TSLL’s TOP 5 Petit Plaisirs, 2023
Wednesday December 27, 2023

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As is the tradition on The Simple Sophisticate podcast to conclude each episode with a Petit Plaisir, where I recommend a book, a film, a show, a recipe, anything that is a simple pleasure to satiate your sophisticated taste, today a selection of five of the 26 that were shared this year on the podcast (included in a couple of episodes this year were two petit plaisirs ☺️).

Petit Plaisirs can be a range of things, and while I share a list of the most common ones that were included in episodes in 2023 below, I think it was the Petit Plaisir shared by my guest Dr. Bella DePaulo in episode #371 that I deeply savored most this year (I will let you tune in to find out what it is).

Below are the TOP 5 based on comments and engagement with listeners and readers, but as to which one was the most popular, I cannot be sure as only you know what satiated your sophisticated taste once you gave it a try. 😉 Keeping that in mind, be sure to explore all of the Petit Plaisirs here in the Archives or on the podcast’s IG page – @thesimplesophisticatepodcast

Now to the list of the TOP 5 Petit Plaisirs!

Beyond Paradise, BritBox series, petit plaisir #352

~be sure to watch the show’s newly released Christmas Special!, now available on BritBox.~



Foyle’s War, AcornTV series, petit plaisir #361



Tisane: Palais des Thés, L’Herboriste No. 74 — petit plaisir #353



Funny Woman, tv series, petit plaisir #367


Episode 331

This Beautiful Fantastic, film, petit plaisir #348



~Explore all of TSLL’s Petit Plaisirs in the Archives.


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