What I Wore during My Recent Paris & England Trip – 6 Outfits for Spring Travel
Tuesday April 26, 2022

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Packing for a trip that will involve many different activities but also trying to keep the items minimal to keep my luggage at two checked bags with room for bringing home serendipitously found treasures is not easy for me.

My mom has mastered this art and along with packing just what she needed and looking superb, also kept a neatly packed suitcase. Needless to say, I tried, but it didn’t always look tidy. I tend to always back a bit more than I actually wear, and well, I guess that is better than the alternative.

Today I would like to share with you six outfits, the only six outfits I wore and rotated through, mixing and matching throughout our nine day trip to both Paris and then on to London, Canterbury and back to London.

There are a few images of me wearing these outfits captured by my mother (above at the Savoy as we awaited the taxi to take us to Heathrow), but I by no means wore them for the camera. Rather I selected items that were both chic (in my mind) and comfortable, and kept to a simple color palette as the base so that most items, if not all, could mix and match effortlessly – navy and ivory were my primary colors and everything else worked with at least one of those colors, if not both.

Upon returning home, I made notes of what was missing and what would have made my wardrobe and thus my traveling and enjoyment all the more comfortable and me more confident. I have included that list at the end of this post.

For any of the items that are no longer available to shop, I have found similar items.

For travel days on the plane to and from (9+ hour flight)

As I shared on IG (see post below), we were fortunate to have scooped up super affordable tickets back in September and fly Business Class. With that said, we were able to lay down during the flight and in our own private area, so I packed my pajamas and I did wear them catching more than a few hours of sleep going to Europe and a couple on the return flight. Changing out of my denim jeans made it all the more comfortable to fully relax.

~Salvador Ferragamo navy printed silk-twill scarf~

~Cos oversized shirt, light blue~

~Polo Ralph Lauren Tompkins High-Rise Skinny Jean~

~Rothy’s The Point, in Ecru~

~Polène Numero Uno shoulder bag (mine is in a light sage green that is no longer available)~

~Burberry Mid-length Kensington Heritage Trench~

~Serena & Lily Positano Linen Pajamas (multiple colors)~

~I thoroughly enjoyed Lady Gaga and the entire film, The House of Gucci on the return flight and the brilliantly acted film Darkest Hour and Gary Oldman~

~I read and finished book #3 of the Maisie Hobbes series by Jacqueline Windspear – Pardonable Lies~

To the Museum or Dinner

The pair of jeans I purchased I realized may have been a size too large, but for ease and much movement for walking, they were quite nice, and look better than this picture depicts. I loved this jacket; I simply removed the matching belt that came with it and used the light brown leather belt I had purchased last year from Sézane.

~Sézane Artemis Belt (similar to one no longer available from the company)~

~ba&sh beige muse belted cotton-blend garbadine field jacket~

~Frame Le Italian True Straight Rinse~

~M.Gemi The Gia, tan, leather pointed toe loafers~

~Navy camisole (similar, as mine was purchased many years ago from J.Crew)~

Westminster Abbey for Easter Service and Easter Afternoon Tea at Claridge’s

Unfortunately Theory’s ivory silk belted blazer I purchased at The Outnet this winter is unavailable anywhere online. I found a gem when I came across it which is why when it became covered in soot while waiting for the tube due to a crowd of very enthused Crystal Palace fans (as I shared in my IG Stories – see highlights – Brit Trip ’22), I became quite worried this jacket was ruined. Thankfully, upon giving my jacket to the concierge at The Savoy, they were able to take it to their dry cleaner, and within 24 hours I had my jacket back and the soot was removed. Phew! I have tried to shop a few similar below.

Attending Easter service at Westminster Abbey was something my mother was quite excited to do, and I was happy that we were able to attend. While I am agnostic, the history and grandeur and magnificence of not only the building but diverse congregation was a memory I will never forget. Oh, and the bells and the organ. Quite an experience for the senses and the sermon was quite moving.

~Lafayette 148 New York Kettson Belted Blazer~

~Polo Ralph Lauren Belted Silk & Wool Wrap Blazer~

~Victoria Beckham single-breasted patch pocket blazer~

~Polo Ralph Lauren Tompkins High-Rise Skinny Jean~

~similar: Tory Burch Diamond Dot Jacquard wool & Silk scarf~

~similar, I purchased an ivory silk camisole from J.Crew that is no longer available: J.Crew Asceno silk camisole in blush~

~M.Gemi The Gia, tan, leather pointed toe loafers~

Dinner, the theatre, walking through parks

~similar: Valentino navy silk pants~

~similar to the Polo Ralph Lauren belted denim jacket (upper left-hand corner), no longer available: Sofia Jeans by Sofia Vergara belted denim jacket~


~Self-Portrait cream ribbed knit midi dress~

~Burberry Mid-length Kensington Heritage Trench~

~similar: Stuart Weitzman light brown Livia suede and neoprene knee boots OR Iris & Ink Clarisse ruched tan pebble-leather knee boots~

Walking in Les Jardins


~Cos Short Trench, Navy~

~Frankie4 NAT II Cream Women’s leather sneakers~

~Polo Ralph Lauren Tompkins High-Rise Skinny Jean~

~Cos oversized shirt, light blue~

What I realized I need to adjust, add or tweak for my wardrobe for upcoming trips

  • A smaller, more streamline crossbody bag for walking about the city or to markets. I love my Poléne shoulder bag, but it was too bulking AND I need a top zip bag or a simpler flap top close bag as Poléne became a bit cumbersome.
  • Chelsea ankle boots (with about a 1-2″ heel) for colder weather (even though we didn’t have it on this trip, having these would be ideal for spring, fall and winter).
  • Choose a tote for carry-on that has a larger drop in the handle and is slightly bigger for contents (I traveled with this navy leather tote from Cuyana and while I love it for everyday tote needs, I need something a bit more for travel and carry-on. Having a zip-top (which Cuyana’s design does) is a keeper of an idea. Love the zipper top.)
  • Pack sunglasses – not metal, oversized
  • A nice watch so I don’t have to look at my phone all of the time.

Overall, the packing and outfits went well, and wearing scarves instead of jewelry (I only wore small hoops part of the time) was a great idea not only for security lines at the airport, but for warmth, adding a touch of style and finding the items with ease.

If you will be traveling soon or anytime during spring, I do hope this gives you some ideas. Needless to say, to be able to have the opportunity to pack up and travel was priceless. So grateful to be on a plane again and touching down in both of these beloved countries.

Bon voyage!

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60 thoughts on “What I Wore during My Recent Paris & England Trip – 6 Outfits for Spring Travel

  1. Fabulous post, Shannon! I loved seeing you and your beautiful mother, and thank you for the details of your outfits and what worked and what didn’t.

  2. Fantastic post – thank you Shannon! I hadn’t heard of Frankie4 shoes, but it looks like a great company. Did you find them true to size? You really accomplished looking pulled together and chic. Taking multiple jackets was obviously a smart choice. I’m inspired!
    Many thanks,

  3. Thanks, loved all the tips and the list of “next time” items. Love your green Polene and was disappointed but thankful for your honesty of the bulk and inconvenience. I was in Europe late 2019 (with a brown leather hobo) and saw a lot of crossbody bags that kept them hands-free (even with a hobo I had to keep one arm down and hanging onto it for security purposes). I did purchase one while in Paris, a great inspired souvenir but found it to be a little too small and “streamlined” for my use. Perfect bags are so so elusive, at least to me. My biggest issue was that my prescription sunglasses and their case took up most of the area and I missed a bigger bag I could just toss accumulated things in as the day progressed. I’m not sure I’m the streamlined bag type but am still on the hunt. I also would love to find a black (but not super plain) carry-on that could double as my “bag around town” and even be stretched to a dinner, if not too monstrous. A tall order, I know. I envy the people that just “make it work” and hence need far less tailored items, yet seem very content. I just can’t help but notice the things that do and don’t work and want to improve. Maybe the perfect bag doesn’t exist….but I can’t accept that!
    Anyway, that was a really long story about a bag but your travel inspired me and I do miss it, with all of its imperfections. Thank you.

    1. Boy, do I feel your pain about trying to find the perfect bag. I also have the prescription sunglasses issue. I have only recently parted with my much loved large wallet for this same reason. I am getting used to the smaller wallet, but don’t know if there is a solution to the large glasses case. I am convinced that we will eventually find what we are looking for!

        1. Oops, wrong link – just search foldable on Persol’s website and they have a few options with prescription lenses.

    2. I’m right there with you on all of this! But I think I found it: the Tory Burch Virginia bag. I’ll be traveling with it in May, with a small quilted Clare V crossbody bag as my small/evening alternative. My prescription sunglasses just fit in the Clare V bag (with room for a ID and cards, phone and lipstick), and the Tory Burch bag is roomy, lightweight (nylon with leather accents) and zippered. Fingers crossed I found a good combo!

      1. Oooooo, just looked up those bags, Kara, thanks. Think you might be onto something! Good luck! Happy travels.

      2. Kara,
        Thank you for suggesting the TB Virginia bag. I ordered it after ready your post. I just love it! I like small bags but the way this one is designed it’s like a mini bucket with compartments.

  4. Great post! I’m so happy you were able to fulfill your dream of traveling abroad again AND at a great rate and upgrade.
    You look so content in the photos, I admire you so much for following your dreams and aspirations. Plus you look like a million bucks!
    Thanks again,

  5. I love this post because I love to assess how I can be a better packer/traveler. I feel the pain about the perfect bag- I love a small crossbody camera bag but I now have prescription distance glasses, sunglasses, and readers. I refuse to carry a big bag so I find ways to make it work. I’m also in constant search of the perfect carry-on bag for the plane. I’m trying backpacks right now because I like being more hands-free and balanced. Also, you look fabulous and I love the picture with your mom!

  6. Wonderful lists and follow up notes for your next adventure! Love the picture of you and your mother, what a nice moment. Thank you!

  7. Shannon, these outfits are so perfect! You and your mom look so stunning and happy ? (Have you ordered book #4 yet?!) ?

  8. Also wondering if there is any way to watch the Roundabout bookstore virtual event? I was so bummed I couldn’t attend. I had to work.

    1. Dani I’m in the UK and so 1am was too late for me to watch live but I noted Shannon said that it will be on YouTube and she will share the link on Friday 🙂

      1. Ah, thanks Sarah , I’m also in the UK , but would love to catch up with it ? I’ll have a look on you tube !

      2. Thank you so much Sarah! I did end up reading Shannon’s email and seeing that she would be sharing the link, AFTER I had already written my comment. ? But I so appreciate you reaching out to let me know.

          1. Shannon, I was just about to ask the same as I had an emergency meeting come up during that time, my apologies for not attending. Thanks for the link!! XOXO

  9. Love your style posts! Some great ideas for next time I’m upgrading a few pieces. Have you/would you consider a style post on how your style has changed or been tweaked since you entered this new life chapter? I’d love to hear about the changes you’ve made.

  10. Truly enjoy your style posts Shannon and this one all the more as it is a glimpse into your stylish but functional wardrobe. I enjoy seeing other peoples ideas who subscribe to a similar wardrobe ideal – capsule, streamlined and easy to mix and match with good quality items that won’t go out of style!
    Also so happy to see you have discovered Cos recently, such a great brand I like to pick up good quality shirts from.
    For your nice watch could I recommend – the Larsson & Jennings “boyfriend” (I think it’s called) watch. I recently got it for the same reason (for when I want to wear a nice decorative watch rather than my Apple) and it is mixed metal, (so goes with any jewellery I wear) classic and stylish. And a good price! Just a suggestion for when you’re looking 🙂
    Have a great week

    1. Sarah, I just took a look at the brand and want to say thank you! A fair price for good quality and a timeless design. I will be saving this watch and hope to welcome one soon into my wardrobe. Your suggestion is much appreciated. ?

  11. Great post Shannon, and sorry I missed you in paris! I travel all the time and I still gained ideas from your post! I struggle with being comfortable enough on the plane rides while feeling pulled together enough to not be embarrassed when I land. You are so correct…and I don’t think I was aware of it until your post, just intuitive for me…have a nice watch on because you then won’t need to pull your phone out all the time and zippered crossbody bags are THE best even when you live in US cities where you take mass transit, plus, make sure the bag has a little outer pocket for your Navigo or Oyster or Charlie card! (Those cards are great – don’t buy the visitor cards- you can leave money on them and use when you return.) For airport pickups (to and from) in Paris, I always use Victor Taxis- and they have never once let me down.
    Loved your pj idea, and all the trench combinations!!! What a lovely trip to take with your mother! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Sharri, I wholeheartedly agree with you on the Oyster card (and similar transportation cards). I have had my Oyster card since 2017 and still use it each time I return to London. Good idea to have a location where it is easily accessible and secure. And agreed about Victor Taxis. Thank you for sharing.

  12. I love all of these outfits Shannon! Such lovely combinations of elegant and comfortable, chic yet classic. So versatile for the different adventures you embarked on during your brief journey, without being cumbersome or excessive (especially in the packing!). Thanks so much for sharing.

  13. It was lovely to see all your outfits Shannon , and I’m so glad that you and your Mama had a wonderful trip, especially as it was her first one to Europe .

    How wonderful that you managed to take her to the Westminster Abbey Easter Service , that must have been so special for her .
    ( For you too, from the historical point of view , if not the religious one )

    I’m so pleased that you managed to get your beautiful jacket cleaned , I really felt for you when you posted the photographs of the damage to it from your tube journey ………especially as you were going to such a special venue for your afternoon tea .

    Did you enjoy The Mousetrap ?
    The Savoy is a theatre steeped in tradition , I’m glad you managed to fit an evening at the theatre into your trip .

    I have loved ‘ travelling ‘ with you , thank you for sharing ?
    Hope that the jet lag wasn’t too debilitating, and that you are now well rested !

    Best Wishes from
    the UK

    x Anne x

  14. PS.
    You might like to look at Longchamp for your travel tote……they are an iconic French Brand ?
    x Anne x

    1. A Longchamp Le Pliage is most definitely on my wish list Anne, I just can’t decide at the moment between a navy or natural colourway! Decisions, decisions..

  15. Oh, trés chic – and two lovely ladies looking very happy! 🙂

    On scarves instead of jewellery, I can concur: it is practical and elegant, both for traveling and for daily affairs. I do that pretty much every day. My usual “jewellery set” consists of stud earrings, wedding ring and a discrete gold watch. And a scarf (according to the season of the year).

    I liked your hair, too. Would share how it is done?…

    1. Isabel, Thank you fro sharing how you accessorize. I am certainly in agreement. Not only are scarves ubiquitous in Europe, worn by all sexes, they just make so much sense in so many ways. I was inspired as was my mother to welcome even more into the daily wardrobe.
      My version of a chignon, admittedly a bit messy and more casual is secured with three large Bobby pins all connecting with each other, being placed into the chignon from different angles. It is easy to redo, and adding more bobby pins helps if my hair is especially soft.

  16. I love this post! I always do “debrief notes” from every trip I take so that I will remember for next time. Especially regarding packing. The hardest thing for me is the shoes, especially when you are walking all day sightseeing. I tend to go with classic Adidas white Stan Smiths, they go with everything. The last time I was in Paris (2018), all the French were wearing them, so that felt good. Re: totes, I also have the navy zippered Cuyana tote for traveling – it’s the best! Prior to the pandemic, I was a meeting planner and travelled a lot for work, so the zippered Cuyana tote was essential. I feel that that the zippered option is important because things can fall out of your tote when you are going through security. My co-worker’s passport fell out of her unzipped tote going through security and was lost so she could not go our one of our business trips abroad. Talk about a nightmare! Anyway, thanks for the tips. Love the scarf idea instead of jewelry! Bonne journée!

  17. I loved seeing your wardrobe choices and assessment at the end. I was in France while you and another blogger I follow were both visiting. Both of you have been helpful in streamlining a travel wardrobe that could be shopped from my closet.

  18. Hi Shannon,
    This was a great post — thank you! I’m just curious if you mom also took as many jackets as you did (I must admit I’ve never taken that many jackets on my trips). I always use a packing list and then make notes on it when I return of what worked, didn’t work and what adjustments make sense (even when going on road trips around our own country/province)

  19. Shannon~

    I like to use the term “well-put together” for women that I see who are wearing something classic and stylish, yet with a flair. You hit the mark with all of your outfits. Good on you!


  20. Loved this post – you and your mother look gorgeous. I am envious of the 9 hour flight to Paris. I am in Australia and it is a 20 hour plus flight to Europe and even flying business class is hideous! The jet lag is not something I look forward to either – you just need to allow for a few days to recover once you arrive. Which all means that the trips to Europe and the US need to be longer to make the pain of getting there worthwhile. Having said all this – I am looking forward to travelling again and your tips and insights into what to pack and wear are invaluable.
    Gabrielle x

  21. I love the well-cursted outfits so much. I’m heading to the UK myself later this spring and so excited to put togther classy wordrobe inspired by yours.

    Just one question, from where did you get the hoop earings?

  22. Shannon, quick tip from me is to use packing cubes as they help keep like items and you can use one for laundry on the way home. A lovely post and you both look so chic.

  23. Thank you for a lovely post, Shannon! It looks like you and your mother had a fabulous time. I am an extremely particular packer and love to make packing lists and then revise them after I come home, so I can reference them for future trips. I categorize them by destination, time of year, and number of days I will be away. Organization to the extreme 🙂

    Welcome home and look forward to seeing more glimpses of your travels!

  24. Shannon, thank you, thank you. Our trip is just over a month away but this post gave me some great ideas. I agree about a tote with longer handles for travel, having it stay on your shoulder and comfortable is a make or break situation. As far as a great crossbody, I highly recommend the Madewell Small Transport crossbody. For me they are perfect, come in many colors and some have matching color wallets. I have purchased a few from Madewell and EBay, they are my go to for travel and everyday. I will be checking out the Frankie4 sneakers, they are just what I would like to take with me since we have lots of walking planned.

    1. I love the Madewll small transport crossbody bags too!! I love how they lay flat (not bulky – a priority for me!!), and they are comfortable to wear yet still stylish!!

  25. Hi Shannon! Thanks for the wonderful post. I loved seeing you and your mom! I travel with my mom and it’s so special. I purchased the BA&SH Muse belted cotton-blend gabardine field jacket and it arrived today. I just LoVe it! I also purchased a pair of Frankie4 shoes and they fit like a dream on my narrow feet.
    I’m leaving for London in a few weeks…you’ve got me so much more excited! Thanks for all your tips and sharing your trip.

  26. Great post and great comments. We travel a lot (finally), more than 100 days a year. I read some time ago about the rule of 3 and the rule of 4. Three tops, three bottoms, three sweaters/jackets equals 18 outfits. The rule of 4 is even better 44 outfits. I try to stick to this and agree with others that scarves can add so much and transform the same outfit into a different one.

  27. Hey Shannon, would you please post the link here,( or highlight in another post), that you just shared on your insta story about the watch? Much appreciated! xoxo

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