TSLL’s TOP 5 Recipes, 2023
Thursday December 28, 2023

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The year that was, 2023 concluded on very delicious notes, and one very special note as captured in #6 on the list below.

Someone commented that they definitely know I enjoy cooking based on watching me dance at the end of episode #7 of this most recent season of The Simply Luxurious Kitchen, and they are most definitely correct.

There is something we receive when we cook for ourselves, when we don’t rush, when we let ourselves play, when we forgive ourselves and chuckle when it doesn’t work out. Probably because when it does work out, we appreciate it all the more.

The episodes below, yep, are more than five, but two were so close, I wanted to include them all. Some were included in the cooking show and some were recipes shared as blog posts such as immediately popular #3 that was just posted last week!

Remember, you can now download (for free!) the cookbook for Season 6 (here you go!) of the cooking show, and on January 1st all of the episodes from the latest season will be available on Youtube as well as here on the blog where they are exclusively released during the season.

Now, are you ready for your appetite to become whetted? Here we go! The TOP 6 recipes shared on the blog this year.

Making Bûche de Noël at North Farm in the English countryside



Let’s Make Croissants! Classic French Croissants & Pain au Chocolat


Untitled Design 4

A Seasonal Winter Quiche: Rosemary, Courgette & Onion


Thesimplyluxuriouslife.com | The Simply Luxurious Life

TSLL’s Adaptation of Sarah Nelson’s Grasmere Gingerbread



An Almond Torte w/Creme Anglaise and Fresh Berry Drizzle


Thesimplyluxuriouslife.com | The Simply Luxurious Life

Buckwheat Chocolate Pound Cake, a Chocolate Cake that tastes like a Cookie


Thesimplyluxuriouslife.com | The Simply Luxurious Life

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