Beyond Paradise, BritBox series: petit plaisir #352
Wednesday March 1, 2023

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Kris Marshall, aka as DI Humphrey Goodman from Death in Paradise returns in the new spin-off from the original, and widely popular series in Robert Thorogood’s brainchild Beyond Paradise.

Set in a coastal town in Devon, England, Beyond Paradise welcomes DI Humphrey Goodman and his fiancée Martha Lloyd from London, returning to Martha’s (Sally Breton)’s childhood hometown to begin a new life away from the hustle and stress of the city. Also starring alongside the comedic lead Marshall is another up and coming comedic actor from Derry Girls fame Dylan Llewellyn.

The first episode debuted last Wednesday February 22 on BritBox, and if the pilot is anything to go on, this will be a fun, imaginative and beautifully-set new cozy mystery series. Critics have described it as Midsomer Murders meets Agatha Christie, and I have to agree.

~Explore creator of the series Robert Thorogood’s new cozy mystery novel series Marlowe Murders.

Watch the trailer below and look for new episodes to become available each Wednesday.

Beyond Paradise was the Petit Plaisir in episode #352 of The Simple Sophisticate podcast, How to Experience more Aha Moments in Your Life

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2 thoughts on “Beyond Paradise, BritBox series: petit plaisir #352

  1. Loved the first episode! I also enjoy that it is released weekly. Now, I have something else to look forward to!

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