TSLL’s 2023 Spring Shopping Guide + more than 90 hand-picked items ready to shop
Tuesday February 28, 2023

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Spring is almost here.

Yep, it is true. And that means soon we will wearing fewer layers, lightening our color palette and fabrics and turning our faces to the sunshine as we enjoy longer days savored here in the northern hemisphere.

In so many ways, the spring season is a breath of fresh air and that includes giving our capsule wardrobes a refreshing as well. I quite enjoyed what the trends have in store for shopping this season as many of the collections offer effortless approaches that can easily mix and match with what we already have.

I have gone back through the many collections that hit the runways last fall for the Spring 2023 collections and narrowed down the trends worth investing in to seven, and while that may not seem like many, the types of trends I honed in on are more conceptual and adaptable to your wardrobe based on how you want to wear it. For example, one trend that to me is a timeless way to dress is Neo-Minimalism/Effortless/Highly Functional. What does that look like exactly will depend upon what functionality you need in your daily life, but no doubt it includes separates that are easily mix-and-matchable which means jackets, pants, tops and details that can be worn with more than one item and complement many different colors you already have and continue to add to your wardrobe.

I don’t know about you, but with each passing year since I stepped away from teaching and into my own schedule as a writer and blogger, I am all about effortless without sacrificing the style, and what collections give us this year feels very approachable, tailorable to how each of us wants to live without the fuss and abundant with so much beautiful style.

I have hand-picked more than 90 individual clothing items and accessories for you to peruse below. Each can be directly shopped by clicking on the link (hover over the item that catches your eye) and then you will be taken to the online shop to learn more and purchase as you desire.

AND, don’t forget, when you find something you love, but the price isn’t right or you’re not ready to purchase just yet, be sure to use KarmaNow, which will alert you whenever your item goes on sale. You can tailor it to a specific price, and the size you are waiting for. 

Now to give you a taste of what spoke to me and conveys the theme of the season are three items below – one a bit loose and oversized, another more tailored, yet timeless and yet another, while an investment, will ensure you look trés chic whether strolling the sidewalks in Paris or your hometown.

What you will find in this season’s Shopping Guide below:

  • A list of the new trends (7) worth investing in (in other words, they will last for many years to come and transition well with previous seasons).
  • 90+ Shoppable, hand-picked items
  • Simply hover over and click the shoppable items and the brand and price will pop up, clicking will take you to the direct shopping site to explore the item further.
    • Note: There are a handful of items that don’t have a link when you hover over them. The links for these items are listed just below the image.
  • Posts from the TSLL Archives to provide more Style Inspiration and Signature Style inspiration.
  • And be sure to shop TSLL’s Capsule Wardrobe boutique full of timeless finds both in clothing and accessories.

Just as a reminder, each Spring and Fall, TSLL’s releases its annual Shopping Guide on March 1st and September 1st. As well, every Friday, the weekly This & That post includes sales of note, hand-picked clothing items I think you might be interested in, and many other current culture news, premieres and releases (peruse back through the most recent This & That posts here), so be sure to stop by throughout the year.

Also, if you want more This & That finds, even more personal discoveries and recommendations that I come across and cannot wait to share with TSLL readers, you will want to explore becoming a TOP Tier Member as the monthly Ponderings . . . post is essentially a more intimate and personal This & That post. Explore past Ponderings . . . posts here and learn more about the many benefits of becoming a TOP Tier Member here.

Now, to TSLL’s Shopping Guide and the trends worth investing in! Wishing you a stylish and effortlessly confident sartorially savvy Spring season. ☺️


~Ralph Lauren Polo Hybrid Sweater-Pleated Dress, navy

~Soeur Reine skirt

Oversized Blazers

~Staud Maxwell Blazer, denim, medium wash

Neo-Minimalism/Effortless/Highly Functional

Stripes, always classic Stripes

Shades of Beige

Crochet/Looping Details


~Ralph Lauren Polo ID Medium leather shoulder bag, navy

~Ralph Lauren Reversible canvas medium Bellport tote (three colors available)

~Ree-Projects Helene Hobo Tumbled (more colors)

Loose (i.e. Baggy) Jeans

~Ralph Lauren Polo High-Rise Straight Fit Jean~


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15 thoughts on “TSLL’s 2023 Spring Shopping Guide + more than 90 hand-picked items ready to shop

  1. Love love your picks. I just did a full closet cleanout and have edited my wardrobe. Now have been adding in pieces that are missing, investment pieces that will last me years and elevate my look. One question, I am 5’1″, do you think the midi trend is one I can still do despite being petite ?

    1. Arati,

      Thank you for stopping by and a great question. It is all about proportions. I write about this more in detail in my first book, but simply shared, imagine your body in thirds (never in half). If a midi skirt would fall too low creating say quarters, not thirds, I would select a knee-length skirt, or just covering the tops of your knees. I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, I am all ears!

      Here is a link to TSLL’s first book ➡️ https://amzn.to/3kCKE7Z

    2. Arati, I too am petite (5’!). I’m look specifically at the petite range in some brands and they do sometimes run midi dresses cut to fit the petite height. Reiss now have a petite range which has lots of their elegant tailoring and dresses for the shorter leg length 🙂

  2. I love this post! The artistry is delicate, charming. I am comfortable looking at your spring choices of style. Ah, Spring! Just thinking about it. I too have snow, and at times it arrives wide-ways!. Not like Oregon. I admire your attitude. Spunk! How do your precious pets react to the blizzards? My Dachshund, walking outside, disappears with only the tip of her fail showing! Take care.– Teresa

    P. S. I bet you’re itching to be outside SOON in your lovely garden. I look forward to your adventures in planting.

    1. Thank you for stopping by Teresa. ☺️ I am imagining your pup immersed with curiosity in the snow. What fun to explore! I too am eager to be outside regularly gardening. Wishing you a wonderful day. Soon, soon, spring will be here!

  3. Always LOVE your capsule wardrobe posts! Such inspiration and now I am excited to look into my closet and get spring together. I typically think I’ll just wear a lighter sweater for spring but it really is its own season and requires thought so that outfits really work well instead of feelin half done. I find spring is really two different mini-seasons, almost a late winter-ish (when I am so hopeful for brighter colors but still need some real warmth) and then an early summer-ish (when it is getting rather warm but it just isn’t time for the full summer wardrobe.) Last year I took time to curate a summer capsule jewelry collection and it served me so well not having to look at all my jewelry all the time. Looking forward to similar ease with spring. Thank you.

    1. Jen,

      So true and insightful. Thank you for sharing how you approach both parts of the season. Thank you for stopping by and wishing you an effortlessly stylish spring! 😌💛

    2. Jen, you are so right about spring having 2 mini seasons. I also get anxious to don the brighter colors before the weather completely cooperates. I do have a few cable knits in happy colors for just this occasion. I find different weight scarves are very helpful, to either add some bright pop to a winter sweater or to add a warmer layer when I’m forcing the issue with cooler tops such as a 3/4 sleeve. I also can’t resist pulling out a brighter/lighter bag around this time! Loved your idea of a few jewelry pieces marked for each season, for grab and go, instead of perusing afresh each day.

  4. Thank you for all the amazing content! I have never read a blog that spoke to my soul, like your blog! Happy Birthday! My birthday was February 24th. My husband and I went to the city and spent the weekend. We ate in the most lovely French bistro. I am currently taking French from a fellow teacher friend(thank you for the inspiration). I treat February as my personal new year celebration. Back in February 2021 on my birthday I made a commitment to get my health back. I lost FIFTY pounds. I love February! Joyeux Anniversaire!

  5. Bon Anniversaire Shannon! Thank you for all the effort in curating this Spring wardrobe. Some fabulous pieces and inspiration. I so appreciate your philosophy and wisdom.
    I’m also loving this winter season in Bend. I know what Spring holds for us and can’t wait!

    1. Thank you for stopping by Susan and thank you for the birthday wishes ☺️ We really have had a fantastic winter season in Bend – not too little, not too much at one time, just enough. ❄️💛

  6. Very enticing picks . I’m cleaning out my closet this weekend so this is very helpful Shannon. I love denim and that Staud jacket has caught my eye. I had my eye on another oversized blazer so now which one do I choose ?
    A rather nice predicament😀

    1. Kameela,

      A lovely predicament indeed. 🙂 It is a very nice jacket from Staud – timeless, streamlined and creates a lovely silhouette. Enjoy refreshing your wardrobe and thank you for stopping by. xo

  7. Dear Shannon,
    So many glorious pieces! There is one so irresistible I can’t help clicking on through for a try-on, the Hybrid RL dress with the navy stripes and pleats. I don’t seem to find dresses easily, so I don’t have much in that department. Fingers crossed! And warm birthday wishes to you, belated. <3 -Liz

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