This Beautiful Fantastic, film: petit plaisir #348
Wednesday January 4, 2023

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For gardeners, for Anglophiles, for anyone looking for a light-hearted, whimsical film, often compared to Amélie, watch This Beautiful Fantastic.

Starring Downton Abbey former cast member (who was Sybil), Jessica Brown Findlay as Bella Brown, a young woman aspiring to be a children’s book author, she is hobbled by an obsessive compulsive disorder; however, with the voice-over of Tom Wilkinson who stars as Bella’s elderly, eccentric neighbor, we quickly understand and sympathize with her need for order in her life.

With the nudge to learn how to garden if she is to remain in her rented home, and the help of Wilkinson’s personal chef, Vernon – played by Andrew Scott, and Wilkinson’s character himself whose gardening prowess is awe-inspiring, Bella discovers and steps into a new life of abundance not governed by fear.

Released in 2016, This Beautiful Fantastic is a film I greatly enjoyed watching last month with its light-hearted tone, multi-layered story-lines for each of the characters and the beautiful garden of Bella’s neighbor.

Watch it on Amazon Prime (free to members) now, Apple TV ($3.99) or Tubi (free).

Have a look at the trailer below.

This Beautiful Fantastic was the Petit Plaisir of episode #348 of The Simple Sophisticate podcast, “The Paradox of Manifesting the Life You Have Envisioned“. | The Simply Luxurious Life

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16 thoughts on “This Beautiful Fantastic, film: petit plaisir #348

  1. Shannon thank you for recommending this film. It looks delightful from the trailer
    Have to work out how to watch it though. As I don’t have Amazon Prime.
    Kameela ?

  2. I am so glad you recommended this movie! I watched a couple of years ago and loved it. It is dreary where I am today so it will be my afternoon pleasure. Last time it prompted me to hang solar lanterns all over my tree near my patio.?

    1. Serendipitous timing! I do hope it brightens your day today. It did mine as well when I watched it. ☺️ And I love that it inspired you to hang the lanterns. ☺️ I too was immediately eager to get out in the garden and plan for the coming year. Enjoy and bonne journée. ?

  3. Shannon, I watched that film several years ago and will watch it again. Thanks for suggesting; isn’t it great to see a well made film?
    Tom Wilkinson’s performance, even the sound of his voice, is total entertainment! – Teresa

  4. I just finished this movie and enjoyed every minute. I’ll probably want to rewatch it in early spring to inspire me with ideas for my garden. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful petit plaisir Shannon!

  5. Hi Shannon!

    I have been following you since 2017 and have never left a comment. Oh I just love your podcast. You’ve enriched my life so much. I just watched your Petit Plaisir this gorgeous Saturday afternoon on my pato’s sofa – Magnificent! Thank you for recommending this beautiful movie. Thank you for continually making our lives simply luxurious! Sending you love all the way from South Africa 🇿🇦

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