauren Striped Linen Shirtdress (have it, love it)

~La Ligne NYC Julie Dress, navy

~Poppy Jersey Moroccan Blue Jersey Maxi dress (more colors)

~French Market Baskets (more sizes and styles, this one is with long handles), from Olive and Branch for the Home

~Kitty Midi Print dress, Boden

~SHOP 40+ additional Spring Capsule items in TSLL’s Capsule Wardrobe Boutique to stock up on your Spring Staples, including my go-to everyday tote from Cuyana (seen right).


TSLL’s Fall Shopping Guide goes live on the blog each September 1st and the Spring Shopping Guide every April 1st. Visit the blog each month for the Outfit of the Month and each Friday stop by to read readers’ favorite post – THIS & THAT – as sales of note, items that caught my eye and other shopping items are included.

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9 thoughts on “TSLL’s Spring Shopping Guide, 2021

  1. Beautiful selections! Thank you for this inspiring roundup! One request, though I certainly understand if this is outside your usual audience – have you considered adding non-leather or leather alternatives for shoes and handbags? I do see several here but I am wondering if vegan fashion is something you might be willing to devote a post to.

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